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  1. Gwen was a stand out during the press presentation in terms of beauty and eloquence and overall presentation. But her interviews later on left much to be desired in terms of depth . Pauline would have been a shoo-in for MWP had she joined

  2. Gwen placed in last years’s MWP edition , it was a good battle but the crown worthy-ones are passed the age limit or are almost 28 when they vie for Miss World by December 2022 or the other pageant crowns.

    You really need to start young so you won’t consider yourself a wasted beauty titlist just because of an age requirement (discriminatory in this day and age). Just make the real winners, winners. And when they are then overage, just replace them with the runners-up.

    That is one reason why the one reading the winner is ALV and ALV only.

    That is one reason why now the 1st princesses and 2nd princesses are now having official titles. Both Cass and Justine will be 28 by December.

    Gwen please practice singing and please do an opera or a Whitney Houston tribute in your talent stint. If JEM asks you to sing, ask her if she likes English or French or both as long as you can be visible like Toni-Ann . Show your wealth, do not use pearls and get gowns from M5 or Leo.

  3. I am so disappointed with the placements!

    From the elections and now Miss World Philippines. I guess when Bb Pilipinas comes, I’ve converted as straight and will not be watching pageants again, Sam Santamaria, Justine Felizarta, Maria Gigante should have placed higher!

  4. ALV: Sabi ngang ako magbabasa ng winner eh, bakit ba ayaw mo sumunod Valerie ! Akin na yung papel.

  5. The crown worn by Miss World Philippines Tracy Maureen Perez is huge, bigger than her head.

  6. Tracy Maureen Perez, Ingrid Sta Maria and Allison Black could pass as real sisters.9

  7. My favorite Ingrid Sta. Maria nailed the top 11 Q&A
    Ang ganda pala nung Cassandra Chan on live stage

    • She is also my bet. Maria is my second, Justine now is my third then Allison.

  8. Evangeline Pascual : “What is your name again darling? Allison?”

  9. Why are Katrina and Valerie shouting the numbers of the candidates (e.g. 20, 13, 21, 24, 25)? As judges and hosts they should not mention any number or name for the audience to support and shout on, it does not look professional.

    Why did the top 10 became Top 11 and what was the twist?

    I really prefer professional hosts like Ariel Ureta or Martin or Toni or anne or Bianca. Laura is good as a host, just to be fair. There is a stage manager shouting at Valerie and Katrina (“sa susunod na lang”), Valerie fumbling, etc

  10. Valerie if you are a host, hosting a live event telecasted on TV, please look at the camera!

    Katrina, what happened to your hair and to your ghost face?

  11. Incredible Q&A from almost all of the Top 20 finalists!

    The hostess couldn’t even believe her ears and even said multiple times that the girls in this batch had answered truly difficult questions exceptionally well.

    Of the 20 girls, about 17 did a terrific job! That’s a very high batting average for any local or international pageant! I must say that even those who didn’t shine during Q&A still managed to give decent, acceptable answers.

    Alison Black is glowing tonight. She exudes confidence, youthful exuberance, and sincerity. What a girl boss!

    McLeland was just beautiful during Q&A. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

    Ortega, Santamaria, Fourniol, Chan, Kirstensen and Subijano did very well. Not absolutely great but very good and perhaps crown-worthy answers.

    Gigante spoke too long. Felizarta could have ended with a much more heartfelt message considering that she herself had been raised by OFWs. I’m very ambivalent over their Q&A performances.

    At this point, it is anyone’s ballgame! Felicidades to all Top 20 girls!

    • Tiongson did exceptionally well too! A crown contender for sure!

  12. Sana mapagbibigyan ang wishes nina Justine, Paula and Maria. Yung iba mga bata pa, so more years pa in pageantry. Good luck to the aforementioned girls (mga ate). Magandang gabi sa lahat.

