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  1. This is actually more like beauty (or fashion) photography. These are beauty shots. Glam/glamour shots are heightened with much more sensual elements, with limited props or backdrops. This is closer to a beauty or fashion shoot.

  2. Roberta Tamondong reminds me of Lalaine Edson. MIP 1999 (who became MWP after Miriam assumed the MUP title)

  3. Ang galing ng glam shots! Ang gaganda nilang lahat. At nagawa pang magkamukha sina Karen Laurie Mendoza at si hipon girl.

  4. First and foremost, I’d like to give kudos to the BPCI for coming up with this glam shot concept. It is very well executed (well done Raymond Saldaña), making BbP still the old classy pageant in the land. BPCI is doing their thing the natural way without trying hard to outdo the MUPO’s success in staging the very recent MUP pageant.

    How I wish the BPCI’s PR Officer released the photos with names written on each photo of the candidates. O kaya, Tito Norms, kahit nagmagandang loob ka na lang sana na isulat sa iyong blog across each girl’s photo ang name nila, so we won’t end up doing guessing game.

    At any rate, it seems the girls gave a calmly demeanor during the photoshoot, hence the glossy aura radiating. However, I’d give commendation to the three girls in this order:

    1. The girl on the left topmost portion. She is giving me the Vogue look a la Christy Turlington and, locally, the Abby Arenas aura. Very expensive and sophisticated, indeed.

    2. Karen Laurie Mendoza. She is effortlessly beautiful and photogenic.

    3. Roberta Tamondong. If she only stared on her right, she would then reincarnate The Deborah Sun of the 80s.

    On Graciella Lehmann. Her facial transformation is very monumental in local pageantry because she is deemed reborn. But, what appalls me is her resemblance to the trans singer named Jimmy Marquez minus the big hair. Was her surgery done with Jimmy Marquez’s face on the doctors’ mind?

    That’s all.

    • @ AWL, #1 is Stacy Gabriel. I’m not a big fan (considering there’s soooo many deserving girls but your assessment here was on point. She’s gorgeous!

      • I think she doesn’t have a support group who can boost her chances in Binibini. Searching her on social media, I find no photo matches thereon.

        That’s all.

  5. OMG , daming maganda facially, at least in these photos. Unfortunately there are no names so I can pinpoint the many pretty faces. I wonder though how much of the shots are photoshopped. There is really such a thing as “glam shot vs. reality”.

    The hair accessory was I think, tacky and unnecessary and it just created a distraction from their pretty faces. Sometimes, these stylists really don’t know when to stop. It seems their mantra is “more is more!” Lol.

    World Peace.

    • I love the accessories. Done right. Weird taste you have there.

    • “I wonder though how much of the shots are photoshopped.” I’m wondering, too. (wala na aqng maaninag na pores sa mga mukha nila dahil parang over altered and stretched na yung mga pics). Although we can agree that this batch is extremely competitive and right up there when it comes to the quality (beauty) of the girls. Pero bigyan naman ng maski isa o dalawang pimples man lang!

      • IKR, Anonymous.

        First off, madami naman talaga maganda facially from this batch. So this post is not to bash,

        But if we will just use the above photo of the Budol girl (whose regular / normal face , we are all familiar with), e wag na tayo mag lokohan, photoshopped / enhancements were obviously applied to all the photos. Case in point,

        > Amazingly thinner faces.
        > No pores at all! Or nary a wrinkle (that is normal for anyone smiling). Parang mga manyika. Ang ki-kinis,
        > Look at their slender noses, pare-pareho halos. What sorcery is this? Lol.

        Temper the photoshop please. Those are pretty faces already.

        This reminds me of the giant Negastar billboard for Marie France several years ago along Guadalupe, EDSA. An amazingly thinner (with waistline to boot) Sharon was displayed when they have forgotten that we see Negastar every Sunday in her show looking like a ….blimp. Lol.

        (The billboard was taken down after one week. Lol. Some truth in advertising policy ek ek).

        World Peace.

      • Thomas na member ng #TeamAhasAndKweens and #TeamEvilMamaJ, inggit pikit! Palibhasa dami na utang ni Mama J. Hahahahaha

      • Dear TB (as in Tuberculosis),

        Naku.. far from it. I have no affiliation at all. I am not even aware who belongs to what team. I bash anyone who offends my sensibilities. I am an equal opportunity basher. Lol.

        If you recall, I usually refer to Jonas Gafud as Jonas Ganid or Jonas Gafang. And I have always wondered why he/she/it is always wearing that Farrah Fawcett sunglasses. Lol.

