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  1. the only pageant where a plain-looking candidate has a chance of winning the crown is Miss World as long as the candidate has a solid talent and personality that they are looking for and a powerful platform on the Beauty with a Purpose race ; if she had these qualities , maybe , Gwen should have been for the Supra instead of MW … but I think MWP felt that Gwen will do better in MWP than her

  2. Sa mga Batang’90s, kung naalala niyo pa si Cher Calvin sa ABS with Daphne Osena for TV Program “F”, yun ang unang tingin ko diyan kay Alison! She’s now a successful news anchor for FOX News in the US dahil Americana naman siya!

    I don’t know if Alison is the type na hinahanap ng org but for the past years, yung mga winners is yung tipong modelesque type pure breed! So, in her case, medio off so I’m already managing my expectation.

    Nevertheless, good luck pa rin!

    • Anntonia Porxild ain’t ‘pure’, po. Shrinidi Shetty (2016, India) ain’t modelesque; neither was Jenny Kim the following year. I STILL say/think Gerhard & Andre & whoever else in the org agree on the winner.

      Dindi Pajares was modelesque, & we were all relieved to finally see her compete internationally. But there is some wisdom in occasionally throwing surprises. Puhon, Alison will do exactly that!

    • But if you meant by ‘pure breed’ Afrikaan like Chanique Rabe & Yana Haenisch (Namibia), OK.

  3. Alison is absolutely beautiful. And not only is she beautiful, she is perhaps one of the most well-spoken Filipinas crowned in the last ten years. Alison also has this classy and cosmopolitan kind of confidence that makes her come across as a properly raised young woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

    One of her distinguishing attributes is her beautiful Southeast Asian features. Physically speaking, we rarely send Southeast Asian/Austronesian-looking ladies. The few times that we did send Southeast Asian/Austronesian-looking women, they did spectacularly well to make it to the Top 5 (e.g. Chat Silayan, Desiree Verdadero, Janine Tugonon, Ariella Arida in MU, Karla Bautista and Mafae Yunon in MW, Teresita Marquez in RH).

    The Philippines being a pageant powerhouse should not fall into the temptation of sending a certain kind of prototype to any pageant. If anything, we should showcase to the world the richness and diversity of Filipina beauty (Austronesian, Fil-Chi, Hispano-Filipino, Caucasian-Filipino, Morena, etc.). Case in point, Alison’s beauty would easily standout in a see of Caucasians and Latinas because she is quintessentially and unmistakably Filipina. Even among the Asian Supra delegates this year, Alison is already a standout because of her beautiful Austronesian features. Another refreshing aspect of Alison is that her face, her smile, her overall glow look natural. You have to admit that she possess an innocence in her… and this innocence is magnetic. She’s the kind of beauty queen who I can imagine attending UN conventions or being interviewed by BBC, Channel News Asia, or CNN. She is beautiful, dignified, innocent and unapologetically Filipina.

    My fearless forecast is a minimum Top 5 finish for Alison with a REAL SHOT at winning the crown.

    Alison, never forget that even before landing in Poland, you have to bear in mind (and heart) that you have to not only be the most beautiful and most well-spoken version of yourself in a sea of beautiful women BUT also be a partner, a support, a champion of the Supranational organization. Be confident yet humble, be cosmopolitan yet relatable, be competitive yet empathetic, be a ray of light in Poland. Bring the warmth of the Philippine sun wherever you go. You will go very far and do very well.

    I see you Alison. You are special. You are a gem. A girl like you comes once in a lifetime.

    Dazzle the world and make us all proud.

      • When I watched her compete in MWP, I saw something really special in her. I even had goosebumps in both her Q&As. She represents the future of pageantry. She is substantive, magnetic, charming, and just so so so beautiful. Look at the way she smiles in all her send off photos… just so refreshing, so pure. I also love the fact that she doesn’t seem to have an RBF. I have a feeling that the Supranational Org will also see what I see in her. My gut tells me she is the one.

    • @Golden Mean, let’s also note that MS is on a brand-building mode, having launched the “Inspirational. Aspirational” campaign notwithstanding the pandemic. I am positive it is still on a search for that persona that can define its brand essence to the world. Can she be Allison? Your assessment seems to say a resounding Yes!

