11 comments on “MI (Miss International) Live with Hannah Arnold

  1. Who is that guy? Mktg director? The guest of the show is full of finesse, that guy is pambarangay! Pang bombo radio!

  2. you’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard, CATRIONA COPYCAT!

  3. Hannah’s Australian accent isn’t so thick anymore. ❤️

  4. Ready she is and the next Miss International is… Hannah Arnold… Good luck, Hannah 🙂

  5. Tokyo is one hour ahead of Manila, so yeah, if it’s 5 in the afternoon in Manila, it’s 6 in the evening in Tokyo. Japan does not observe DST.

  6. Hindi ba ay same time zone ang Manila at Tokyo? So, why does Stephen say it’s evening where he is & afternoon in the Philippines? Naka-DST na ba ang Japan as early as May?

    Daylight Savings Time.

    (OT. Where’s VVV? Ba’t ‘di na natin nakita nito’ng MUP?)

    • My dear beautiful diwata (I believe) one hour ahead ang Japan sa atin. Tingnan mo (ulit) sa time zone table. Thanks.

      VVV should have moved on to MWP this year. Sayang ang panahon. Or go back muna to New Zealand and join the national preliminaries for MSupra, ME, MGI, etc. She should gain more experiences… for bigger things in pageantry (MU & MW).

      Miss ya my dear.

      • Sinabi niya rin kasi na she would do pageantry but once. Pero ywah, maybe nagustuhan niya so baka magbago isip…

        Thing is, though, The Camp, like A&Q lately, does not seem keen on holding on to wards & put in a vigorous turn-over. Liban na lang kung talaga’ng gusto’ng-gusto ka nila. Let’s, for now, assume she still has her camp’s protection… Otherwise, she’ll have to go Independent & put her own team together, which should not be incredibly difficult given how popular~famous she is (now).

        Another Fil-Kiwi we miss(ed) is Franki Ruseell. Didn’t she screen for this latest BBP edition??!

        (Aaron Beau Davies, of course. But the guy probably has opted to stay put/on in New Zealand.)

        Tulad ni Ingrid Santamaria (VVV was the one who started calling her ‘Ingrid’ instead of ‘Sam’). Is she still with The Camp, now that she’s slugging it out at MWP? Didn’t they say they only cater to MUP/MU?

        Telle Abello, another former The Camp, is at CTS now. Remember I said it would be nice if Riana Pangindian would take a shot at a fitness pageant? Puwede rin sa Fit or Bikini Philippines… No?

        Sabi ni Mr. Blogger, ‘yun’g Crystalle Omaga hawig ni Paulina Porizkova. Masasabi mo? Win ba?

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