13 comments on “The Shane Tormes Send-Off to Miss Global 2022

  1. Karen Laurrie Mendoza is MI- prototype…ibigay na ang korona dahil inaral niya yang mabuti. Go, go, go Karen!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Pinaayos na ba yung ilong? She looks more beautiful now. Good Luck girl!

  3. She looks like Sam B now
    Pls behave like a queen and not a princess . But be nice .

  4. The last edition of this pageant concluded with a very public scandal — onstage.

    As reported by some of the delegates themselves, Miss Global 2019 (held in January 2020 in Oaxaca, Mexico) ended after the top 11 semifinalists were announced when the president of Miss Global, Van Pham, abruptly announced the winners by his singular decision, without the consent of the judging panel.

    The judges walked out in protest as Miss Czech Republic was declared the ‘winner’.

    It was also reported that same evening Miss Global staff advised the contestants to instantly leave the hotel and head to the nearest airport due to being “not safe” any more.

    LOL, I mean, why is the Philippines even sending a delegate to this low-level pageant, whose organizers not only violated their own rules and principles, but also showed such shameless disrespect to the delegates, the judges and the audience.

    • Oaxaca? ‘Eh, ‘di ba diyan ‘yun’g naging ‘adventure’ last year nu’ng isa’ng formerly MPE 2020 Elemental Court placer? ‘Not safe’ pa… Baka nagustuhan nu’ng local organizer si Czechia, & nag-‘intervene’. ‘Lam mo na…

      Kasi, nag-host na tayo nito. Maayos naman’g nairaos. ‘CJ’ pa nga, ‘ata, pangalan nu’ng rep natin.

      Bali seems not the kind of venue~host to do ‘that’. Peace. And happy trails to Shane & her team!

    • To be fair with the org, all the other editions went well including the one which was held in the Philippines.
      The Mexico edition I believe was just an isolated case and considering the venue, it was a no brainer that something like that came up.

    • Buti na lang mas maganda ang MUP winner natin kesa sa Puteri. Pero shit, ampangit ng MUP staging natin kumpara sa Puteri!

      Grabe ang lighting nila, very modern, may coordination sa tugtog. Tapos ang design ng stage, parang Oscars. Eh, ang MUP, tangna, ang dilim na nga, pangit ang flash background sa LED, tapos basta na lang magawa ang stage. Hahaha! Dami pang nag-perform. ASAP na ASAP!

      Pageant staging:

      MUP – 5/10
      Puteri – 9/10
      MUT – TBA

      Ayoko na mag-comment about Shane Thormes. Baka makapanakit pa ako. Lol.

      That’s all.

  5. I wish her luck. I believe she will place higher in the competetion.

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