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  1. Hmm. Mukhang consistent ang Iloilo sa Natcos, from MUP to MWP to BBP.

    • Yeah consistently promotes division by showcasing their extremely flawed religion…

      • Sir, you might just have gotten yourself blacklisted from ever entering Panay Island…

        And ‘yun po’ng comment niyo below regarding the designer of Ingrid Santamaria. Would he be the same one who made her silver 1920’s ‘flapper’ dress for the ‘Manila Carnival Queen’ at the rival national pageant last year? I’m just curious. If I’m right, I get why you reacted that way. Paz!

  2. Ortega (overall impact) , Felizarta (the face ) , Tiquestiques (unique ) …. Santamaria (honorable mention) !

  3. Ano ba yan … Top Three tapos ang dami pa palang criticism.

  4. My Top 3 Costume

    Angel Lattore- Beautiful gown… Would have been more dramatic if the skirt was more of a fishtail serpentina..I would also prefer if she held a fan simillar to her headress instead of a rosary…

    Ingrid Santa Maria… looks most cohesive but I wish theres a more vissible geometric pattern afar and close up.

    Anje Manipol… love the patterns.. I wish the top part has a simillar pattern as the bottom.

    • Ano ba yan … Top Three tapos ang dami pa palang criticism.

      • Actually most of the designs are beautiful… Problem is the concept… sobrang gasgas na with little innovation… A costume should convey a message that is supposed to be inspirational aside from being aesthetically appealing.. Ex. Bulakan, Bulacan’s costume is gorgeous but what message does it convey with her holding a cross? Is she representing the love-childs and the child of rape of the clergy during the Spanish era? Is she representing the hypocrisy of the Catholic church? Is she representing the separation between the church and state in the Philippines that does not exist?

        I would have chosen Ingrid Santa Maria as the best costume if only her designer is not very vocal of his political opinion which IMO is flawed and self-serving in multiple levels.. To her designer, if you are reading this…. Being humanitarian is far different from having economic and geo-political awareness, and having the actual ability to lead a whole nation by having direct economic, political and familial ties with his subordinates. Lucky for her, I’m not a judge.

        I actually love the concept of Balagtas, Bulacan.. Problem is the choices of patterns… they are not as aesthetically appealing as it could have been… but again great concept…

      • @C2F. I disagree with your opinion that there is no separation between the church and state in the Philippines.

      • C2F here trying to sound intelligent but making herself funnier as ever. Nat’l costume should convey a message daw but he/she/it intends to judge based on what he/she/it perceives to be the designer’s political views. Panalo na nga kandidato mo e allergic ka pa rin sa pink? Bitter at harsh pa rin sa supporters ng pink?

        I obviously did not vote for your candidate but I genuinely hope that he would prove me wrong, that he would really be a good leader. And just to be clear, I am not a hardcore political supporter but your comments on pageant posts here are sickening. I also hope na makakuha ka ng magandang position sa governement para makatulong ka sa kanya sa
        geopolitical, economic, at ability to lead mong paulit ulit mong sinasabi.

        FB and Tiktok already have so much toxicity about politics and post-election dramas. Wag na sana dito–a blog which some, including me, consider to be stress reliever.

      • @Serge

        Well your cognitive dissonance amuses me… FYI, The Philippines is an Oligarchy…and a huge hunk of those oligarchs is the Catholic Church… The Biggest investor of Major Corporations, conglomerates and public utilities in the Philippines is the Catholic Church.. Ex. CBCP alone has more than 100B invested at the Philippine Stock exchange. Not to mention, the Cojuangcos and Zobel de Ayalas rised to power by being the Catholic Church’s fund managers and bussiness puppets. And best of all… Majority of our current Political Figures are descended from prayles… including Aquinos, Romualdez, Hontiveros, Lopez, Alvarez, Diokno, etc..


        I don’t really care much about what you think of me but I am trying my best to do so since you entertain me as well.. You are welcome 🤣🤣🤣

      • @C2F. The topic is about separation of church and state. This is about freedom of religion which is a fundamental right of every Filipino citizen. You mentioned about Catholic Church, being the biggest investor. Why? Is it not allowed? The state does not prohibit the church from investing in a business. You also mentioned about political figures being descendants from prayles. What is the connection to the topic which is about separation of church and state. The church however prohibits priests and nun from running in public office but not their descendants.

  5. Si Lady Justice ang lakas din maka-Lady Gaga!

    World Peace!

  6. I like the Lady Justice costume. Very edgy, modern with classic twist. But overall, the quality of the costumes continue to impress me.

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