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  1. I hope BBP would have head to head challenges too for the sake of the girls’ overall improvement. It’s very difficult to assess which ones of this year’s girls are crown-worthy without events that would allow watchers to weigh the aptitude and sincerity of the girls. If most of the events will just be appearances and photo ops, then the opportunity to mentally sharpen the girls will be wasted. For now, almost all events merely showcase the physical beauty of the girls. If Miss International’s rebrand is to be taken in consideration, then the girls must be trained and exposed to United Nations-related development work.

    Lastly, I think, in terms of focus and ethos, Miss Grand International is a terrible mismatched to BBP. Miss Grand is less of a pageant and more of an entertainment production while BBP, at its core, is a tried and tested charity organization. I think Miss Grand is best dropped from the list of crowns because it absolutely does not compliment BBP. The three other crowns are respectable and, in terms of essence and form, match what BBP stands for.

    I feel that keeping Miss Grand, in the long run, would be a terrible decision for BBP. Miss Grand is neither celebrates the contemporary definition of womanhood nor does it represent woman empowerment. In fact, of all the pageants to date, Miss Grand is the most problematic because only celebrates a specific kind of woman with a specific kind of body type. Women who are deemed less facially stunning or physically fit had been shamed publicly by Miss Grand. This makes this pageant a liability to BBP. Sending a woman to an organization that demeans women will never be defensible. Dignity over entertainment at ANY GIVEN TIME. PERIOD.

    Wrong ethos, wrong results. Wrong values, wrong outcomes. I hope BBP will streamline and drop MGI. It’s long overdue.

    Since I believe that MGI should not be included as a crown in BBP (or any respectable organization for the matter), I will not include it in all my future analyses.

    For now, based on presence alone, here are my picks for the three crowns:

    International – Tamondong / (no alternate yet atm)
    Intercontinental – Borromeo / Tan / Fernandez
    Globe – Mackey / Lakrini / Mendoza

    • @Golden Mean, I totally agree with you that “almost all events merely showcase the physical beauty of the girls” so it is “very difficult to assess which ones … are crown-worthy without events that would allow watchers to weigh [their] aptitude and sincerity…”. Now that BBP’s major franchisor MI is in a brand-building mode towards “sustainable development”, its pre-pageant activities should include events that would highlight the intellectual and character dimensions of beauty. As of now, there is scanty way of knowing who among these gorgeous ladies would fit the template of “Beauties for SDGs”?

      I think it is high time BPCI live up to its charitable institution business modality by branding along the lines of empowerment. After all, the best charitable act is human empowerment, not dole-outs.

      I also agree that MGI is “less of a pageant and more of an entertainment production”, made more amusing by its cringeworthy tagline “Stop the War”.

      • Hello!

        Firstly, sorry for having one too many typographical errors in my comment above. I wasn’t able to do a final edit before posting it.

        Going back to my central point of concern, I really believe that BPCI is running the risk of being the most problematic organization among the major beauty pageant organizations in the country by the simple fact that it decided to keep the MGI franchise. For me, there already is an existential problem brewing within BPCI and that existential problem lies in the fact that a well respected charitable organization has decided to align itself with MGI, an nonsensical organization that has allowed the body shaming of women. Its owner is also notoriously known for insulting women and lambasting other pageant organizations. Additionally, the MGI organization for the past decade or so has not been able to present a credible list of philanthropic projects. In short, it is an empty and inane organization.

        For me, the mere fact that BPCI continues to send women to MGI is already an affront to women empowerment. The decision to keep MGI is flabbergasting to say the least. Keeping MGI is corrosive to BPCI. The trade off is unequal and is absolutely not worth anything fot BPCI. Keeping the MGI franchise benefits MGI but diminishes BPCI. Miss International is a crown that has been imbued with meaning, culture, history, and prestige. MGI’s so-called golden crown is a symbol of meaninglessness. Even if the Philippines wins it in the future, the title is absolutely devoid of weight and meaning. The world of pageantry has long morphed into something of deep significance that is rooted in societal transformation. The MUO, MWO, and MIO, among others, have carefully recalibrated their respective organizations to respond to the changes of the times.

