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  1. “Beauties for Sustainable Development”, the new mantra of Miss International, is not per se a radical departure from its decades-old slogan about “World Peace”. There is a symbiotic relationship between peace and development: peace cannot be attained without development and vice versa. Sustained economic, social and environmental development is necessary for durable peace. With this advocacy partnership with the United Nations, MI just brilliantly replaced the trite word “peace” with a more energetic action-oriented word “development”. I am curious to see how this will play out in the evolution of a new MI brand imagery. Central to this would certainly be the optics projected by its chosen spokesperson and image model.

  2. I sometimes wish Madame Stella Araneta would run Miss International instead 💐

  3. My Miss International 60th top 5 would be below and my Miss International is Miss Ecuador.

    Miss Ecuador – Miss International
    Miss Ukraine – 1st runner-up
    Miss France – 2nd runner-up
    Miss Dominican Republic – 3rd runner-up
    Miss Philippines — 4th runner-up

    • P’re, ‘di mo type si Corinne Stelakis (USA)?

      It’s been a while since USA won MI.

      Pero, sige. It’s a STRONG selection! And if Ukraine pulls off the upset, very timely. It’s also been a while since a European won.

    • @River Robles, I wonder if you considered the new and very important factor in this year’s MI equation– the candidates’ involvement in SDG initiatives. MI’s newly launched campaign, Beauties for SDGs, need a very credible spokesperson to drive its international advocacy.

      Having said this, I am anxious to see the impact of this MI development on BPCI’s stance about branding possibilities.

      • Sir, it’s listed as a charitable organization. What can you suggest?

        Ako lang naman, ang nagustuhan ko’ng ginawa nila noon was when the candidates spent time with soldiers recuperating at the AFP Medical Center. Another was that day activity at PAWS.

        Pero siguro naman, the Araneta Group will already have something along the lines of SDG’s, kahit man lang sa CSR.

        (‘Ay, speaking of. ‘Yun’g isa’ng national pageant diyan na sabi will undertake something with Save The Children, anyare na po? Nag-ZOOM pa’ng kasama si Liza Soberano (spokesperson of STC?).

      • @Grand Port, BPCI as a charitable institution should all the more have community outreaches to define its the brand imagery. There are so many impact areas in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. I believe the best charity act is not dole-outs but community empowerment initiatives.

  4. Hannah has the longest preparations of all. The pressure is on her shoulders now because pageant lovers are expecting for our 7th MI. Good luck Hannah!

  5. Segurado na ba na siya ang ipapadala?

    Paano yung kokoronahang Binibining Pilipinas International for this year? Kelan siya lalaban? Reserve for next year? And if next year comes, magkokorona ba sila ulit ng isa pa reserve for the following year?

    Hannah confirmed na ipapasa na niya yung corona for this year!

    Gray area for BPCI! I hope they clear the issue as early as this year’s pageant para hindi na maging domino effect!

  6. Hannah, grows prettier by the day. 🌸 🌸 🌸

    She’s ready to become the next MI ambassador. ❤️

  7. if this gets postponed again … very very sorry for Hannah

  8. I wish Hannah the best of luck. Hannah has what it takes to be the next MI

  9. After a two-year hiatus, MI is coming back with a bang—an advocacy in partnership with the United Nations no less! In what is obviously the beginnings of a branded pageantry, MI’s Beauties for SGDs seem to be a radical eparture from the usual optics with its queen as soft-spoken, prim and proper, demure. In its initial pronouncement this early May, MI stressed: “Prior to the arrival of all the delegates, we will make sure that each one has been taking part in various activities that promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals… Miss International’s humble way to utilize our national titleholders’ influence in spreading awareness, as well as actively taking part in SDGs initiatives in their own country or region.”

    What does this require of Hannah’s preparation? Certainly not just wardrobe, fitness regimen, styling, and pasarela. She has to be engaged in a community project related to sustainable development—poverty allevition, environmental protection, etcetera.

    • * “SDGs”, not “SGDs”;
      ** “…radical departure…”, not “… radical epartute…”

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