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  1. We all know, but hate to admit, that Julia Morley has crossed the Philippines off her winners list, so what’s the point.

    No matter how many challenge placements our candidate wins, it’s unlikely she will ever get beyond top 12.

    • I dont think so
      Julia just needs to see someone who is ar par with Megan Young

      • What Julia wants is the next host country. Until she gets a commitment from MWP to host her boring pageant, the Philippines ain’t gonna win it. Filipino pageant fans are on to her.

      • I reply to you here, about our little exchange, below, on Ashley.

        Placement at Eco-International be damned, I am pleased with how the young lady has carried herself all this time (at the MWP pageant). And we will be grateful to the Eco-International org for the trust they give us.

        And to Casper, if a hosting is what it takes to nab a second Blue Crown, ‘eh ‘di do it. What’s stopping us?

        Bakit? Do Indonesia & China feel they have exclusive access to MW hosting duties in this part of the World? ‘Eh, ‘di ba nito’ng huli naalangan ang Thailand sa MW dahil naunsiyami ‘yun’g dapat nila’ng hosting? This is precisely the opening we must penetrate! Ang hina naman natin…

        Dami’ng naglabasan’g sponsors ng MWP nito’ng pandemya, the last 2 years or so. Pati KUMU. Megaworld, for one, isn’t small-fry (anymore) by any stretch of the imagination. And that cryptocurrency firm na nag-offer ng ‘non-fungible beauty’ tagline. Wala sila’ng maitutulong??!

        Even Albert Kurniawan did the make-up for the gorgeous Head Shots last year, imagine if he wove his magic in the international edition!

        Kung talaga’ng gusto, magagawan ng paraan. Unless you want to wallow in mediocrity by always having convenient excuses on the ready.

      • @ Grand Port — Yeah, I agree with you. Considering Julia Morley’s quid pro quo state of mind, if committing to hosting Miss World will give the Philippines a greater chance of winning another blue crown, why not, right?

        When Megan Young won the title in 2013, I thought then that her victory would incentivize and push the needed financial backing for the Philippines to host the pageant. But that never materialized and I’m not quite sure about what happened regarding the falling out between Julia Morley and Cory Quirino shortly thereafter.

        The Philippines was able to successfully host Miss Universe three times, so why not Miss World?

  2. I woke up today realizing that we’ve been sending the most gorgeous girls to Miss Eco International as can be seen by the yearly results until this year.
    The organizers will be shocked one the pageant starts and I mean in a very bad way.
    Sorry to all the fans of Subijano. This is not the organizers are expecting after Thomalla and all those gorgeous queens in between down to the current winner Paton.

    • female version talaga sya ng father nya. pati built ng katawan e namana. 😅

    • Talaga’ng ‘the organizers (sina Dr. Amaal Rezk) will be SHOCKED… IN A VERY BAD WAY’ with Ashley??!… Sige, if that’s how you feel about her.

      At babare’ng Hans Montenegro? ‘Di ba ay pogi ‘yun? Naging model pa… But what I see is a willowy young woman with elegant curves, like Tatyana Austria, Roberta Tamondong, & Maureen Montagne before. Mabait pa. If anything, I feel we’ve kept true to our mandate to send big pageant caliber representatives to Miss Eco-International. We have a good record there, why compromise?

      • Let me put this simply:
        Mark my words. Subijano will break our placement at Miss Eco Intl. or if lucky enough, she will give us the lowest placement ever which is the semis.
        You can come back to me after the pageant.
        Cassandra Chan could have been a better choice kung gusto natin ang chinita.

  3. I’m om with the winners. I’m sure the org and judges has their own reason for those placements. Just like last year everyone like Kathleen to win over Tracy but eventually their placements resulted to a good one. Let’s just hope it will be the same for this year.

    My real concern is the production. It’s almost the same as last year. Its too long, dragging and boring. Hood thing no one fainted or fell. The choice of song, video shots and choreo are not fascinating. Even the spiels were wrong in some parts. I hope not only for MWP but for all beaucon to have a short but sweet finals night. Also come up with program that are new and will excite the viewers.

    • Re: “production..too long”? Amen

      However, a boring production that long should be approved by the Medical Association for curing chronic insomnia. Lol


    • If Cassandra were sent to Poland instead of Resham, how would she have gone up against the likes of Porxild, Janick, & Yana Haenisch?

      But even before that, did she stand a chance against the likes of Patch, Gazini, Emma, or even Sam B.?

      Let’s be happy she has something to show for her pain this time around.

      We can ask THAT question now, as anyway tapos na MWP – HOW ABOUT MUP/MU?

      Well, according to Google she was 23 back in 2019. She’ll make the 28 age ceiling in 2024 if I did the Math right. What sash do you like for her? ‘San Juan City’ or ‘Negros Occidental’? Kung si Janelle Lewis nga ‘eh, uulit, why not Cassie Chan give it one last go after her Princess duty?

      • Grand Port- we can never tell…malay mo naman nag iba ang galaw ng baso kung si Cass ng inilaban that time at hindi si Resham na parang galit lagi pag nasa ramp stage ng MS…baka naiba ang kapalaran kung si Cass ang rep that time kaya dont underestimate her just because Antonia was there.