  13. OOT. Just watched PBA Season 47 opening. I must say Patch could have really been a very good Ph rep in MU and a very strong contender at that. Congrats and good luck to PBA. Regular season is back.

  14. NEWSFLASH : Miss Universe Bhutan 2022 Tashi Choden (inaugural delegate) !

    *2022 Miss Universe Guatemala Ivana Batchelor ( 2nd ru to Sam Bernardo 1st ru MGI )

    • Bhutan has consistently topped the World’s Happiest Country by The Economist’s Global Happiness Report. This Buddhist country in the Himalayas is the only country in the world where Gross National Happiness (GNH) is above economic growth GDP. GNH measures the collective happiness and wellbeing of the population, people’s quality of life, and Bhutan makes sure that “material and spiritual development happen together.”

      This would make the country a very good host for future MU crowning event!

    • Jaretwrightlover, ‘yan ang mainam na balita sa umaga’ng ito. Thanks so much!

      I WANT BATCHELOR & ‘CINDERELLA’ in MU’s L2S this time. Like last year, a Latina & Asian.

      Last two standing. ‘Cinderella’ kasi hindi si Airielle (Rabiya) at si Belle (Bea Luigi). Refer to past post on that dreamy~fantastic & ethereal shoot.

      Scorg, balita sa ‘kin eight thousand (8,000.00) USD daw ang visa sa Bhutan. Ilan’g araw ‘yun?

      • D ko alam. Research ko pa. Good you find @jaretwrightlover’s comment “mainam na balita sa umagang ito”. To my favorite troll stalker that is just always trigger-happy to thumbs me down, it is not a happy news. Look he has used his two accounts here to thumbs me down! LOL!

      • Or, baka 800 (eight hundred) USD lang. Nasobrahan ko ng zero…?…

        Sorry so much to the Kingdom of Bhutan & HRM The King, it was an honest mistake. Mention of your country sends (us) foreigners into a dizzy spell of enchantment.Prosperity to you forever!

      • @Grand Port, my fascination with Bhutan started last year (I think) when an episode in Dr Sanjay Gupta’s CNN show featured the young Prime Minister of Bhutan who is a medical doctor, who bikes his way everyday to his office and plays football once a week with his football buddies after work. The show had so many images of the happy peaceful ordinary people, and how a government agency monitors the Gross National Happiness Index, alongside with the agency that tracks the Gross National Product Index.

      • Wunderschon! Let’s while away the hours leading up to the MWP Finale by continuing our discussion on Bhutan. Malay natin, manalo sila’ng MW in the near future. Yourself & jaretwrightlover can take credit for laying down this thread… As sort of, perhaps, prophetic?

        Two different aspects of the country I saw on separate videos on FB & YT. In the former, the near-carbon neutrality is discussed as Bhutan sell surplus (!) geothermal energy to neighboring India plus the fact that it’s relatively much less urbanized (read : quite few automobiles in personal ownership). The latter is probably a continuation of that paucity of automobiles, in that while it has meant remarkable air quality owing to negligible emissions, has resulted it in a people that quietly yearn for a ‘faster’ life? Kasi, while the leaders keep stressing the merits of a spartan~HAPPY existence, the documentary asked if, perhaps, it has meant that the quality of life might be described as backward, na OK lang ba’ng hindi industrialized basta napupunan ang kaluluwa & there is enough for all? We also cannot deny that the country is not isolated~insulated from outside~external ideas, & inevitable that there would be a few of its citizens with a taste for ‘something else’.

        Add ko rin, na a visit by the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (Will & Kate) could indicate Bhutan as a strategic British ally in that part of the World. After all their King studied in the UK. But yeah, this political angle is frivolous & unnecessary. I mean, is there reason to believe an agenda deeper than friendship & shared values exists? In any case, tourism dollars (the visa I asked about) make it all possible~doable.

