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  1. Selamat datang and congratulations for winning the Miss Global title Shane! I am proud of you!

  2. I just wish on all pageants in the Philippines, the dress code would be formal and for men , it should be a black-tie event. Ladies should wear formal gowns and the men should wear tuxedos similar to what Miss Global 2022 did in Bali.

    It is so pleasant to see men (hosts, judges and the one giving awards wearing black tux or suits), just one color and it really makes the event regal and respectable.

    Why I am saying this, is beacuse look at Rodgil Flores et al, he is successful and all, but I hope when he has a Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Global, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe at least splurge on formal wear to take a photo beside your queens. Mas maganda tingnan.

    If you also watch E! News, I hope our male hosts will wear suits like Ryan Seacrest, something formal, kahit galing Suit Supply it is ok, it really looks good on men.

    They should give memos, especially to sponsors, if they would be awarding something, they shoukd have the proper attire, from head to toe. Sa Miss World Philippines, yung isang judge na nagaward, yung attire nakasuit pero di formal na suit, nakarubbershoes pa sya , sya yung dating Mr World Philippines. ALV chose the correct attire, it should be like that.

  3. Good choice for her talent portion – Proud Mary .. instead of Songs like I Believe or A Moment Like This which only pros could sing well

    • I really do not understand whenever I hear Proud Mary being played or sung, I will get up and dance hahaha

      So you are right, it is a perfect song choice for a singer who can sing well and do some flirty moves.

  4. Congrats , Shane !
    One of the most underrated BP candidates. She was pushed aside in favor of those who spoke better English

  5. beautiful ! I can’t wait for Ruffa Nava , Sirene Sutton , Aya Abesamis , Alaiza Malinao , Charmaine Elima for their victory homecoming just like Shane’s !

  6. Phoned-in questions:

    1) Nag pa retoke ba ng ilong si Ms. Shane? Dahil kung hindi, please do. Lol. (Ang laki po ng ilong nya sa photos).

    2) Totoo po ba ang kasabihan na lalong gumaganda ang isang tao pag na pagitnaan ng mga hindi kagandahan? Yes or No. Please explain. Refer to photo #2.

    3) Finally, the biggest question for the day. (Please refer to the second photo. The…. The… the..creature behind Mr. Rodgil. The one in floral polo): Tao po ba sya o biik? Lol.

    Congratulations to Dayanara Tormes! Este Shane Torres!

    World Peace.

      • I had to really zoom-in to see what the heck he’s talking about. It may have sounded mean and nasty, but my God, it’s one heck of a punchline. ‘Sure does bring a chuckle. And quips like this makes the daily visit on this blog worth the effort.

    • @ Thomas- madalas dito ko lang naririnig ang mga totoong commentaries.I love it!!! ❤❤❤

  7. I would say Sir Rodgil is very consistent with his wardrobe (excuse the pun if he’s mourning, sorry).

    Congratulations Shane! Lovely crown!

  8. Welcome home, Miss Global 2022! Even the title is a minor one, it still makes Filipinos happy, loud, and proud.

    Indeed, Kagandahang Flores’ expertise is clinching minor crowns in international pageants. Sana naman, they have to also push for the major ones, ‘no? Otherwise, mananatili lang kayong second-tier training camp and less achiever than Aces & Queens and The Camp.

    That’s all.

    • We apologize. Kevin Liliana’s & Precious Lara’s victory doesn’t count, pala, in your books…

      (Minor pageant pala ang MI. Kung sa bagay, ang specification lang naman nila is that she be in the Top 3 of a prestigious national beauty contest. I don’t think they ever demanded for a stand-alone.)

      I don’t mind at all that different camps and/or teams cater to different market segments. It’s just like any (balanced natural) ecosystem! Hindi lahat, puwede’ng maging predator, some of us will have to serve as prey. Still others are scavengers that while modest are invaluable in recycling scarce resources… Ta’s, may nocturnal at diurnal so the same spot can be utilized both day & night. ALL BASES COVERED.

      Rian Fernandez, if he can accumulate a vast fortune doing the Finale dresses for ASEAN MU franchisees, why not/ That can be his contribution to the Universal brand. I guess not all can be a M5. It doesn’t mean he will never take a contract/commission for a strong sash country. But if he has that already as credential, & imagine all the loyal clients putting in a kind word for him as a referral, it should not take long for him to become practically invincible!

      (Prompted by the recent post on MU-Cambodia 2022, Hang Manita, whose Finale dress was made by him.)

      Of course, it may just be possible that Mr. Rodgil Flores happens to be so wise he knows that the best thing to do is to do NOTHING (or at least not force anything). He knows his vindication will come just as critics & skeptics least expect.Besides, nakaka-fugly ang stress. So, chill lang tayo.

    • FYI, ang sinasambang beauty ni Celeste Cortesi ay scouted and trained by KF first.

    • Congratulations once again, Shane! Thanks for bringing another bacon to the country.

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