  4. For a pageant that has been crucified and hated by the fans, I am amused to see the level of engagement from the fans on the result of MWP. Hihihih…

    Hindi daw vested and walang pake eh ngaun parang nagaalburoto ang sangkabaklaan sa result hihihihih

    Deal with it veks!!!!

  5. So the Exceptionally Empowered Women have been chosen. How each one of the 7 winners measure up to the title is for us fans to determine. How much of their exceptional empowerment come from physical dimensions? from intellect? from character? Fans may see it differently from the judges’ perspective, but the verdict is final. As a fan who watched the telecast show, the finalist that impactfully projected the aura of Exceptionally Empowered Woman, in all segments of the show, is Cassandra Chan. That she did not clinch one of the top titles is quite a disappointment.

    And if intellect and character are seen through the prism of advocacy, top candidate is the Agricultural Technologist from Quezon whose advocacy is very relevant in addressing the serious threat to national food security. Her concern about the aging and diminishing farmer population, which can only be thwarted by promoting agricultural education and technology among the youth, is an advocacy that rarely takes root in pageantry.

    • Alam mo, naisip ko tuloy, IN REVERSE. Kaya lang, over-age na ‘ata si Cassandra for MW. Yeah, Tracy Perez at 28 was accommodated last year but that was a live pageant resuming straight after the SARS-CoV2 pandemic so Ms. Morley may have given some consideration…

      If I may add to the agricultural education & technology (which the Philippines government to the best of my knowledge has enough programs on), LARGER & more pressing~relevant concern atm is the very low return on investment – in fact, minsan lugi pa nga! – that local farmers endure. Competition from cheaper imports (maniwala ka, pati bawang at sibuyas ini-import!), dizzying price of fertilizers & pesticides, climatic challenges both drought & flood/storm, & just sometimes the alleged price manipulation by traders/middlemen… I’m sure these also affect your host continent. But what can be done? Some of these factors are inherent in a free market economy… 😦

      • @Grand Port, that is the tragedy in our predominantly agricultural country. There is no incentive for our farmers to encourage their children to embrace farming because of the very low farm gate prices their outputs command, while the inputs of fertilizer, pesticide, energy, etcetera are skyrocketing high. The poor farmers succumb to basement prices because of the perishability of the goods. Add to this the competition from imported products (rice, when we are the world’s leader in rice technology; and fish, when we are an archipelagic country), and from the smuggled vegetables that flood our markets. So we are witnessing the aging and diminishing farmer population. Lately, we are also witnessing the massive conversion of agricultural lands into subdivisions and industrial estates.

    • @Grand Port, on the issue of overage for pageantry, I wish organizers increase the age limit for contestants. Findings of the 2017 survey “US Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth” says that to Millenials, youth age ends at age 40; and to GenXers at age 31. And with today’s technology and beauty regimen, age is as they say “just a number”.

      • Scorg, I really wish all international pageant organizations conform to that finding somehow. I was told in confidence that a number of them would not be pleased with having a winner in her late 20s. 25 and below is still preferred.

      • That survey only confirms what I’ve known all along. I am ancient now. No, timeless! Lolz.

        Mr. Blogger, wasn’t it Stephen Diaz who said something to that effect, that SPONSORS ang nag-di-dictate ng age preference? Recall those discussions after MIO recanted (is that the right word to use?) on their decision to set their age ceiling to 29 in light of the delay caused by this pandemic, at kaya nga naunsiyami si (well, huwag na lang i-mention ‘yun’g name at nag-move on na, but yes province-mate ni Cassis Chan)?

        I think when the pageant has corporate backing, then yes mas preferred ang mas bata. But, how about pageants na solely tourism or cultural advocacy? I would imagine elder girls would have more competence~credibility! Kung fitness-&-wellness nga (CTS), ‘eh corporate pa ‘yun. Never mind environmental, kasi as we see with both Earth & Eco-International (with a Teen), they prefer a ‘fresher Gaia’, a planet just on the cusp of unfolding. Somehow, an ‘ancient Mother’ doesn’t work…?

      • Sir Norman, I think pageant organizers’ need to rethink their preference for 25-and-below age category of a winner. Today’s beauty industry now recognizes a huge market called “Pivotols”, aged 13- 34. a subset of the Millenials and Gen Z. A recent “Fear Of Missing Out” study produced by Beautycon Media and Culture Co-Op, sheds light on how “Pivitols” view the beauty products they buy, how they use them, and how they view their personal beauty as core aspects of their identity. One of the findings is that Pivitols see the expression of beauty as an outlet of liberation and individuality. If this is now the market that defines the beauty industry and its advertising, I believe pageantry should frame its search for image models and spokespersons on this age bracket.