        But don’t get me wrong. I would adore all that simplicity & calm! I wouldn’t mind living there now…

      • @GrandPort, we have to note that Bhutan people being predominantly Buddhists do not really long for a “fast-paced” life. The country’s main source of revenue is geothermal energy and tourism. And the government is careful that tourism will not destroy the environment, nor the culture and traditions of the people.

      • I think the convenient~automatic association of Buddhism with self-deprivation (aka, very simple life, if bordering on rural) is unfortunate. It is a disservice to the religion. Yes, I’m going there!

        (Meaning, I will not hesitate to ruffle feathers.)

        I’ve met a few Buddhists online. They are anything but heathen! On the contrary, they manifest a profound education. I sense that this religion requires a deep intellect to appreciate, unlike that one which one of us hates… We all know who he is. But I agree, mas ‘jologs’ nga ‘yun, swak sa panlasa’ng Noypi. 🙂

        The concern may be that allowing external forces in might ‘taint’ the culture~traditions. But if we are well-rounded Buddhists we will have more than enough perspective to not be so gullible. No, I am not a Buddhist. But I realize now I might have loved studying Theology. Too late, lolz.

  15. Scale it down. Imho, MWP org should only crown three titles; World, Supranational and RHA. The latter two have emerged as top tier-2 pageants.

    Quality not quantity.

    Eco International is a title that needs to be aligned with MEP. It’s all about compatability.


    • Sir, from what has been gleaned of Eco-International, Mr. ALV is committed~dedicated towards upholding this brand in Philippines, as Dr. Amaal Rezk & himself are good friends. And the numbers point towards such a landscape – since taking on the franchise in 2017, that’s now six (6) years more or less considering SARS-CoV2 delays, we got two golds (Paton & Thomalla) & two silvers (Montagne & Day).

      Mas mataas pa ang probability na bitawan ang Supra, considering talk has been circulating for some time now of the Poland-based pageant’s desire to have a dedicated Philippines Nationals (just as with Mr. Nawatt Itsaragrisil). At kung tama entiende ko, mas mahal pa franchise (rate) nito kaysa MW! Kung ako nga naman si Supra, iisipin ko, “I am charging more yet that country agent opts to put a lower price bracket brand above me… And it’s not as though Morley has crowned them anymore than I have (Megan Young)”.

      (But, of course, main crown pa rin ang Mundo.)

      Highly doubtful, as well, that Carousel Productions would be warm to working with a competitor that hasn’t even been around as long as they have (ME is now on its way to its 30th, right? Supra nga, kaka-15th? lang nito’ng huli; Mutya Datul was even invited back to grace the celebrations.).

      Maganda isipin na pagsamahin ‘yun’g thematically common, such as ME & MEco-International. Pero alam naman natin, hindi ganun’g ka-simple ang buhay-buhay. We’ve discussed such possibilities here before, & made for some spirited exchange, too. 🙂

      But the Miss Nepal organization right now, you might like, po? Their portfolio consists of World, Earth, & International. Or how about PI – Universe, International, & Supranational?

      PS I would also want Maria to finally get the chance to go abroad. Ka-batch pa ‘yan ni Apriel Smith sa BBP! Her ‘Gigantics’ would be ecstatic, to say the least. But, why A&Q only opted to re-field her now (& here) is a question that may be worth some contemplation but will probably no longer have any bearing as in twelve hours or so Judgement Night commences. Buenas suerte na lang.

  16. My Top 5 in Random Order

    Santa Maria

    NO to NPA Apologist!

    • Sir, ‘yan’g ‘apology’ ba’ng ‘yan ‘yun’g tinutukoy ni Golden Mean (sa baba)? One of the two former Binibini’s? “… With strong following(s)…”, daw?

  17. MW- Black
    Supra- Fourniol
    RHA- Ortega
    Eco- Sta. Maria
    Eco Teen- McLelland
    Sixth crown- Subijano

    • Puwede rin ‘to…

      Too bad, nga lang, for Gigante & Felizarta. In such a scenario, they’ll be lucky to end up like Ganiel Krishnan – kahit na-‘Ms.World-or-nothing’, naging Prinsesa pa rin.