        Currently, the MUO has further rebranded itself by focusing less on physical beauty and more on the essence of what makes one beautiful. From “confidently beautiful”, MUO changed their slogan into “beautifully confident”. The focus has shifted from beauty to confidence. My theory is that this nuanced shift has been majorly influenced by the tragic passing of Cheslie Kryst. My point is, serious organizations such as MUO, MWO and MIO protect and empower women.

        MGI does not belong to the future nor does it represent the changes of the times. Please don’t send a Filipina to that competition.

        BPCI, trust me, keeping MGI will be an absolute liability to your organization. It’s high time that the BPCI focus on the true ethos of the organization which is charity, charity, charity.

      • @Golden Mean, in any business, the reputation and essence of a franchisor’s product/ brand inevitably affect the franchisee’s product/ brand. In the case of BPCI’s multi-franchise structure, it becomes problematic if one franchise is off-tangent to the overall “charitable” image it portrays. Its major franchise, MI is branding along the line of community development. MIntercon and MG, while not yet clearly articulating their particular advocacies, have managed to keep their respective brands controversy-free, and are lately including in their shows some focus on the intellect and leanings toward empowerment. Despite the negative press MGI had been getting in the past, I think the win of the intelligent well-spoken black Miss USA (Miss Ghana in ME) redeemed its sagging image. Bit it was a blip– she did not have the chance to navigate through the complexities of its “Stop the War” bravado in the light of the civil strife in neighboring Myanmar and the culture war in the USA– which could have been golden opportunities for MGI to resonate its relevance.

      • @Golden Mean, I did not know that MUO has changed its tagline from “confidently beautiful” to “beautifully confident”. If indeed it had, your observation is correct that the focus is now on confidence, not so much on beauty (which is often construed in physical sense). In other words, the highlight is on the outcome of beauty. I think this is a more elegant phraseology of MWO’s “beauty with a purpose”, another pageantry tagline that periscopes the social outcome and utility of beauty. Along with ME, MS, and lately MI, with specific target beauty-driven outcomes, the global pageantry industry is moving into an exciting new era of branded pageants that all hew around the modern-day holistic concept of beauty.

      • @Golden Mean, thanks for the info. Since the focus is now on confidence, and not so much on beauty (which is traditionally construed in the physical sense), the highlight is obviously on the outcome of beauty. Beauty-driven outcomes in the social, cultural, economic, ecological and other fields of human endeavour come by way of advocacies. Advocacy initiatives require a great dose of intellect and strong core values. Ergo, today’s MU must embody the three dimensions of modern-day beauty– intellectual, character and physical.

  2. off topic: I cannot believe it but I am happy to know that Miss Lebanon will be back in MU 2022 , in spite of its almost failed state status and rock bottom economy … I wish her good luck , it’s about time they make it to the semifinals again ! (Lebanon 2018 truly deserved it instead of that Brazil 2018)

  3. Herlene doesn’t look as lively as she used to…
    I guess she still mourns the recent death of her grandmother who raised her.. I hope she wins any crown.

  4. Darn! Either I got the sequence wrong, or the ladies are switching numbers. 😦

    Is it Kia Moreno’s first time to join BBP? ‘Camarines… Sur/Norte’? No. 2. She now shares with Riana Pangindian the quality of having participated in ALL THREE (3) BIG Philippines Nationals, namely MWP, MUP, & BBP. Who else aside from the two, guys?

    WHAT DOES MPE NEED TO DO to make that ‘four (4) big Philippines Nationals’?

    ‘Yun’g mga nagbabalak masungkit ang BBP-International, magsanay sa wasto’ng Nihon-go! DAMI’ng instruction videos, take advantage of them. Ta’s, i-video niyo rin mga sarili niyo para mapanood ng MIO. They will appreciate the effort~gesture! Shows~proves you’re committed. Kahit ‘yun’g mga basic courtesies lang, like how to address a superior in formal versus casual setting. It’s about awareness beyond mere sensitivity (something we learned today on SupraChat Ep. 4).

