4 comments on “The Century Tuna Superbods 2022 Media Launch

  1. Why? So are you implying that you can’t be fit if you are effeminate? FYI, It’s a fitness pageant…
    Not a toxic masculinity pageant. 🙃

  2. I can’t with the dude strutting and swaying his hips like he is joining Miss Gay hahahaha😆 Wrong pageant maybe?

  3. Gara ng pailaw! Parang Eurovision… And not so dark that we no longer recognize. Good job!

    OT. Guys, nabili na ‘ata ng Century ang Ligo… Uhhmm, I’m not sure if the entire brand but the sardine cannery in Zamboanga daw. Fyig. Support both brands. In turn, they will sustain their pageantry. But, does that mean we first must verify that the sardine we are buying is from THAT production facility?

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