4 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2022 Head to Head Challenge

  1. Tracy ace this round at Miss World pero waley pa rin nangyari!

    In as much as I would like to get excited for these girls madi-disappoint lang ako if anyone of them did well internationally tapos wala pa rin nangyari!

    Nevertheless, kahit na suntok sa buwan, good luck pa rin sa kanila!

  2. Congratulations. Montenegro and Gigante are poised to place in the finals.

  3. Fan of the Morena beauty Maria Gigante even during her Bb days. She deserves a national title or a high placement.

    Not a fan of MW with Julia M. still at the reigns.

  4. Promising set of girls. Very well-spoken and truly charming.

    The thing about Filipinas is that they become more beautiful as you hear them speak. The charm of the Filipina lies in her ability to speak her truth with grace and charm.

    World – Subijano / Ortega / Chan
    Supra – Felizarta / Esparrago / Santamaria
    RHA – Ortega / Mclelland / Black
    Eco – Fournioul / Kristensen / Dizon

    Runners up – Manuel / Gigante / Tiquestiques / Pacis

    -Felizarta may fail to bag a crown if she is unable to come across as warm and genuine in her Q&A. For her to win, it will take more than just her fluency in the language. She needs to come across as warm and substantive.
    -Ortega’s strength is her charm and charisma. She can win any of the four crowns because of her undeniable charisma.
    -Chan is a very strong candidate. She should be careful not to come across as too cerebral. Having relatability and charisma will land her either of the top two crowns.
    -Subijano is well-spoken but has a timid quality to her that could cost her the top crown. She would need energy, charisma, and sincerity in the finals to have a shot at the top crown.
    -Santamaria comes across as distant and cold. She may be beautiful and classy but having warmth would make her bag a crown.
    -Black is the dark horse in this batch. If she plays her cards well, she can fight her way to the top.

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