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  1. Nicole Borromeo is really stunning in her image here, she has a huge potential for MI

    • Impression ko, she looks a lot better in person & in motion. ‘Pag ganya’ng frontal shot, we might fail to realize na baka maganda ang facial profile (side view). I saw a clip of when she competed at Miss Millennial (Philippines, c/o EB). Bear in mind, she won that batch which included McDonnell.

  2. hi peeps I just want to ask if the binibinis 2022 have height padding. ex declared as 5’8 but 5’7 in person? syempre 2022 na baka nagiba na ng system

    • Actually from the organizers’ end, one inch is usually subtracted from the candidate’s height. It is the handler or camp that would add an inch or inch and a half before fielding an applicant.

      • Ergo, obsolete na ang vital stats. Basta swak sa Screening, pasok sa jar! Wala na talaga’ng actual measurements – tape, scale, ruler, etc. – confirmed on-site by an independent auditor, po?

        Kung sa bagay, medyo degrading nga naman. Pero, it also means fans will have loftier expectations. Extending to the international stage, it is getting more difficult to win. Your rhoughts?

        Sir, sabi niyo po kahapon ‘yun’g huli’ng set of Introduction Videos sa MPE 2022. We hope you could make a post about your early favorites. I still hoping Dra. Adee will keep her ‘Mindoro’ sash.

      • Ooww, nauna pa ‘yun’g mga mhin…. Thanks, po, in advance!

        Si #28, po, kapatid ni Bb. 31 (Laguna, the reigning Miss Fit Philippines)? Wow! They must be a tall & beautiful family in their town/city.

        Another sibling tandem in pageantry atm are the Santamaria’s, the girl at MWP & the boy at CTS. When was the first time this has happened (at least here in the country, na brother-sister sabay)?

        MrIPO also holds the Global Phl franchise, pala. And it’s an EmpirePh event. Was the latter sub-contracted? Or, did this new org act as (sub-)licensee, therefore paying TO EmpirePh/Mercator for the right to conduct the search? So, if ‘Davao City’ gets Global he’ll be our male equivalent to McGarry who went to Intercontinental twice.

        This inaugural edition has also turned out to be all-star, with the likes/return of Quezon Province, Leyte, & Iloilo (in addition to the previously mentioned). All the best & maybe you will get to judge!

        I think this is my third time to ask this. How is Bb. 14 (above) related to Kelley, Sir?

      • Oops. FrontRow, pala. I always associate it with MUP/EmpirePh… Pero kasi, ‘yun’g isa ‘ata’ng guy, Mercator model last I heard/checked. And as at MUP, it’s possible a few wards were fielded to pull in numbers.Anyway, thank you ulit, po, at happy new month!

  3. Umm..is Ana’s dress designed to showcase her navel? It is very sexy, to say the least, when you zoom onto it.

    It is as if it is winking at you. 😉

    All the best Ana.

    • She’s 5″11. It won’t be that obvious if you see her whole body. If she’s 5″5 then it’s noticeable

    • I don’t think she’s fat but “pleasantly fluffy.”
      A little toning, alot of cardiovascular sweat and a low carb diet will do the trick.

    • Baka ay big girl lang, like Ortega, Gumabao & Gray. Look at it this way. MI 2023 ang target niya; she’ll have a full year to manage her figure.

      Magkakaalaman ‘yan sa Swim!


  4. My Top 15 in Random Order:




    I feel like may maliligwak na frontrunner sa Magic 6…
    I wonder who? And WHY?

    • Sis, pakiramdam ko naman irrunner-up na naman si Gab Basiano or papasok lang sa first cut.

      • I think depende sa final Q&A..
        I have a feeling, it’s either Budol or Bassiano who would get the hardest questions among the frontrunners while the rest would get polarizing questions.. whoever gives the best answer would enter the Magic 6…

      • You make a distinction between ‘hard’ & ‘polarizing’ questions, Sir.

        For the benefit of those (myself included) utterly bewildered as to how that can be, could you provide an example for each?

        Is it something like this?

        Polarizing : Are you a ‘cat’ or ‘dog’ person?

        Hard : If you could save only a cat or a dog in a flood, which?

        Tama ba?

      • Most polarizing question are hard to answer… But not all hard questions have polarizing answers.

        Hard Question: Any question that is hard to answer. Usually requires either or a mix of analytical thinking, inteligence or simply having street-smarts to answer. Hard to answer but the contestant has a potential to succeed with Flying colors or fail misserably.

