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  1. Here is my Top 5 and Ukraine is my bet to win.

    Ukraine – Man of the World

  2. My Final 3
    Czech Republic

    Grabe yung bahag portion, parang nasa gay bar lang ang peg, ang mga Accla ang haharot,
    nahuli pa si Miss P na naninilip habang bumubukaka ang mga Boys, nakakawala ng class !

    • Talaga’ng ganap na ang kanya’ng femininity? Even the Indonesians refer to him as ‘Miss’…

      Naku, ‘pag ganyan ang galawan sa kanila, baka we are witnessing the final days of their National brand. I mean, let’s face it. It was MrI that really propped them up. But now that MrIP is stand-alone, & the quality of MotW has not been maintained since the stellar inaugural edition, what will they do? Kung sa bagay, competition drives innovation~improvement. Let the stronger man win!


      (I won’t be surprised if Gerhard & Andre come knocking at MrIP’s door in the near-future. Then, they’ll have Global & Supranational for their Runners-up!)

  3. Tito Norm, is Mr. PH half Middle-eastern? Persian? Jordanian?

    I would love Brandex to win but it will be difficult when there’s a charmer like Vladimir in the mix!

    Brandex could pass as a matinee idol if he wants to make a career in the PH.

  4. Vladimir was handpicked by the org right?

    Matagal na siya sa Felepens! Jowa niya Pinay!

    It would be shady kung siya mananalo! I-first runner up na lang then Netherland for the win!

    Nevertheless, mukhang malalaki lang mga betlog nila! Ahihihi!

    Buti naman walang nag-posicion ng pataas ng mga talong nila na favorite gawin ng mga Pinoy then patitigasin para mag-mukhang malaki kasi madalas juts!

  5. Ang ‘bahag’ naman talaga ay loincloth. What was done was loincloth. Simple.

    I think fans were expecting the whole nine yards – plus ceremonial head piece, shield, blade, etc.

    I remember nu’ng past edition ng isa’ng male Nationals. During their NatCos competition, ‘yuin’g isa’ng candidate (in fact, ang sash niya ‘Fil-Comm #####’ although pure Pinoy siya doon isinilang at lumaki) stood out kasi among those na nag-Cordilleran garb, siya lang ‘yun’g kulang. His infraction? WALA SIYA’NG HEAD PIECE, that affair of feathers we all have come to expect. Next to two co-delegates na taga-Cordillera (one of them would become the inaugural MotW-Phl) na kumpleto (including apparently authentic armaments), he looked pitiful. In the comments to his photo, he clarified that his Manager/Handler was unable to produce the missing piece on time, so he just shook the setback off, went onstage, & made the most of the situation.

    I imagine the day-to-day garb is not fussy, is easy, like t-shirt & shorts (or those guys na naka-briefs lang maghapon kung sila-sila lang naman’g mga lalaki at ‘di naman sila lalabas at mainit ang panahon). I think the old black-&-white photos of Cordilleran men going about with chores is plain loincloth. So unless madumi utak mo, non-issue.

    About the only other piece of fabric that can be added is a blanket for unusually nippy nights. THAT could have been the ‘extra’, & if they wanted to showcase tribal weave motifs the best opportunity.

    Ang tanong ko is why they didn’t wait ’til they arrived in Baguio City to do this… It would have made for a nice backdrop at the very least. Kasi, by doing it in Manila, nawala sa konteksto. OR, is it precisely due to sensitivity to the host’s traditions, na frowned upon na doon gawin? Well, kung ganu’n so be it. Let’s just support the candidates & welcome them to the country.

      • At sana mag brief ang mga Century Super Bods (M), Mr. Supra at Mr. World contestants!?

      • Sana ma suggest mo Sir Norman…Sa Man of the World, papalitan ko ang Netherlands sa Russia at Iran. Last two man standing ay Ukraine at Russia. Question sa Ukraine ay Unity? Sa Russia ay Radical Love?

      • For Will.

        Nu’ng 2019 edition of that male Nationals I mentioned (above), they had a briefs/underwear sponsor. At huwag ka, it was a well-known/prestigious brand!

        The Shoot Challenge looked tasteful. WASN’T seedy one bit

        I recall two in particular – ‘Bataan’ (a former teen ‘artista’ who manned up quite nicely & was hailed MotW-Phl for that year) & ‘MisOr/CDO’ (who was 1st Runner-up at, in fact, kilala ni Mr. Blogger from his judging stints at Miss Kuyamis or Miss CDO probably kasi the guy also helped in the female Provincials as part of his duties). Both guys were very aware of their angles & in that particular shoot they LOOKED AWAY from the camera, showing bone structure to full effect as shadows sculpted their faces. They looked like sculpture!

        Anyway, many of these pageant guys get hired for underwear campaigns, so they as well get used to it. But yes. I agree to JUST A SHOOT, NOT A DESFILE.

      • That ‘unity’ versus ‘radical love’ question sounds polarizing, if hard… LOLZ.

        One won the Presidency. The other put up an NGO on ‘pag-ibig na radikal’. Whose side are you?

      • @Grand Port, ok naman si BayBiM at VP Leni sa akin. Ayaw ko kay Imee, lakas maka Nawat ang lola mo. Very prominent ang bone structure ni Imee hahahah

  6. They should have called it “wanes” to make it really authentic, since it is called that way by the locals.
    They also have traditional local costume fittings and photoshoots in Mister Global (the Thai-based male pageant) and the candidates looks regal.

    Since I already saw the “wanes” show, Ukraine should have won the gold and not Netherlands. USA the silver and then bronze is India. Runner-ups would be Malaysia, Vietnam, Spain, Philippines

    Why, it is because if you wear a bahag, you don’t wear underwear underneath a “wanes”, Netherlands did wear a pair of blue briefs so I do not understand why he won gold.

    I do salute all the candidates who wore the “wanes” with pride infront of a live audience. The only thing I did not like were the catcalls and the taunts (you can hear it from the video) to our candidates.

  7. Some of the Bahags are awkward. I wouldn’t mind seeing Ukraine win. Netherlands is like my dream father of my babies hihihihi…

  8. > Seeing Mr. Ukraine makes most of your readers wanting to be a Russian. They want to capture and occupy him. Char! He is obviously right-packed.

    Mr. Netherlands is proud of his Nether-regions. Wow. He is obviously balance-packed.

    Mr. USA is true to his country’s name usa = deer. Musky! He is obviously left-packed.

    The last two, Philippines and India look and smell like brothers. Tony Labrusca and Carlos Agassi. Garlicky. Lol.

    Enquiring minds want to know and see the bayag este bahag look. Please feature. Lol.

    (Man of the ) World Peace.

  9. Netherlands is very gorgeous. My top picks: Netherlands, USA, Ukraine, and Philippines

    • Netherlands yes and it has been a country full of gorgeous lads. Ukraine is also prince charming!!!

  10. I hope Ukraine wins ! USA as 1st runner up , Netherlands third ! ( the Pinas doesn’t look Pinoy )

  11. Salamat naman at hindi pinakita ang mga kalahok na nakabahag sapagkat ginawang malaswa ang patimpalak. Kung mayroon pang natitirang respeto sa mga kalahok dapat hindi pinagsuot na ng bahag. Nagmumukhang tuloy chipipay.

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