      • @Grand Port, with the holistic concept of beauty that has now gained global acceptance, pushed by the Millenials and GenZ, the market for pageantry has expanded to include the young professionals. This means extending the age bracket of its market to early 30s. That said, the image models and spokespersons of pageant organizations should rightfully come from the same age bracket, especially those that project the intellectual and character dimensions of beauty through advocacies. I don’t believe that corporate sponsors prefer young winners, much as they prefer those whose personal branding evokes achievement, excellence, willpower. Nowadays, companies partner their brands with pageantry organizations with congruent brand essence, and this is not necessarily defined by age.

        I believe it is time for pageant organizations to rethink about the age ceiling of their candidates.

      • @Namrata Shirodkar, I think the-younger-one-is-the-more-marketable belief comes from the fact that the younger market is always the biggest segment, and image models representing this age bracket are sought after by most consumer product companies. But these companies are facing the mass market whose image models are appropriately movie stars or singing idols. The pageantry industry is not the apt source of these kind of endorsers. I believe corporate sponsors of beauty pageants are more likely those with premium brands, those with specific emotional message to their select consumers like pursuit of excellence, enduring passion, quiet sophistication, unparalleled compassion, etcetera.

    • Just have to say that the level of competition last MWP finals night and the degree of difficulty of questions in the Top 20 and Top 11 were downright mind-blowing in a good way.

      The kind of pre-pageant challenges and competition night questions really bring out the best in the competitors.

      I dare say that this competition is a terrific training ground for girls of all pageant organizations. If a Filipina girl wants to join BBP or MUPH, I suggest they pass through the needle of MWP first so that they can be trained to think on their feet while maintaining class and sophistication.

      The quality of queens that MWP produces are just topnotch and can definitely be sent to compete internally again. Roberta Tamondong, Tatyana Austria, Emmanuelle Vera, Kathleen Paton, Shaila Rebortera, and countless others are so polished and so well-trained that they can be sent again to compete anytime. Even the runners-up that MWP have produced are competition-ready. Chan and Felizarta of this batch are just some examples.

      For all the flaws of MWP on the production and marketing/sales sides, one thing that the organization should be given proper credit for is way they prepare the girls as holistic Filipinas. For two straight years now, the Q&A segment of MWP have produced a never before seen level of brilliance of not just one or two or three girls but of 80-90% of those who qualified as finalists. Gone are the days when it is enough for a girl to win a crown by just delivering a bare minimum answer to a rather simple question. MWP has proven that the country has a very deep bench of the BigFive pageants. Vera last year was just jaw-dropping during Q&A. But it wasn’t just her who massively impressed but nearly all girls of made the final cut. Same with this year. Black, Fourniol, Chan, Santamaria, Subijano, Tiongson, Kirstensen and even the teenager McLeland were just supremely brilliant.

      MWP has carved its own niche in terms of the quality of girls that they produce year after year.

      Also, kudos to the org for dropping the lowest tier pageant crowns and focusing on fewer but more respectable international crowns. I hope that for 2023, the MWP org just keep the finals night under 3 hours. It can done and it should be done.

      I hope that the MWP organization can strengthen their non-pageant activities through the year (e.g. charity and philanthropic work, non-governmental partnerships, training programs for young women and marginalized women). To aspire to become like the MW organization under Julia Morley would be a good direction for the MWP organization. To be engage with the world as a thriving charity organization would provide greater substance and transformative soul to pageant. It will also help the girls ground their minds and hearts and efforts. To represent not just themselves and the organization and the country BUT to also become bearers of hope for the marginalized is what will make them more powerful competitors internationally.

  6. i was thinking if they should send Justine Felizarta for Supranational this year, and Allison for next year. theres little time for allison’s preparation if she woukd be competing next month.

    • Why? By ‘preparation’, can we take that to mean Alison lacks a Schenger visa & Justine’s Canadian passport is good-to-go…? Kasi last year, the four who were shortlisted for appointment – Megan Campbell, Kathleen Paton, Riuffa Nava, & Dindi Pajares – apparently did (have that visa).

  7. Cassandra Chan is already 27 or 28 next year. I hope she guns for MU for her last pageant.

    She’s extraordinary!

  8. Dapat si Cassandra Chan ang inilaban nyo sa Supranational….ano bang desisyon yan? Clapper yang si Black for sure

  9. Penitensya ang panonood ng MWP 2022. Mas mahaba pa sa prusisyon. Mahigit 5 oras na pagkapangit-pangit na show. Sinayang pa si Justine and Maria. Hay na lang. He, he, he…

  10. Mga sis, let us all give these girls a chance to prove themselves internationally saka nyo na ibash…ok…hindi naman lahat ng MW ay maganda physically at winner sa mga fasttrack…kaya kung hindi nyl kasing ganda si Gwen at di kayo pukihan…manahimik muna kayo mga bakla at hintayin ang tamang oras…for now, bumook muna kayo…tutal marami naman kayong mga pera. Charizzz

    • Ikaw ba ‘yun’g nagsabi’ng dapat sumali (din) sa MrIP si Kirk? ‘Eh, ‘di hindi siya na-appoint for MrW kung nagkataon… Pa’no niya pagtatatluhin katawan niya, ta’s ‘asa CTS pa siya…

      OK na ‘yun’g dalawa – MrWP at CTS. Para dalawa lang – from the waist up & from the waist down. Parang namili ka lang kung ano’ng cut ng fried chicken ang gusto mo tuwing order ng value meal.