      (Speaking of Princess, Lewis plans to pageant again, daw! But she’s mum on the brand.)

      Kasi, recall last year kay Michelle Arceo pumatak ‘yun’g ‘sixth’ crown – Environment International. And Michelle was in comments here back then a favorite of the organization, daw. They reserve their BIG GUN for the ‘surprise’, apparently!

      Ashley, whatever assignment/portfolio you get, we support you all the way.

      Michelle, all the best at CTS.

      Allison Black is your just-beyond-radar bubbling-up ‘spoiler’ (one of us said, ‘spoiler’, of her). Her win will prompt a fresh surge of interest considering how invested we became of the front-runners, as everyone would then be forced to give her a second look, to identify exactly what we missed. And yeah, Ms. Julia Morley seems to favor the 2nd- to 3rd-tier candidates lately – Singh & Bielawska.

  18. I concur with Norman’s choices,

    But I am more straight forward with my choice,

    MWP —–> Ashley Subijano
    Supra —–> Ingrid Santamaria
    RHA ——-> Paola Ortega

    Alam naman nating walang bearing yung mga Fast Track challenge ni Tandang Hulya kaya kahit magaling kumanta (like the case of Catriona) waley pa rin! or magaling sa QnA (like the case of Michelle & Tracy) waley pa rin!

    For Supra, ayaw nila ng aral na aral ang pasarela. Mga protege ng AQ is close to perfection ang mga pasarela such that kailangan pang i-unlearn yung ibang tricks just like the case of Chanel Olive! So, swak na swak si Ingrid diyan!

    For RHA, eversince sumali si Gabriela Ortega sa Binibini at nabalitaan kong may kapatid pala siya na beauty queen din, hindi na ko nag-dalawa isip pa na she is the right choice, kahit balikan niyo pa comment ko dito!

    • Would you say the Far East is due for a Blue Crown?

      The last time as Asian won was in 2017 – Manushi Chillar.

      2018 – Mexico
      2019 – Jamaica
      2020~2021 – Poland

      Kasi, kung lagi’ng rigged ang MW at iniikot lang ang korona to grow the market, why not us? Never mind 2016 in that na-vindicate naman ‘yun’g tao sa rival pageant at na-karma daw ‘yun’g nanalo (referring to the fiasco involving bounced check & public funds of her country’s hosting last year).

      At kung ‘di tayo OK sa ASEAN neighbors, would, say, (South) Korea or Japan be acceptable? I think neither has… And the former hasn’t even won M_, 1st Runner-up being its best so far. If Julia Morley will crown China & India, why not these two, kung prestige lang ang pag-uusapan? I hope I don’t sound like I’m picking a fight. I’m just terribly curious. Do enlighten this pathetic mind, po>

  19. I believe when the candidates heeded the call for “Exceptionally Empowered Woman”, they enlisted on the conviction that there is something in them that is above ordinary. The locus of empowerment, and in varying degrees, can only be physique, intellect and character. Each candidate joined to validate or revalidate (if she is a veteran) her worth against MWP’s yardstick of “Exceptionally Empowered Woman”. Since no one knows the criteria for judging, no one can tell the competitive edge of one over the other. I just wish everyone the best of luck.

  20. My final choices:

    World: Montenegro
    Eco International: Gigante
    RHA: Ortega
    Supranational: Felizarta
    Eco Teen: Mc Lelland
    First runner up: Sta Maria
    2nd runner up: Furniol

    • Serge salamat sa tiwala at suporta kay Justine Felizarta. Magandang hapon sa iyo.

  21. It looks like Ingrid Santamaria is not very much of a favorite … but I think she will wear a crown

    Felizarta ! Gigante ! Santamaria !

    ok if Ortega can speak Spanish and can project on stage like a Latina , she can be ReinaHispanica

    Thosse are my four main crowns. For Eco Teen , I don’t really care who it is going to be.

