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  1. there’s not even a definite coronation date yet for Bb 2022 crowns , these pre-pageant activities may last for another two long drowsy months … not good for the fans and the ladies … but good for the sponsors’ cache , I hope they don’t get too greedy …

    • Mayroon na ‘ata’ng Finale date. Go watch again Stephen Diaz’s interview with Hannah, previous post. He mentioned a date…

  2. Karen Laurrie Mendoza is MI- prototype…ibigay na ang korona dahil inaral niya yang mabuti. Go, go, go Karen!!! ❤❤❤

  3. Herlene looks like a “downgraded” (sorry to say) version of Gwendolyn Ruais sa pics. Parang same same din ang hairdo nila during the MW Finals night

  4. My MI is Karen Laurie because I know Chelsea will botch them Q&A . My only advice is smile all the time and look in the eyes of the people you talk to . Have more charisma

  5. My current assessment…

    MI: Borromeo / Mendoza / Tamondong / Fernandez / Bassiano

    MGI: Budol/ Bassiano / Fernandez / Mendoza

    MIC: Mendoza / Bassiano / Fernandez / Lakrini

    MG: Fernandez / Tamondong / Bassiano / Lakrini

    1st RUp: Borromeo/ Tamondong / Lakrini / Bassiano / Payumo

    2nd RUp: Budol / Tamondong / Mendoza / Mackey / Lakrini / Bassiano / Payumo / Lehmann

    TOP 15:



    De Messa

    • Allow me, Sir, to streamline your thought process, po.

      BBP-International 2023 (Yup! A full year to prep, & as Stephen Diaz said we might host) – San Pablo (City), Laguna.

      BBP-Grand 2022 – Angono, Rizal

      BBP-Intercontinental 2022 – Tacloban City

      BBP-(The)Globe 2022 – Bataan

      1st EU – Cebu (Province), & as Spare Tire can sub for any of the above, so MUST be cowgirl! In the event lang naman…
      2nd RU – Pampanga

      Kung ‘di pala lumipat sa A&Q si San Pablo, KF would have swept this edition (based on yours).

  6. Beautiful girl. Ugly attitude. That Chelsea girl didn’t show up for an interview which was part of her duties as outgoing Miss Silka Tacloban 2016. (Incidentally, the 2017 winner was Gab Basiano, beautiful girl with a golden heart). This just proves that girls aiming for a higher crown should check on their manners and attitude coz the past will catch up wuth them

  7. Karen Laurie and Chelsea Fernandez are the prettiest in this batch . I think KAren could win International.. .. but she should be more friendly to the fans in order to deserve it,suplada dating nya
    Tamondong is quite ordinary
    Diana reminds me of Eva P , beautiful but will not us an international crown
    Budol is stunning , now I understand why a lot of people are rooting for her

    • Nicole Borromeo looks weak and puny . She needs to work out

    • Mr. Blogger shares your view that ‘Tacloban City’ is fir for MWP, & went on to say he was surprised why she joined a fitness/bikini pageant right after making the Elemental Court (to Janelle Tee, no?). Surely there’s a weighty reason why she seems to be ‘avoiding’ MWP…?… What you think?

      BUT, as a result she ended up with an organization that is very supportive of its ‘pageant athletes’. And a classy one, too! Despite not placing at BBP, they held a thanksgiving Mass for Shannon Tampon. Now, ‘Caloocan City’ is set to represent us at Miss Elite, concurrently with co-KF sister Tormes (at Global) next month (refer to recent article).

      ‘San Pablo (City), Laguna’, I agree, is styled atm like a ‘subtle-glam’ Miss Vietnam. Look at our ASEAN neighbor’s rep to Supra this year! She was MUVietnam 2021, if I got that right. But here’s the thing. As much as many are convinced that she is good-to-go (to any international assignment), & I agree with them, don’t you feel that, just maybe, we need to pull back a bit? She’s only 19, is currently with A&Q, & is there wisdom in ‘Philippines’ revealing its big guns all too soon/early? Kung i-1st Runner-up siya, OK lang sa ‘yo? Sila Ahtisa at Bella nga, ‘eh, ‘di pa dini-defrost… Maybe like Paweensuda, the second time at Nationals will finally clinch the deal!

      • Tamondong ? I’m not confident with her comm skills
        Same with Chelsea . That’s probably why she lost to Jannelle Tee And that’s also why I chose Karen over her for MI .

  8. Puwede’ng ito na ang Winners’ Circle come July! At ‘walang away ang mga _accla’*.

    * – attributed to JC of SF, to refer to the unifying beauty of one from Negros island back in 2019.

    Pito (7). That’s 4 crowns, 2 Runners-up, & the good-old-reliable ‘tourism’ sash-portfolio.

    The loyal sponsor of BBP had its eyes & ears on the public’s pulse all along. Good for them!

    Too bad for us, (MAYBE), the triumphant reality may turn out very differently. So enjoy this sight, guys!

  9. Dapt next year i level up yung venue. Mag rent sana sa isang hotel ballroom man lang para mas sosy. Nag mukhang Miss Intramurals lang yung stage nila pati venue. May impact pa strobe lights sa ceiling. Sayang yung mga beauties na hindi masyado na i showcase. Overall ang daming magaganda talaga this year sa Bb. Top caliber lahat. Sana i next few days may mga pasabog more about the gotls – their advocacies etc .

  10. Congratulations. They are all deserving.
    At this stage of competetion, here are my latest picks:

    International: Fernandez
    Grand International: Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Lakrini
    Globe: Mendoza
    1st runner up: Borromeo
    2nd runner up: Basiano

      • She is. 5″8. Look at her hosting stint in tv. In when wearing flats matangkad ang sexy ( before walang gym2 yan) it’s her natural sexy body.

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