      Ano’ng part ni Kirk ang padadala natin sa Poland? Comment na, sesh!

      • Haha…love you Miss Flor!!! Ewan ko ba jan kay Kirk…magcclap yan sa Mister World…mas malaki chances niya sa MrI at MrGlobal… ❤

  11. Sana binigyan din ng mga korona at sashes ang mga sponsors.
    Feel na feel nila tumambay sa stage eh 😅

    • Korek! Why has it become ALV’s trademark to have the judges share the stage with girls while being crowned? Parang pa-contest lang ni kapitan or ni mayor. 😅

      Also, yung mga boys bang nag-abot ng flowers sa fast track winners ay mga VIP’s? Ang cringey nung makiki-pose pa sila sa girls for picture taking after maawardan. Buti sana kung mga pogi. hihihi

      • ‘Uy, hindi lang si Mr. ALV ang ganyan, ‘ah.Manood ka kaya ng MI.

        Watch the 2017 edition (Kevin Lilaina’s batch). ‘Yun’g usher na nag-assist sa kanya, pogi with dimples. Baka swak sa taste mo, po.

  12. Sorry, walang maganda sa mga nanalo based sa mga pictures above. Wala akong nakikitang mag-uuwi ng Korina sa mga ito. Sana mali ako.
    Good luck na lang sa inyo.

    • Correct. The 4 of them (MWP, MSupra, MEI at RHA) parang mahihirapang makapapasok as runners up in their respective pageants.

    • oo nga base sa photos di sila kagandahan, ilonah jean, moi bien, zorayda sanchez, baka sa make up lang or ilaw. yong tiongzon maganda, fresh. yong patricia dizon maganda kaso parang di nag effort. may ibang magaganda at bata kaso alam na this, mahina at jogsak sa q&a at interview.

  13. The results are just fine but for a little tweak , Felizarta for Supra and Black as 1st runner up … That is a great finale for MWP2022 !

    • Justine Felizarta for Miss Supra
      Maria Gigante for RHA
      Alison Black for Miss Eco Int’l.

      MWP ___________?

      • I like Gigante too , but too bad she did not make the final cut for some reason …

  14. Guys, tama ba? This year’s result is book-ended by KF?

    Both Justine & Cassandra are KF. Gwen is also, right?

    (Interestingly, it’s our second Gwendolyn after Ruais for MWP. And both biracial Pinay-French!)

    Ang A&Q, sina Allison at Ashley. Ta’s, Ingrid has broken The Camp’s mandate to only serve MUP.

    • If, indeed, in Ingrid’s case then I’m glad, kasi I find that ‘we-only-serve-MU/MUP’ philosophy just a tad cocky. But that’s just me. And they did clinch ‘La Mer En Majeste’ on only their third year. Vera must be quite pleased with her successor. And Pranaque City must be just jubilant right now!

      • Mr. Blogger, puwede niyo po ba i-share dito sa blog ‘yun’g SupraChat turn ni Alison?

        It will be interesting to see whom she’ll be grouped with… Am interested in Thailand & Colombia (‘eto po ba’ng si Colombia, siya rin ‘yun’g MG-Colombia 2021, Sam Panlillio’s batch?), too. CAN YOU REQUEST (thru channels, of course) THAT THE THREE BE IN THE SAME GROUP, po?

        Thailand is, of course, none other than the much beloved Praewwanich Ruangthong, or ‘Phraew’ to her Pinoy fans. She’s a dead ringer for MU-Puerto Rico 2018, Catriona’s year.

      • ‘Ay, nauma na si Colombia… And I was wrong. MGC is a different woman.

        Whoever wins Supranational, she not only must have a powerful passport (to facilitate travel, as Closer2Fame always stresses) but very importantly must be proficient in English so she can be the Moderator for the future editions of the pageant.In fact, Porxild even did the guys last year!

      • … And speaking of the Supra guys, same : MUST be fluent in English para no sweat sa Q&A.

        Medyo nabubuo na ang Mister roster. And I think it’s not bad to crown their first European King.

        But not the host delegate; that would be too obvious. I’m thinking either Belgium (similar mold as last year’s Spyros Nikolaidis of Greece & David Kremen of Czech Republic) or France (someone tell him to shave completely & guaranteed he will shine!).

        Among the Latioos, Venezuela, Peru, & Ecuador are exciting. Mexico doesn’t do well when they send boyish types; not surprisingly, their win & the inaugural Mister Supra, Diego Garcy, is all man. Guys, sila pa rin ba ni MU 2020?

        Philippines got game! As long as the Miss Supra candidates give him their ‘thumbs up’ & he leaves a good impression with the organization & the staff, a minimum Top 10 is not far-fetched. Vietnam is over-hyped, imo; they can do/send better based on their previous reps to competitor brands.

        Nepal bears semblance to Aaron Beau Davies.

        Wala pa ‘ata’ng India. Let’s see. If they field someone as imposing-yet-suave as 2018’s Pratamesh Maulingkar, then are you guys OK with a country already getting a 2nd title in just 6 editions?

