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  1. I was critical in my comment to Shane before, but as i watched the live telecast, she showed her best and proved me wrong. Her confidence and regal demeanor aced her to the top and claimed the crown. Proud of you Shane, congratulations❤️

  2. her court is beautiful too. Lots of potentials coming out of a 2nd-3rd tier pageant.

    My only concern is that KF seems to be using Sam Ber as its mold in training girls from body and pasarela standppoint. I hope they don’t just stick with it.

    • I disagree that Samantha Bernardo is the (current) KF template necessarily. If we analyze more deeply, what was truly aimed for was a Latina glamazon aura – big hair/curls, curvaceous body, slinky gown to go with the latter, the ‘pasarela’ emphasis. It just so happened the Palawena was the one who seemed to execute best atm, & it didn’t hurt that she was nimble (dancer & athlete).

      Vietnam & Thailand now churns out this type in assembly-line basis (sounds redundant, as I said ‘churn’ already). Indonesia can’t seem to get it, it must have to do with their facial bone structure..?

      I’m sure even this ‘trend’ (if it can be called that) will wane & KF or any other camp/team for that matter will bring forward another template as the see appropriate. I, for one, am glad the Jessica Rabbit lava gown trend is showing signs of decline. You really can only take that look so far. It’s so scanty-clingy you may as well be in Swim, or add a shawl so you’ll be good-to-go for Resort! Be like Wolverine. Slash off the lengthy hem & voila! Instant short skirt. Best for 1970’s-80’s ‘wet look’.

  3. Congratulations, Miss Global 2022 Shane!

    Who’s the female host? She’s so pretty.

  4. Congratulations Miss Shane Tormes!!! Like what others have mentioned your persistence paid off… hindi sumuko. And thankfully, napaayos ng maganda yung nose na bumagay naman talaga sa yo.

  5. Sam Bernardo 2.0. Pasarela and look wise, very Sam Bernardo.

    Bakit ganun, lahat halos ng nagpa-nose job, eh, si SamBer ang template?

    That’s all.

    • Thanks Serge. Maaga akong nagising (2 am something). Half-gising, half tulog. Pagkabasa ko Serge, yun pala si S_____. LOL! Anyway, napasalamatan na kita kahit hindi ka pa nagpost kaibigan. Magandang umaga sa iyo.

      • Good morning to you Paul. Shane’s victory is a very good news for us.

  6. Nice!
    If at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Shane’s persistence proved be a virtue. Congratulation Miss Global 2022!

  7. I’m so happy for Shane Tormes. Finally, an international crown after four attempts at the nationals. I’ve always admired her sunny disposition which she exhibited at the Bb Pilipinas and MEP pageants.

  8. Congratulations Shane Tormes! Indeed, persistence and patience are remarkable virtues.

    We are so proud of you.

  9. Una’ng-una, congratulations!

    Mr. Blogger, good morning. ‘Yun’g nanalo for 2021 – UAE – siya ‘yun’g for the VIRTUAL edition that Shane declined, opting for the live 2022 edition? ‘Eh, who was ‘Philippines’ for 2021?

    Malaysia (1st Runner-up) is tall & beautiful! Like their rep at MGI 2020 (Sam Bernardo’s batch). I recall a comment (here in the blog) that the country is begun to assert its pageant prowess lately; other notables were their 2021 reps at (The)Globe & World, batch mates of Montagne & Tracy, respectively. If they stay the course they hopefully will win a crown before too long.

    Speaking of the venue (Bali?), I’m excited for MGI 2022 which will have its Prelims there. The date & venue for the Finale has been announced! But yeah, let’s know who’ll be BBP-Grand 2022 first.

    • Kumare hindi ka pa nakatulog o maaga kang nagising? Ako hindi ko kinaya kagabi, nakatulog ako. Pero andito maagang-maagang nagising. Maayong buntag.

      Again, congratulations Shane!

      • Good Wednesday, Mr. Blogger!

        Shane Tormes’ happy ending reminded me of a JDV alum who had a similar pageantry trajectory, that of dogged persistence that was rewarded in the end (& not everyone is so fortunate). JR is her initials and the reigning International Chocolate Queen (I think it’s in your April archive, not sure…).

        In 2019, JR won the right, as a ‘jewel’, to represent us at Mr. ALV’s rumored fifth crown. This year, said pageant announced (your Bulacan townmate as ND & herself the winner in 2016, right?) they would appoint the Philippines’ rep in Ecuador this time.