    *Dizon should join MUP soon , or if she is eligible, she should be Eco Teen !

  22. Halos 5 hours na naman ang coronation night na ito, kaya nood na lang ako ng mga video clips sa YouTube next day para di puyat. Good luck girls!

  23. Justine Felizarta for Miss Supranational! She deserves a title on her last year in pageantry.

    Good morning to all.

    • Justine would have to really dazzle on June 5 to clinch a crown. At this point, she seems to be unable to sustain an upward trajectory in her overall performance. The danger behind the psychology of “awarding” certain veterans with crowns is that they may ultimately be given a crown and fail to perform in the international stage. Being a veteran has both an upside and a downside. The upside is that a veteran most probably has mastered her body and her techniques to deliver an acceptable and respectable performance. The downside is, with the exception of the likes of Pia and Catriona, veterans have a tendency to give a lackluster performance in the international stage (e.g. Emma Tiglao in Miss Intercontinental, Katarina Rodriguez in World, Mariel De Leon in International). The challenge for Justine is how to come across as fresh. The same goes with Gigante. She comes across as someone who is not deeply invested in this competition. Perhaps it is her age and experience that makes her sink in a sea of eager and brigth-eyed pageant newbies

      Bottomline: if Felizarta and Gigante fail to dazzle on finals night, I suggest that the organization not give them crowns just because they have a strong following. In a fair fight, crowns MUST only be given to the girls who deserve them the most come competition night. No preferential treatment, no favoritism. Crown the girls who dazzle and sparkle. You will never ever go wrong with bright-eyed girls who oftentimes prove to have enough room for further growth.

    • I hope and pray Justine will dazzle everyone in the finals. Good luck Justine!

      • P’re, ang basa ko sa comment ni Golden Mean, BAKA may attitude issue/s… kina ‘veterans’.

        Bear in mind, nagiging artistahin ang mga queens ni Mr. ALV. Ssen Marquez (sorry, ‘di ko kilala asawa niya), MMarquezD, Thomalla, Banks, & Senoron come to mind. Even Pangindian & Pajares had bit roles in a recent offering on channel 7. Malamang ‘eto’ng mga picks ni Blogger, kumbaga ay pasado na sa Management. May mga show business project contracts nang nakaabang!

        (Also telling are those who are NOT at all mentioned, kahit in passing. Guess who?)

        Magic question is – sino gusto mo makatambal? Mention someone from another network & it’s ‘game over’ for you. Ganyan ang galawan sa buhay-buhay.

        Greets to Bb.- Padada, Davao del Sur! No shortage of support, & from all directions.

      • Kumare may future din sa showbiz si Justine. Pwedeng maging TV talk show host, newsreader or supporting actress.

        Bagay si Justine kay Zanjoe Marudo at iba pang matatangkad at morenong aktor.

        Salamat sa suporta kumare. Nasaan ka ba noong campaign period? Tumakbo ka ba either sa Bohol or Ilocos? LOL!

        Mis ya a lot. Magandang hapon.

      • ‘Uy! Dili… Kinampanya ko lang ‘yun’g Mayor namin dito… Na-re-elect naman, thank goodness.

        Tropa kasi ‘yun’g Mayor namin’g ‘yun. Malay natin, ‘pag dating ng araw, along Pasig River na siya mag-opisina. 🙂

        Na-bring up mo ‘yan. Naalala ko nu’ng around 2016 ‘ata, MW-Malta (I don’t recall which batch siya) was elected into public office. Ms. Julia Morley expressed pride in her victory in a post that made the rounds of FB then. Si Tracy kaya, mag-politics (like Leren)? She seems to have a pure heart!

      • Pwedeng pasukin ni Tracy ang local politics in 2025 my dear. Mukhang bagay sa kanyang personality and capabilities. Thanks.

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