  15. Mga Bakla! I don’t agree with the result pero nandiyan na yan!

    MWP is shoving it to our throat!

    Recalibrate niyo na lang mindset niyo na baka mabuti na ganito na marami ang disappointed sa local result tapos big surprise pala sa international competition!

    In the past years, puro high caliber yung pinapadala natin pero nga-nga sa international competition, how about for a change? low expectation then big in the international stage!

    Give the girls the chance na lang to prove themselves!

    Chaca na lang tayo magngangak-ngak if they fail to deliver results!

  16. Didn’t watch MWP.

    No one’s complaining about the non-placement of Paula.

    So did she not deliver in the finals night?

    • maingay, di niya marinig ang question, tapos di rin nya maintindihan ang nagtatanong kaya 3x yata pinaulit. si maria gigante naman over confident yata.

      • Oh, that’s sad about Paola… Kaya pala medyo down siya during the announcement of winners, maybe she felt her chances were extinguished because of that. Nonetheless, she kept a classy & dignified stance to the end. Materiales fuertes siempre!

        And who were these raucous fans? Who were they supporting? Was this a case (again) of psychological warfare by ‘slowing down’ their queen’s rivals? If I were MWPO & saw that, I’d exercise my prerogative & downgrade their bet in the hierarchy… ‘Di nila naisip ‘yun, those noisy ones? Na baka mag-boomerang sa pambato nila ‘yun’g inaasal nila?

        Next stop will be the SMART Araneta Dome, end July. Let’s see how vicious the audience will get.

      • Apparently 25% lang na filled up s MOA Arena, and yet di pa din nya narinig question s knya? Oh well, not destined to be. Sayang.

    • Yeah, maybe not meant to be.

      Losing streak by A&Q this year. Well, KF isn’t so lucky, as well.

      Noisy Filipino audience is a problem even abroad. Such raucous behavior could annoy the judge to the candidate’s disadvantage.

      They should be escorted out!

  17. Ba’t ang daming maka Ashley Subijano tapos galit kay Karen Ibasco? Same lang naman sila na di talaga ka gandahan. I’m sure kung di sya anak ng former Miss Philippines, you wouldn’t notice her at magagalit kayo kasi she got a crown.

    • I agree. I was never a fan of her beauty and actually don’t undertand the brouhaha about her facial beauty. She is all height and nothing else. Her crown should have been given to Felizarta.
      Aside from Subijano getting a crown, I’m all fine with the results.
      The exclusion ot Maria Gigante could have been due to her seemingly over-confident demeanor during the Q&A which turned the judges off.

  18. Ba’t ang daming maka Ashley Subijano tapos galit kay Karen Ibasco? Same lang naman sila na di talaga ka gandahan. I’m sure kung di sya anak ng former Miss Philippines, you wouldn’t have rooted for her.

  19. 🤣🤣🤣Mas marami ang nagrereklamo kesa sa nasatisfied. Reklamo kasi bukod sa napuyat eh di nanalo ang mga minamanok nila. I commented yesterday na di ako magpapakapuyat sa MWP kasi alam kong aabutin ito ng madaling araw kaya sa YouTube na lang ako manonood ng mga video clips. Cheers sa mga winners at enjoy your reign! 🇵🇭

  20. The show and the eventual winners are as exciting as opening an umbrella on a rainy day. I automatically question the taste of the judges for selecting a winner wearing that…that…that….horrible shoes! Lol. It doesn’t help any if she reminds me of Kiray Celis.

    Based on the photos alone, the girls look dried-up and cakey and clownish with their make-up.

    It seems that the only deserving winner is the one not announced or introduced at all : Kirk Bondad. Lol.

    Good luck to all the winners.

    World Peace.

    • There are some pics of Gwen na medyo nakakahawig nya si Anne Curtis (may angle). But I agree with Thomas, I’m not sure why the above photos are showing the girl’s faces as dried up, clownish, and cakes (exact descriptions). And ordinary, sad to say.

      • It may simply be a deliberate filter~edit, on copyright guidelines. After all, MWPO is the content owner.

        Si Gwen, daw, looks better in person. I recall ‘yun’g Sports & Fitness fast track last year. Baka mahagilap mo pa sa My Blog Library (Archive, here) ‘yun’g post at that firing range in Pampanga.

        Ang ‘mestiza’ beauty niya, kahilera nina Bb.9 (who was also at MWP last year), & Janelle Lewis, ‘yun’g ganu’ng hulma. And recall ‘yun’g head shots nila na all-white? Look again at those, too.

        (Na-miss ko tuloy sina Asha Gutierrez, Kim Alexis Babao, & ‘yun’g matangkad na nag-red gown sa Finale. Pangalan nu’n? AND SADE NICHA.)

  21. Tito Norman pakisabi (feedback) po kay ALV na ang panonood ng Miss World Philippines ay para kang pinarurusahan sa purgatoryo. LOL!

    Daghang salamat ug maayong buntag bisag PUYAT tang tanan.