      • I have an absolutely good feeling about her. She may be the new pageant unicorn. The antithesis of the cookie cutter pageant patty girls of the past!

  4. Sunod-sunod Press awra ni Mr. Blogger. Busier than ever… (Sigh).

    Cebuano pala si Raed. I caught a video of him with another pageant vlogger.

    Alison is like Paola Ortega & Tracy Perez combined! Look at her long enough in that chat with Alexa & Christian at another pageant page.

    Mr. Tinio, ‘yun’g SupraChat ni Alison po, ha. Huwag kalilimutan’g i-post.TIA!

    Speaking of Paola Ortega, may applicant sa MUT 2022 who looks like a more slender. I think her name is PSS; initials na muna para ‘di ma-preempt! Ta’s, may is pa’ng parang tranny na Ashley. And If I am not mistaken, First Wang will try again…?… Or, dead ringer niya lang? ‘Yun pala’ng tipo ni Francesca Dadivas (MUP-Roxas City, nito’ng huli), puwede mag-MUT (meant in a good way).

    • SupraChat up to 5th installment has been released. Ms. Black will be towards the end, I suppose.

      I get the sense Supranational organization is choosing which countries to cluster. Tulad neto’ng huli, all Asian. The most bloody so far was that one which put together in one (chat) room Namibia, South Africa, T&T, & Jamaica, the ‘power Four’ of the Polish pageant’s Head-to-Head..!!!!

      At this rate, our beloved Praeww & Ms. Black may end up in the same space. So excited na, chai.

      • To add, what I like about this SupraChat is that it’s panning out PRECISELY to be the kind of questions we Pinoys equate with ‘Q&A Practice’. The ‘chicken-or-egg-came-first’ kind…

        In that last installment, it was ‘do the right thing, or do things right’? Somewhere between ‘hard’ & ‘polarizing’, but definitely masarap pagtalunan at a drinking spree until the wee hours… Lolz.

        Mr. Boy Abunda’s now iconic salvo towards Karen Laurrie at BBP 2021 would be right at home in Poland!

      • That ‘aspirational, inspirational’ catchphrase~rhetoric is frontage.

        The REAL deal, apparently, & now we understand why Supranational reverted from a Winter to a Summer calendar, is to time their pageant CONVENIENTLY with Malapolska’s ‘Festival of Beauty’!

        Isn’t something similar in place with Senyorita Colombia & Reina Internacional del Cafe/Cacao? The pageant became a culminating event/activity to some kind of mionth-long marketing salvo? Nothing could be simpler! More pageants should try this scheme, if only to save money.

        (Just saw the 6th installment of the SupraChat. I think I have an African bet, & it’s neither South Africa nor Namibia. Nope, it also ain’t Ghana. I got a Destiny Wagner vibe!)

      • Kumare, so far ako pa lang ang nag thumbs up sa iyong mga post. Bakit!?

        On why Alison is so… good in Q&A and an excellent speaker? Kasi schoolmate siya ni Flor Tula. Naaalala nyo pa ba si Flor? Siya yung can discuss so many ideas, issues & concerns in just one post. He, he, he… Alison and Flor share a lot of similarities – both are beauties and brains.

      • First installment of the guys’ SupraChat is out. Based on one pageant vlogger’s assessment (& he is a regular), yup it seems we are good to consider the brand’s first European king! Voces pa lang daw, panalo na.

        I will put here as well a suggestion for that on-going Philippines male Nationals (medyo malayo na ‘yun’g post, baka pahirapan na’ng ma-retrieve), kasi sa Supra natin nakita from the 2018 edition’s introduction videos (of the candidates). Apparently, not a few guys ventured into modelling after an injury derailed their athletic career goals. That time, it included India (who won) & Norway (Top 10, then crossed over to the Manila-hosted MI the following year & also made Top 10!). There’s at least one contestant in the local roster with a similar back story. My point – I think it is easier for those guys who can find common ground with fellows to more comfortably navigate the competition. But I digress…

        Looking forward to Raed’s turn. All the best! We want at a Top 10 placement at the very least, po.


  6. the definition of plain-looking you would see the pic above next to it …

    not selecting Justine F. (she looks great), Pinas missed this big chance in Supra for a second crown

  7. Here’s Gwen, Miss Ribbon 🙂 Part na siguro ng every day ensemble nya.

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