16 comments on “Aditya Khurana of India wins Man of the World 2022

  1. Isn’t it weird that Mr. India looks more Filipino than Mr. Philippines?

    • Not at all, Sir!

      It simply is evidence of the plain truth of the common genetic thread that binds all humanity.

      So by extension with Pats’ comment below, Aditya is an Indian who (also) has both Filipino & Australian extraction, lolz. But what that really means is he is universally attractive & that’s the one you want in a beauty contest, isn’t it?

  2. The winner is cute and tall.
    Looks a bit like James Reid.
    Congratulations to the winner & finalists.

  3. The Filipino lineage of Philippines became more apparent on the winners pic.

  4. I didn’t know Vladimir was on the shorter side. Aditya is cute and looks really charming. Congratulations!

  5. I think this is what our delegates should learn from India. For so many times, India clinched titles specifically in MU and MW because of excellent delivery and conviction of their answers. We could added 2 more MU crowns the past 10 years if we only have practiced excellent delivery in Q&A.

    • @Lireo and @Serge, even during my student days I have always been impressed with the intellectual depth of Indian delegates in international cultural exchanges, NGO conferences and religious gatherings. Even at work and in the expatriate community, it is always the Indians that I get to spar with in business meetings. The think accent aside, their ideas reflect a well educated widely read person. I think the secret lies in their educational system. I am not surprised at all that in pageantry, the Indian reps always shine at Q&A.

  6. Mr. India pulled a Haarnaz Sandhu and aced every portion of the pageant, ultimately snatching the crown from the frontrunner. Congratulations! Well-deserved!

  7. Congratulations to the winners. Indian delegates are really good in interview/q and a. Whenever an Indian delegates enter into interview or question and answer round, I always look forward to their answers. They do not sound rehearsed.

  8. Congratulations India! Congratulations Adit!
    It was a perfect answer, you also did well in the bahag portion, formal wear and swimwear.
    Definitely was a close fight with Ukraine who fumbled during the Q and A, the answer was generic but the delivery was not convincing and he had a mental block , forgeting what word to use.

    The shocker for me was USA, not entering Top 10, Brandex and his big butt, I will miss it and Chile not entering Top 15, why even Puerto Rico or Russia.

    Overall it was a long program for a small pageant with just less than 30 candidates.

    I saw a guy giving awards with a jacket on, I think he didnt get the memo that it should be formal wear. If I was the jury I will include USA in the Top 10 and Chile in top 15.

    I wish Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, Dominican Republic join much bigger pageant.

    The candidate of the Philippines is not suited for pageantry, he lacks energy on stage, it does not show. It was really just betwen Ukraine and India.

    I do not understand why the production of Man of the World is getting worse, what is happening to PEPPS.

    The boys who are giving and sashes during the special awards portion are their winners on theor national pageants. Their suits was even better compared to some of the people in the jury. I just do not like the 2nd person giving the sash (not the guy in white/beige suit) to the special awards winners, he just dumps the sash , no eye contact, no smile to the winner, then he leaves as soon as it the sash is given or thrown at the winners shoulders, he also does not like to be photoed.

    • That ‘2nd person’ who made it clear he would ‘rather be somewhere else’, it’s possible there are issue/s between MotWO & his Manager/handler. So, while he may have been requested as a MoF alumnus to serve, he may have been instructed by the latter to make himself ‘scarce’, & one way to do that is to shun photo ops because nowadays even that is chargeable. Nothing we can do.

      MotWO is now much like Mutya or Earth, really focused on growing their respective global franchises so that if they do take others these are usually even smaller ones, perhaps those run-of-the-mill culture/model/tourism beauty contests usually held in some flashy resort (perhaps as a marketing launch) & preferably in conjunction with municipal government efforts (aka, ‘host’). Na wala naman’g masama pero ‘yun nga, don’t be surprised if it’s merely a gaily decked out stage with potted palms as accent & a curtain that effectively serves as the backstage. Pero, huwag ka! The host is usually very generous, & can lavish the candidates & the crew/staff while they’re there.

      Speaking of Mutya, any word on when they’ll resume ‘hostilities’ for Miss Asia-Pacific International? I really like their hosts. I recall both Matteo Giudicelli & Billy Crawford doing fine.

      • Hello Grand Port,
        Oh ok now I understand, he did follow his handlers order, he really never showed face just like in zoom sessions hahaha.

        For preliminaries, I agree with what you are saying, they could roam around the Philippines just like Miss Earth and when Miss Universe was held in the Philippines where they will be hosted by different LGUs, I would agree. However for the finals, I just wish MotWO could have a better venue since on finals it is streamed live all over the world . The previous MotW edition’s venue and production were staged better.

  9. I still like the Ukrainian candidate but congrats to the winner

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