17 comments on “Exclusive One-on-One with Miss World Philippines 2022 Gwendolyne Fourniol

  1. It’s obvious that English is not her first language . But she sounds good overall . And She’s definitely prettier than Tracy
    I just hope she practices more on her interview skills so she can answer questions with more depth … like Bella Chella and Annabelle

  2. Sincere. Straightforward. Unpretentious.

    I enjoyed this interview because Fourniol did not speak to impress but rather to express. She didn’t sound rehearsed. There’s a beautiful and endearing rawness in the way she answered the questions. This raw and sincere quality that she has is her weapon come MW. I feel that the time is ripe to send girls who aren’t pageant patty. MWP batch 2022 has been a promising group of non-pageant patty girls. They are refreshing to say the least.

    Fourniol will do very well in MW. If she can keep her sparkle, her sincerity, her endearing rawness, she will go very far in the competition.

    I’m absolutely sure that her style team can find the best makeup look and overall style Bible for the international competition.

    I’m actually very positive not only of her but also of the three other girls who were crowned. They all have something special about them.

    Fourniol, if she keeps true to her core and presents herself well can easily duplicate and exceed Tracy’s placement.

    Black, the dark horse of this batch, will be able to charm her way to a minimum Top 12 finish in Poland. If she plays her cards right and relates absolutely well with her fellow candidates and the Supra org, she may do as Cinderella Obenita did in Intercon. She doesn’t have to look like any of the previous Supra Ph girls or she doesn’t have to pretend to be someone she is not. She just has to be a cultural diplomat, a bridge-builder, a positive presence, and sincere support to the Supra Org in Poland. The Art of War by Sun Tzu teaches us to “know thyself and know thy enemy” so that “in a hundred battles you will not lose.”

    Santamaria should really, really, really learn from Teresita Marquez who I should say has the best RHA IQ among all the girls we sent to the pageant. She stayed true to her Asiatic look while successfully added a Latin flavor in her presentation, Q&A, and talent. She also came across as someone who sincerely wanted to support the RHA org.

    At the end of the day, these organizations are looking to HIRE the best woman who would BENEFIT and ADD VALUE to their respective organizations. Our current winners are smart enough to know this. There is a layer beneath the pasarela, gowns, makeup, sash factor in pageantry. And the layer has everything to do with relating with absolute sincerity, humility, and grace with the organization.

  3. Kamukha nya si Ginger Conejero!

    Nagtaka lang ako sa kanya na sa dinami-dami ng candidates, na-convince niya si Paul Ison na maging sponsor nya? Anong kapalit? Eh hindi naman siya winner nung any of the pageant (of what I know of) ni Paul?

    Hindi rin ako nagagandahan sa kanya pero meron naman mga taong ganun diba na hindi photogenic pero maganda in person (tulad ko! Charot!)

    For now, maraming hindi naniniwala sa kanya so I just hope she proves us all wrong!

  4. Inihambing ko s’ya kay Katarina Rodriguez na lutgarda luciera, lotlot de leon, luz valdez sa Miss World pageant. Maganda di hamak si Katarina sa kanya kahit may anak na. Katarina is well spoken than her. Wala ding special na quality meron s’ya. What does it mean? Huwag na tayong umasa kung mananalo s’ya. Kung makapasok man s’ya sa semifinals, ‘yan ay dahil sa sash factor.

    That’s all.

    • Hindi iyan makakapasok sa semi-finals. Walang ganda, walang tangkad, walang personality, walang amazing comm skills, walang something special. Sorry, not sorry.

  5. the gorgeous beauties so far in Miss Universe 2022 are in the same gorgeous facial beauty mold as Miss Philippines ( so far the gorgeous ladies are Philippines, Venezuela, Curacao and now Albania) … I just hope that some way , somehow , Celeste will find a strategy to make her be noticed and stand out above the rest …

  6. Her talent and her radiant personality would be her edge over the other candidates in Miss World. She has to work on her pasarela which is her weakness. Anyway, She still has 6 months to prepare for MW 2022. I have high hopes for her.

  7. Nagagawa nga naman ng backer. Pero sa Mess World, hindi iyan tatalab doon. Mag-training paano pumalakpak kasi iyan ang gagawin mo sa pageant.

      • Mister Blogger, as evidenced by the comment of jaretwrightlover (above) about MU gayon’g this post is clearly about MWP/MW, do request from MUPO something to whet folks’ appetite… But yes I, too, was guilty by saying I wanted Batchelor & Cortesi for the Last 2 Standing in another (previous) MW post if I’m not mistaken.

        I recall you made a post some time ago of the possibility of France hosting but more recent buzz is that another Latin American country is being considered. Not surprising considering Telemundo still is a major MU media partner plus the fact that France remains in the Top 5 in terms of number of SARS-CoV2 cases worldwide.

        It was very kind of you to spend a chat with Gwendolyn. I think it may work in her favor if, indeed, we host MW this time! I just reviewed the pleasantry between Casper & myself in this regard. I can see the pageant fans setting aside their differences in opinion to be on their best behavior as they welcome the delegates & follow… Perhaps that hosting is exactly what is needed to restore (???) the luster of the MW brand in our country. Please tell Mr. ALV to seriously give it some thought.

      • … Reading Fabian’s comment (above), naalala ko si MW-Malta last year. Just sheer prettiness, & I was insisting to paul that if Me. Julia Morley wanted a European queen not Poland (whom he was pushing), then go with the former!

        Sir Blogger, ‘di ba na-interview mo ‘yun’g 2021-2022 Netherlands Misters sa Pageantry Norms? ANG TANGKAD pala ni Tjardo Vollema! And to think only one Runner-up in his National Court is shorter than him. Siguro ‘yun’g dapat magiging kinatawan nila sa Manhunt (Ben was his name?), puwede nang pam-basketball or volleyball team of any European league.

        Sa MIP, sino ba’ng matangkad talaga? Let’s have at least one tall guy in the Final 3 para diverse.

      • Ha? why the reactions guys?kahit naman winner, pumapalakpak. Ha haha. Hindi naman kelangan manghula. Ha haha

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