    • Isang malaking sakrispisyo ang panonood ng MWP kagabi. Ang chaka ng show. Hindi pa ibinigay kay Felizarta kahit ang RHA man lang. Mas deserving din si Maria kay Ashley. Nay naku!

  22. furniol did not win Talent last year ,… , I guess the talent comp last year was stiff, but if this is her ace in the hole for MW2022 , she better make sure she does her excellent best …

    & why MWP is mimicking the MUP runners up titles I will not understand … it just proves to the nation that MWP is second hand pageant compared to MUP … why do this to themselves ???

  23. Congratulations to all the winners! Solely based on the performance of the girls on competition night, the placements make absolute sense. The runners-up were correctly placed, the winners’ placements weren’t mindless.

    Mcleland will do well in Eco Teen. She really dazzled during both her Top 20 and Top 11 interviews. What a beautiful and charismatic girl.

    Santamaria is a drop dead gorgeous Filipina beauty. Beautiful caramel skin with a double dagger of class and charisma, I believe she can standout in Bolivia. Maybe she can study the styling of Karla Baustista in Miss World because they both can be categorized under the same type of Filipina beauty. I also feel, based on the Q&A and the pre-pagent interviews of Santamaria that she has innate intelligence. She also comes across as someone who has been well traveled since she was a child. In short, very cosmopolitan. Maybe this combination of traits can be used to her advantage as she prepares for Bolivia. Imagine sending an ultra high class beauty queen who has been around the world… someone who is at ease with diverse cultures and ethnicities? For her coming competition, she should not be styled to look like a Latina but rather styled as an expensive cosmopolitan Asian princess. As one saying goes, “Differentiate or die.” Santamaria should leverage her strengths to standout, place and perhaps even win.

    Black was just shining during competition night. She performed extremely well to the point of even possibly bagging the MWP. With the kind of glow and confidence of Black, placing anywhere below the Top 3 would be an injustice to her. She had powerful eye contact during her interviews and she was at ease during swin and gown. Black may not fit the Supra Ph mold of the past 10 years but this deviation isn’t in itself bad. In fact, with Black’s hunger and fire, I believe she will do extremely well in Poland. Such beautiful countenance, such charming smile, and perfectly proportioned body! Let me be one of the first persons to say the Black can be a crown contender in Poland. Never underestimate an intelligent, driven, and charming Filipina. Black is the kind of girl who has willingness to unlearn, relearn and learn. Congratulations in advance Alison! Mark my words, you will do a terrific job in Poland!

    For Subijano, her performance was objectively within the Top 3. I wasn’t able to watch the pageant live but my guess is that she was given her placement based on her stage presence. Perhaps when the judges decided on the placements, it came down to the girls’ charisma and presence on stage. Something that can’t necessarily be captured on camera. So maybe, just maybe, Subijano wasn’t able to outshine Fourniol and Black on stage. Her swim and gown were both above average and her Top 20 and Top 11 Q&A performances were both crown-worthy. So when it came down to the wire, the Top 3 girls were perhaps ranked based on stage presence. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Fourniol’s swim and gown were both good. She was in fact oozing with sexiness in gown. Her red belly dancer gown during gala night showed that she has a sultry and a flirtatious side. Her Q&A may not be the best of the Top 3 girls but she has a way of working the crowd. If the Beach Beauty segment in MW will return in the coming comp, Fourniol has a chance to do well. She may also do well in the Top Model fast track event and, if she chooses the correct repertoire of songs, maybe even do well in Talent. I understand why she won. My original choices (Santamaria, Subijano and Chan) all did well during the finals but Fourniol gave something a bit more exciting. Maybe it’s that French sexiness mixed with Asian conservatism that made her standout. At this point, she may duplicate Lehmann and Weigman’s first cut placements in Miss World. A good Head to Head will make her stand out more and duplicate Dee and Perez’s placemnts. Let’s see if Fourniol has the fire and the desire to even place higher than her predecessors.

    Gigante didn’t come across as natural. She over spoke in both her Q&As to the point that she came across as a hard sell. She should have kept it “brief, brilliant, and beautiful”. Kirstensen’s Top 20 Q&A was more crown-worthy than her Top 11 Q&A. Same with Tiongson. For Felizarta, her Top 11 Q&A was better than her Top 20 Q&A. She was more at ease during the Top 11 Q&A too. If Continentes Unidos was under the MWP/ALV org, I would give it to Felizarta based on her Top 11 performance.

    I hope these girls would simply enjoy the journey. Of course they have to prepare hard and train hard but they should enjoy the ride. For me, a winning girl has that quality of being at ease and being able to have fun amidst and tough field of equally deserving competitors.

    Ladies, enjoy your reign. Do not let anyone dim your glow. Shine bright and make us all proud. You all are deserving and are the best of the best! The entire country is rallying behind all of you!

    • I beg to disagree about Subijano. Her beauty simply pales in comparison with Furniole, Black or even Sta Maria. She should be thankful of her pedigree that she got Eco Intl. I mean, I would choose Gigante or Felizarta over her at any day when it comes to facial beauty.
      As someone said, Subijano is the Karen Ibasco of MWP, the only difference is that Ibasco is very charming and turns into a very charming queen when she speakswhen she speaks.