        I’ve also wondered several times why Aces and Queens included Katrina Velarde to be a member of their team, and then I realized it was RS Francisco. Lol. (They may have gone to the same plastic surgery).

        The glamour photos of Bb. Pilipinas is way better than MWPhilippines’. Masyado lang “makinis” at halatang photoshopped.

        World Peace.

      • Thomas, nag-judge ka na na photoshopped pero di man lang pinanood augmented reality na paandar. Nakakasuka ka.

  6. Lovely!

    The girls look so happy and proud of their photos during the reveal!




    • ‘Kow, P’re! H’wag ka’ng magkakamali’ng magawi sa banda roon… Uhm. The Cambodian Embassy in the Philippines might have locked in on your e-mail & connectivity details.

      Back in 2020, many of us swooned over the French-speaking rep of Cambodia at MU. There’s was a modest production by our standards but it was nonetheless well-sponsored & glitzy.

      Katatapos lang ng SEA Games. LAHAT may maiuuwi’ng medalya; wala’ng uuwi’ng luhaan/empty-handed. Don’t needlessly~recklessly antagonize neighbors. If something happens to you, they’ll be the first ones to call for help, if not come to assist.

      • Let’s say that properly. They are SOCIALIST.

        (And never mind the whole Khmer Rouge discussion. That’s very tricky tight rope to traverse.)

        I’m not keen on hating Cambodia simply because they probably receive ample support from China & Russia. That’s their business. We have no quarrel with Phnom Penh, last I/we checked. And there are a few of our countrymen & women who have worked there as English tutors & have nothing but kind words for their hosts/employers.

        But I repeat my call~request. CHINA, PLEASE WIN MU ALREADY. Kayo na lang hinihintay! Do this & your global domination will be otter.

      • I am obviously not hating on Cambodia. You are claiming they are among the ones to assist first. But I countered they are left leaning. Thus, they will side with China/Russia on issues affecting us.

      • I rated (you) up. You’tr absolutely right! It’s expected. For them to do otherwise would be odd.

        Te’ muna. Commercial break…

        Papugay sa mga (bao’ng) lodi ng Philippines pageantry – RS & OS!

        OK. Now, resume hostilities…

        How apt that among the first countries to greet our new Prez are ‘kinda-against-China’, namely Japan, India, Korea (because of their friend up North), & USA of course. Politics, indeed.

        That ‘issue concerning us’ is the WPS~SCS thing, no? What can we do? Valid arguments have been raised against us. Moral of the lesson : marami pa tayo’ng bigas na kakainin, ‘di pa natin mastered ang fine art at agham ng pag-saing. Buti na lang we have friends to guide us, like the four just mentioned, like a compass to help navigate our fleet through choppy waters.

  8. Yan ang glam shots. Glamorous abd captivating in every sense of the word. Hindi tinipid in all aspects. Yung glam team top notch names in fashion styling. Im just hoping tuloy tuloy na mga pasabog sa Bb. Ngayon kasi medyo sporadic yung mga activities nila and that kinda takes the attention and interest of some pageant fans away from still the most prestigious pageant in Philandia.

  9. I think Patricia Ann Tan should smile more often. I like her beauty a lot.

    • Nasa watch out list ko si Patricia Tan (along with Jasmine Omay) since the beginning. Ang dami kasing front runners! I’ve yet to include the two, for now.

      She reminds me of a much better version of Patricia Babista. Her eyes are captivating!

      Yes, she should smile more often. That being said, she looks “sad” here. Chelsea wasn’t smiling either but I can feel that she’s “happy.” I don’t know how to explain.

      • Add ko lang pala…

        I’m wondering kung bakit hindi nakasama si Patricia Tan sa original 38. She was just added, along with Joanna Rabe, when Francesca, Iman, and Gwen backed out. So the question is, what was she lacking? Naungusan pa talaga sya ni Hipon Girl?

  10. This is what you call glam shots! Lahat or almost lahat ay magagandang tingnan. I can’t recognize Hipon girl… ang ganda nya!!!

  11. I think Roberta Tamondong has a lot of potential, but for someone so young, she looks older than many candidates. Since BBP started, she tends to look a bit overdone. I hope they keep her looking as young and fresh as she did when she first competed internationally.

    There are many excellent candidates this year, but my favorite is still Anne De Mesa. Hopefully she delivers a stronger performance than in MWP. I find her very beautiful.

    • I agree with you about Anne De Mesa! I should add (as mentioned above) Patricia Tan and Jasmine Omay. Wala pa sa front runner status but bubbling up.

  12. Attention MWP ganito ang glam shots… kung bakit kasi naman lahat ng magaganda dito napunta at sabay sabay pa

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