        Polarizing questions: Any question that divides people or subject for debate… there is no right answer… best way to answer is to speak about her ideals in relation to the question.. A polarizing question can either be hard or easy to answer but if it’s in a pageant, it is usually a hard question…. its designed to make the contestant lose the competition… It’s usually related to Politics, Economics & Religion.

        Ex. of Hard Questions that could potentialy be polarizing:

        Catriona’s MU Top 5 Question about Marijuana
        Nicole Cordovez’ MGI Top 5 question- US Politics..
        Shamcey’s MU Top 5 question at Miss Universe- Love & Religion..

      • Sa madali’ng salita, if they want you to lose they throw a polarizing question (at you).

        A hard question is a sort of compromise. At least, the candidate can find a way to turn it in her favor. ‘Pag polarizing – like Shamcey’s ‘change your religion for the one you love’ – game over ka kasi sigurado mahahati ang judges’ scores right down the middle!

        OK. Got it, po.

        Well, ibig sabihin niyan, kung sino lang talaga’ng gusto ng org, ‘yun ang mananaig.

        I’ve always wondered about being a judge at a beauty contest. Kasi, kung wala ka’ng alam or hilig sa pageantry at ikaw ‘yun’g naatasan, I imagine heading over to the org bosses & telling them, ‘Oh, sabihin niyo na lang sa akin kung sino’ng tataasan ko ng score. I wouldn’t want to give you a result you don’t want’. I’m not saying such attitude is pervasive. But, we have to admit, may mga tao’ng ganyan… Thank you again!

      • Regardless if a girl is given a polarizing question.. If she still succeeds in giving the best answer possible that would please the audience and the judges then no amount of favoritism could prevent the girl from getting a higher placement….

        Ex. Janine Tugonon’s MU question was meant to be polarizing using the word “Pre-requisite”… and yet she managed to give the best answer that pleased the majority hence her 1st RUp placement.

        Another one is Beatrice Gomez MU Top 5 Question using controversial key words like “mandating” “vaccine” & “covid”… Her answer is actually correct but her use of medical jargons and technical words made her sound high-falutin and incomprihensable to the international audience, and her lack of conviction made her sound unconfident of her answer.

      • Got it! Basta, dapat lagi’ng PANGMALAKASAN. Wala dapat pangamba. That requires self-peace.

        Also if I may add, maganda training natin kasi Nationals pa lang, hard/polarizing na. Hambing natin sa isa pa’ng National na kamakailan’g nag-Finale, na karaniwan’g beaucon questions kadalasan na habang madali sagutin ay kulang sa originality (rote/prepared/cliche responses) at dating (impact).

        But I note how they seem to impinge on our branding by SOUNDING/TALKING like us. Listen to how JaTim & JaBat (Ahtisa x Cyrille!) deliver.

        Pero masabi ko’ng kung i-seseryoso ng MIO ang UN SDG theme nila up to next year (kasi ‘di ba ‘yun’g makoronahan ngayon sa susunod pa’ng taon?), ‘yun’g pambato nila swak (ukol sa stunting).

  5. Anna Lakrini is very gorgeous. Here are my latest picks:

    International: Lakrini
    Grand International: Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Fernandez
    Globe: Mendoza
    First runner up: Borromeo
    2nd runner up: Basiano

    If my prediction comes true, 2022 major titleholders would be the most gorgeous batch in the history of Bb Pilipinas

  6. The faces are too shiny. But nevertheless these girls are gorgeous!

    I do not like Budol’s hair style, it makes her face looks longer.

  7. Some of these beauties have such a grotesque pale skin color that matches the hue of their dresses that it is not natural to look at, at all.

    Is is out of design to celebrate white skin…in the tropical sun-kissed country of the Philippines? Why?


    • I think they were advised to show up (at the event) in light, not dark, color ensemble preferably.

      (Naalala ko tuloy si Dimaranan. Back when the Runway Challenge was in all-black & she got the brief/memo late apparently…)

      Well, maybe simply because the cosmetics sponsor is marketing products intended for casual or day time. Kasi kung pang-formal or evening, yeah mas appropriate nga naman mag-dark hues.

      But your real point was whether or not skin whiteners are tolerated? It’s a cultural thing, isn’t it? In these parts, bronzed skin still connotes ‘not wealthy/sheltered’. But for sure, EB doesn’t mind.

    • Lol most of the fair skinned are naturally fair skinned. Borromeo, Mendoza and Fernandez are naturally maputi 🙄.

      • Madame, si Aduana (Laguna) din! At ang FINA ng kutis, parang porselana.

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