  24. Gwen only looks taller than some of the other winners due to her heels.

    • Bakit ba kasi pinanalo iyan? Super questionable ng facial beauty. Bansot. Hindi naman magaling sa Q&A. Iba talaga ang nagagawa ng pera at backer. Papalakpak tayo nang malala sa Miss World.

  25. Talaga? Why did Jenny Kim win Miss Supra in 2017 if they’re only looking for a sex siren?

  26. I’m happy for Alison and Gwen, pero parang mas bagay talaga si Gwen sa Supra at Alison sa MW. But it’s fine. At least hindi minor crown ang nakuha ni Alison. Jenny Kim, the Supra winner from Korea was 5’8″, so Alison’s height is fine. Magaling talaga sana si Maria sa q&a, kaso sya lang nag exceed sa time limit. 45 seconds na nga hindi pa natapos. Haba kasi ng intro part ng answer nya. Ashley’s placement is too high. Tangkad lang ang lamang nya sa iba. Si Felizarta nlang sana sa RHA then Ingrid sa Eco. Anyway, I’m still happy sa result.

  27. I’m sorry, pero hindi ko talaga mahanap sa kanila ‘yung ganda. The ultimate winner Gwendolyne Furniol has no Wow, X, It or Star Factor. She happens to be maputi lang, pero hindi ka mapapalingon when she passes by in front of you.

    I used to like Sam Sta. Maria, pero I dunno but I think she got the wrong assignment. In order to snatch the HA crown, vibrance and killer confidence on stage is important. Kulang na kulang s’ya doon. I just hope that she will train well before she competes. Iba ang labanan sa HA.

    Eco winner Subijano is a total downgrade of Kathleen Paton, pero I am good with her on that position. After all, I won’t expect a three peat in Eco.

    So, d-in-rop na pala ang Multinational? Puchu-puchu naman kase ‘yang pageant na ‘yan, kaya okay lang.

    Sumilip ako kagabi sa nagpa-live stream sa Youtube, grabe, the MWP production is a total mess. May stage director ba talaga? Maganda ang stage pero the LED background did not work well. It was like a blank space! Nauumay na talaga ako sa beauty pageant, such that the excitement in me doesn’t build up that much, dahil na rin sa expectations and all.

    How I wish, mag-joint forces na lang ang mga NDs ng apat na local pageants, like MUP, MWP, MIP and MEP, and come up with one big pageant na may super gandang stage at production. Tapos Php1 Million each ang prize. Kahit pa gawing 100 ang kandidata, I am sure lahat ng mga magagandang binibini sasali d’yan. Para isa na lang ang inaabangang pageant. Sa dami ng nagsulputang pageant left and right, nasa-saturate na talaga ang glossiness at glamour nito. Kaya yung mga lesser staged na pageant, hindi na pinapansin.

    That’s all.

    • Iyang Gwen na iyan dapat magpasalamat sa mga backer at pera niya. Wala siyang ganda, walang charisma at wala ring Q&A skills. Ni hindi makaka-semis iyan. Nganga tayo ngayong taon sa Miss World.

      • If solid evidence proves a point that money works well to make her win the crown, then the result is unacceptable. Paano mo pala nasabi na namera ang backer n’ya? I am sorry if I feel I
        am looped out.

        Agree, papalakpak tayo sa Miss World.

        That’s all.

  28. Uhhh… Guys, have any of you seen my unicorns?

    Someone apparently broke into their shed last night… My neighbors heard nothing. 😦

    (Could it have been a __ost?)

    And there on the shed door was a web with three (3) spiders lined up, which is peculiar~odd as even if spiders share space they usually put as much distance between themselves as possible. These three were perfectly aligned! I think they’re still there, I’ll check…

    Oh, yeah. They’re still there. It’s still quite early. Surely they’ll take cover later in the day when it gets really hot.

    !!! Felicitaciones

    PROMEDIA should be delirious with deee-light. And if Tampon proves Elite, lalo na. 🙂

    Black, I assume, has Schengen visa on the ready. Raed, too. Kaya ba mag-process one month?

    Closer2ame never revealed who the NPA apologist was. Can she be named now?

    I think Mr. ALV should offer to host Eco-International. The audacity of bringing it to ME territory! What a sensational publicity move.

    Ingrid, ask your entire family to watch the Finale in Bolivia or wherever. Great excuse for a clan trip!

    I like the Princesses. Both will do excellently in hosting events of the organization.

    • My Kumareng Diwata,

      Magandang umaga kahit puyat tayo.

      Kumare, to be able to survive last night’s MWP finals kailangan kong humiga during breaks/gaps. Lord! Okay lang naman kung pangit ang show basta matatapos ng 1 1/2 oras. Pero kung aabutin ng 1.30 nang madaling araw, another LORD!. Mabuti na lang at nakapasok si Justine sa top 11 at kundi natulog na talaga ako. Sana siya ang ginawang RHA or Supra. I just hope she will be given a chance to compete in the global stage if there are new/returning international pageants offered to ALV this year.