        Here are a few names that came to mind.

        1. Julie Tarrayo
        2. Honey Cartasano
        3. Asha Gutierrez
        4. Well, I can’t recall right now but she was ‘Mandaluyong City’ at MWP 2021 & withdrew….
        5. Simone Bornilla

        PS. Wala po ba’ng international pageant assignments ‘yun’g mga Hiyas ng Pilipinas? Ganaps?

      • OR, #4’s counterpart at MUP (also last year), of prominent political clan, & face & physique to match this year’s MUP-Baguio City!

        That ‘tiger city’ was strong. Their rep at MPE, daughter of an ex-PBA player not St. Mary, made the Elemental Court.

        Mr. Blogger, kailan po kayo mag-po-post about MPE? Ano na si Naelah? Yes, tao pa rin but what I mean is, what’s up with her post-pageant advocacy work? Sumali daw ‘yan ng rally. Which one? If MPEO has not yet given the go-signal for pageant media to reveal their 2022 line-up (which is odd considering one of us commented that the online Challenges have, in fact, commenced), could we at least know what they’ve been doing? Bakit sila nag-ra-rally? Ano’ng ipinaglalaban?

      • Good morning, P’re. I slept GREAT. Thanks for your concern.

        Dami ko’ng realizations today. It’s been enlightening.

        Btw, who do you wish to assign the back-to-back mission at Global? Kahit hindi taga-KF?

  10. Shane jumpstarted her pageant journey with a triumph as Miss Rizal 2016. Her foray
    in national pageantry began at Miss Philippines Earth 2017 where she got noticed by pageant fans for her bubbly and vivacious personality. Although she didn’t make the first cut, she won a sponsor’s award. A stint at Bb Pilipinas 2018 followed. She made the first cut and was adjudged Miss Talent. She was also voted by fellow candidates as Miss Congeniality. She competed again in Bb Pilipinas the following year with a top 25 placement and the Miss Congeniality award. The Miss Congeniality awards are the best testament to her popularity among fellow candidates with her warm and engaging ways. This reminds me of that incident in 2018 where she was one of the few girls who actually went back on stage for the announcement of results. I guess this would explain why some of the boycotting girls that year never came back for another crack for a Binibini crown coz they were blacklisted while Shane was awarded for her cooperation with another grern light from the Binibini execom members. Finally, Shane went back to MEP in 2020 and this time, got the MEP Fire crown. I’m so happy for Shane Tormes, the poster girl for persistence. Her never say never attitude and spunk finally paid off with her victory as Miss Global 2022. Talk about retiring from the pageant scene with a big bang. Thank you Shane for the pride that you gave the Philippines. Your mom must be very proud from where she is ensconced from above. Cheers!

    • Thank you so much my dear Cool Brew for this wonderful (& historical) post on Shane Tormes.

      P.S. Naa unta ko sa Bohol last week pero wala ko nidayon ug uban kay dinalian ang travel. Gusto nako 2 weeks ko diha. He, he, he…

      Good morning to all.

  11. Big congrats Shane Tormes! The Philippines has an oversupply of world-class holistic beauties that could add value to any global pageant. Miss Philippines’ win is certainly also a win for Miss Global organization that has to regain its good image after some alleged unpleasant occurrences in past crowning events,

    • Very good pageant observations, thanks a LOT Serge.

      Maayong buntag from Mindanao.

  12. Oh Yeah , big congrats ! … next in line , Ruffa Nava and Sirene Sutton , maybe even Aya Abesamis or Alaiza Molinao , ladies who have not been able to compete in worldwide pageants but I feel very deserving to wear the Pinas sash but who are now overage … !

  13. Mga vhaks, kung sa Bali, Indonesia rin ang MGI, baka manalo rin Tayo😁.

    • Prelims, po. As per Mr. Itsaragrisil, the Finale will be in (beep!)… (Baka ma-pre-empt win natin?)

      (Source : CrandTV episode on the Press Launch of Miss Grand Vietnam 2022)

      You can confirm with the Over-all In-Charge of the hosting, Mr. Ivan Gunawan.

    • I was critical in my comment to Shane before, but as i watched the live telecast, she showed her best and proved me wrong. Her confidence and regal demeanor aced her to the top and claimed the crown. Proud of you Shane, congratulations❤️

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