14 comments on “Victory Homecoming Presscon for Miss Global 2022 Shane Tormes

  1. Also to Norms. I think the Asian prince suit with Chinese collar (with Filipino pattern) works well with you. You can use that as your personal brand. 🙂 ❤

  2. Waaaw Mr. Rodgil. Lab na kita. That suit suits you! Go yan!

    Super good vibes si Shane…I like her in any pageant she joins. Congrats!

  3. O ayan nakining naman si Rodgil Flores sa inyong reklamo na lagi na lang siyang dugyot tingnan. Naka-suit na! Contented na? He, he, he…

    Congratulations once again Shane!

  4. Sir Norms, ano po talaga nire-represent ni Shane Tormes: 1. Polangui, Albay 2. Atimonan, Quezon 3. Marikina 4. Mandaluyong ? Now that you’ve mentioned Camarines Sur, mas lalo ako naguluhan🤭

      • Good Sunday, Mr. Blogger. Parang si… Pangalan nu’n? Na adopted ‘daughter’ na ng ‘Jasaan (MisOr)’… Btw, kailan, po, ang MIQ? Will it be anytime soon, po?

        AH-HAAH Lars Pacheco. 🙂

        ‘Di po ba’y sa Luzon (Tagalog) ang roots niya?

  5. there are Pinas-UAE co-winners ? … I hope they each received their own full set of prizes …

  6. I love the artik Tito Norman and come to think of it, Shane was like Cinderella, come midnight she won and became the queen. Plus, look at the coincidence with Megan’s win, Bali means good luck to our ladies.

    The success here indicates better chances for the upcoming Miss Grand International. We should crown someone that is knockout gorgeous in BBP and I prefer Karen Laurrie Mendoza to win the MGI crown.

    Nawat wants a bombshell with brains, ready to work with MGI and stand-out in pasarela and always has a trick up her sleeve like Abena Appiah.

  7. Thank you Mr. Rodgil Flores for likstening to my suggestion, thanks for wearing a suit (it would be better if its a black tux) however you shoes is not appropriate . You look dapper!

    Mas maganda tingnan na nakaformal wear po katabi ang mga reyna na inyo pong natulugnan at tinuruan. Huwag na po tayong umastang mahirap, I just want mature people to dress their age lalo na po kayong mga haligi sa pageantry, practice what you preach.

    Sana sina Boy Abunda rin, di bagay yung mga lux brands nyang gamit sa age nya.

  8. Amazing write-up for Shane’s victory Tito Norm.

    The way you described it, the Miss Global Organization, although very young, occupies a specific niche in the international pageant industry.

    Yes! Single moms should be allowed to join beauty pageants. But I wonder if becoming pregnant during one’s reign is a no-no.

    Any major Philippine org interested in the Miss Global franchise?

    Congratulations again to Shane!

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