    • It is testament to their character that both ‘Pasig City’ & ‘Camarines… N/S?’ are accepted wherever they go. Their respective LGU’s must surely be proud of them!

    • I got the sequence wrong. Moreno is #2 & Genobisa is #4. My bad & my apologies for the drama.

      Tama, no? Kia joined MUP (2020) right after MWP (2019)? Kasi, naalala ko ‘yun’g Team Bicol at the time, which included Sigrid Grace Flores (Catanduanes) & Ma. Isabela Galeria (Sorsogon).

      Aside from Joanna Rabe, another MUP alumna is Patricia Go, ‘Quezon City’. Guys, sipatin niyo nga! Maganda daw tindig nito’ng bata’ng ‘to. Baka another Cassandra Chan in the making… 🙂

      Speaking of posture, what has become of Cyrille Payumo? May laban ba?

      Ever Bilena shares our fascination/approval with/of Nyca Mae Bernardo’s Asian beauty. Parang gusto ko i-Rinner-up, kasi I want to hold on to her a bit longer… ‘Yun’g tipo’ng hindi malalaos.

      There are two Ethel’s, right next to each other on the numbers tally. Mr. Blogger can try a ‘mano y mano’ in a future post/episode.

      Just a few other notables we might wish to take a second gander at.

      Yllana Aduana – kutis porselana daw. The reigning Fit, or Bikini? Runner-up niya du’n si Magbitang.

      Fatima Bisan – ang GAAN ng dating! Very pleasant~cheery face.

      (Teka muna. Before we go any further, when is Magbitang returning to Cubao? Bata pa ‘yun, ‘di ba?)

      Natasha Jung – if you like ‘mestiza’, doesn’t get better.

      Elda Aznar – the willowy & sexy ‘Davao City’ of MPE 2021 (virtual). Caroline Subijano vibe.

      Jessica Rose McEwen, also a MPE alumna. How is she doing? Has she made traction?

      Diana Pinto ba ‘yun’g junakis ni Roi Vinzons? ‘Ay, belated happy papi day, po!

      Esel Pabilaran, Miss Kuyamis ba siya or Miss Iloilo ang origin? Is ‘origin’ an appropriate term?

      ‘Yun’g Gracia Elisavetta, same camp as Anne de Mesa – TCI. Sino ‘yun’g isa pa? ‘Di ba tatlo (3)?

      Finally, Patricia Tan who assumed the lucky number vacated by Francezka Taruc. Good luck, ALL.

    • (I think some people forgot that precisely because the organization is listed as a charity,…

      … They should be smart enough. Pero kung sa bagay, maningil ka nga naman ng franchise na ganun’g kalaki, what do you expect?…Therefore, I have even higher expectations from them!)

  5. anna valencia should win mi this year to represent next yr. pansinin talaga. she also have a tendency to gain weight since eurasian.

  6. Anna Lakrini-Valencia stood out. She is like a doll. Bb Pil-International title is suited for her.

      • But she is tall and well-proportioned. I do not think she has to loss weight.

      • Grabe itong Binibini na ito, huh! Ang tagal ng pre-pageant activities nila. I wonder, sagot ba nila ang daily stipend ng mga kandidata lalo na ‘yung representatives ng mga malalayong probinsya? Kung hindi, my gosh, drained na ang purse ng mga ‘yan! O baka naman may mga sponsor (of any types) din sila?

        The level of excitement goes down as the pageant extends more than two months.

        Baka ‘yung ibang kandidata d’yan, majontis na. O dili kaya, sa sobrang tagal ng pageant night, Binubuni na sila. There is also hunch or fear na mag-level 2 na naman tayo sa lockdown. Nakakaloka!

        That’s all.

      • About that looming restoration to the next higher level of pandemic restriction – Level 2 – they’re already there. They can go into a bubble as early as now as a precaution & as before seek the permission of the (new/incoming) Government for their end-July Finale…

        … Will the ‘IATF’ co-terminate with PRRD at 1200H of 30 June 2022?

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