8 comments on “Mister International Philippines 2022: Official Headshots

  1. Facially gorgeous are:
    Cordovales, Cue, Castaneda, Espeso, and Hit
    My bet to win the title: Comaling

  2. I love yung kili kili pose ni Hisam Hit, very masculine and handsome!
    Shea lang ang type at napupusuan ko. So yummy!

  3. Most of them are clones of Dominique Roque for his Bench Poster!

    I should have joined pageantry during my younger days, Charot! Dahil hindi naman nalalayo katawan ko sa kanila, Char! But of course, hindi pa acceptable ang gays during the 90’s!

    Mukhang puro juts sila!

  4. to point out favorites, very hard without numbers or names next to the pics … especially if a lot of them look the same , like they are twins or something … but my favorites are the ones that stand out in my opinion, unique pose in the pics…

  5. So helpful — the “official headshots” without the candidates’ names — just great!

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos, I love how it was done, they all look hot, a smile, wet hair and those pecs , makes me drool hahaha

    I love the moreno guys especially 🙂

    Michael Ver Comaling is my bet for Mister International
    Hisam Hit for Mister Global

    The last guy in the first photogrid, is he part of our national water polo team? If he is, I guess he had his nose fixed.

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