22 comments on “Thanksgiving Dinner for Miss World Philippines 2022 Gwen Fourniol

  1. I suppose that Megan will continue to be an emcee for the Miss World pageant. I wish that they replace Harvey over at MU with a much better host , same caliber as Bob Barker … I really really like Thomas Roberts and I hope they get him again to host , together with Jeannie Mai !

  2. Give this girl a break , let her have some fun for once
    She’s not in competition yet

  3. Horrendous dress!

    Promedia I expect a lot from you! If you want all out support to Gwen, do your job too. The outfit is terrible. Kurtina ko yan naman.

    • I agree! Parang lahat ng possible excess ay pinagsama sama sa isang outfit. Kailangan ba talaga may train palagi? To top it off, although not very visible sa top pic because of her sash, dinagdagan pa ng “ribbon!” Thanksgiving dinner lang ito, ha! Paano kung pageant proper na?

      I fault the designer first for this hideous outfit. And then her stylist (unless it was her decision to) for having her wear the dress. May guess aq kung sino ang stylist nya but I’m not going to say it.

      Here’s where we are at a disadvantage when it comes to presentation, design, taste, and maybe class. Keep it simple! I’m more in awe looking at a winner/candidates from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc.

  4. Honestly, I don’t expect her that she will going to win the cown but she is definitely the most beautiful, charming, articulate, and talented among the winners of Miss World Philippines.

    • Most beautiful among the winners of MWP, meaning beating Megan, Valerie Weigmann and Hilarie Parungao? Lol.

      Maputi lang talaga sya.

      That’s all.

  5. The one who asked (message to detractors) was Mars Franz Bayer, right guys?

    And who shouted, “very well said!” afterward? I don’t recognize the voice. Please tell us readers!

    ‘Yun’g ERDA Foundation na BWAP niya, ‘yan pala ‘yun’g kay Fr. Pierre Tritz, SJ. Jesuit, no? Matagal-tagal na rin ‘yan’g group na ‘yan, so legit! Unlike (beep!…).na front lang daw.

    Gwen, you’re very fortunate compared to other country candidates who are completely ignored by their own country(wo)men due to pageantry being not at all popular. Impossible to please everybody anyway. And I can only imagine what the food at ‘Heat’ tastes like. If it proves unbearable, you know where perpetual Winter is. Go there for both sanctuary & respite!

    • It was Armin Adina of the Daily Inquirer who asked the question. He was also the one who shouted the compliment.

    • I get the ensemble. The whole point was to share easy~quirky FUN. It’s a thanksgiving, not a day at Court…

      The ribbon top (bustier?) reminds me of THAT one PGM III made for Atty. Magtanong when the latter screened at BBP 2019. So, conceptually there is some sort of continuity.

      But imHo, the train is too long. Please, couturiers! Bring an end to excess fabric being dragged around. It’s the cheap way to cheat drama~glamor. In that photo right above the video where she answers the question about the skeprics, that length is just right, just so the hem grazes the floor.

  6. Love her positive attitude
    Honestly I can’t see anyone else winning MWP considering the very slim pickings . The only one I saw who should have won it had already won the Supra crown
    Ashley for me has a very masculine face . Maybe she too could have won MWP if she had better styling and more confidence in the way she presented herself

  7. Beautiful body and face
    Maganda tindig
    She just needs to develop power in the way she speaks and presents herself
    And better styling pls

    • Agree. Clapper material si ate mong Gwen. Sinabi lang na may French lineage siya saka kumanta lang ng La Vie En Rose, bumula na mga bibig niyo. Beauty contest po sinasalihan so beauty of face is still the number one requirement.

  8. Bakit ba lagi siyang may pa-press con and may pa-media mileage? Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng mga malakas na kapit.

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