      Three of the best speakers last night were your schoolmates (Chan, Black and Tiongson). May nagsabi rito na Chan is beautiful in person. But sadly she does not register well on screen and in pictures. She should have been given the Best in Gown award (at least because she looked gorgeous in it). I think Tiongson as well is not tele/photogenic. Black is very pretty but is petite and had poor styling & gown last night. Anyway, the three performed very well specially in the Q&A segments. And we are so proud of them. Right kumare?

      Early predictions:
      Gwen Fourniol – MW Top 40/20 in
      Alison Black – MS Top 20/10
      Ashley Montenegro – MEco. Int’l. Top 5
      Ingrid Santamaria – RHA – no placement to Top 15

      Wishes: Felizarta & Chan to be given international assignments.

      Maraming salamat.

      Your Kumpareng Puyat,


      • Good morning.

        Justine & Cassandra are KF. Inuna lang siguro sina Shane Tormes & Shannon Tampon. Global is up to 35 age ceiling… Baka pine-pace lang, kasi notice hindi na ulit nag-Nationals ang local franchisee (kung sila pa nga). Isa pa ‘yun’g United Continents (of Jewel of the Philippines) na nagsabi na’ng i-a-appoint na lang ang kinatawan natin this year &, in fact, si Jeslyn Santos pa ang ND. I will assume KF also can field their senior students here, but since both Cities of Marikina & San Juan are under contract as MWP Princesses for a year (?), maybe at the earliest 2024…

        I, too, share your sadness. ImHo, either could have gone to Poland on physique alone but Chan in particular with her graceful bearing & stance might have put in a memorable stage performance to become the Supra runway standard for years to come. But I have full confidence in Ms. Black.

        Now that Cassie has joined MWP, it can only mean her commitments to Miss & Mister Chinatown Philippines organization is ended. That’s another high-caliber Nationals! And their Finale (before it went virtual in 2020) doesn’t go for hours…

        Justine is now like Riana (Pangingian). After several Nationals campaigns, will never wear the sash internationally. They are not the first to whom this has happened (recall, still, our ‘Ms. Sulop’?) & definitely they won’t be the last. But what can we do?

    • Thanks & credits to ENP for a video clip of the Top 10 Finale Interview!

      A few observations.

      1. David Licauco must be someone who drives a lot. His question is telling…
      2. Did JB Saliba just endure a break-up? His question is also telling…
      3. That question by the lady judge about an innovation to push cultural tourism is like the Build(3x) question asked to Lemonon at BBP 2018. It’s either you know about it or you don’t. Neither did I. But Alison Black kept her nerves in check & gave it her best, which turned out to be about sustainable tourism instead. In hindsight, I wonder if that innovation is VIRTUAL TOURS…?…

      Sa mga concerned na dahil ay maliit si Ms. Black ay matatabunan siya sa Supra, alalahanin’g ang maliit din na Fitriana ay mas mataas ang rank kaysa kay Janick noon’g 2019. Basta magustuhan nina Gerhardt at Andre, pasok!

      Folks are now realizing just how REGAL Cassandra Chan is. In both stance & demeanor. Here’s one Chinita that will unite us all! After ng Princess contract niya, at Independent rin lang,… 🙂

      MWPO, next time please have either a fish bowl or usher with a tray to hold the envelopes.

      The night’s best Q&A were from Subijano-Montenegro & Santamaria. Families would be so proud!

      A mentor should discuss with Mclelland ‘yun’g sagot niya kasi parang contra~ du’n sa tanong… ?

    • Status report. No report/s of my animals seen. But, I figured out the spiders.

      It’s actually just a single one! Closer inspection revealed that two of the three were what looked to be the leftovers of previous (insect) meals balled up, then placed in a straight line from the web’s center. Today, there are FIVE – 4 ‘meal balls’ & the web owner itself positioned AWAY from the center, which does make perfect sense as it will confuse any prredator (my area is rich in bird life; at present swallows are cruising all day) that think to swipe an arachnid snack on the wing.

      I now wonder if this behavior will proceed indefinitely & if so how many such ‘meal balls’ will fit in that web. But yeah, if a storm passes through all that will be demolished.

      Paul, bakit parang nagbago isip mo kay Karen Ibasco? Dati, ayaw mo sa kanya. Your reply to JustPassingBy about Ashley’s beauty, pedigree… I recall you saying the ‘chinita’ type has limited prospects here, yet you seem perfectly cool with Cassandra.

    • Serge parang napuyat ka nang husto. Ang iksi ng message mo. He, he, he…

  29. Feilzarta should have been for Supa !!! another losing year for Pinas for Supra …

    (and I again saw that ugly chunky shoes above … )

    • I totally agree, if not her then to Gigante. But why Black? They need a sex siren in Supra and any goodie-two shoes would not rate high imo.

      • Clapper mode halos lahat. Lalo yung World. Susko. Huwag na siya mag-train ng mga pasarela, etc. Ang dapat niyang i-train, paano pumalakpak.

  30. maybe subijano-montenegro will join Bb or MUP at some future year , she is young … I did not know this is her 2nd time for vying for MWP title …

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