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  1. These are very beautiful swimsuits. I’ll take this for my inspiration if it’s ok

  2. @AWL on “walang super stunning” MW candidates, and @Grand Port on why Carol Veronilla did not make the cut to BBP– my devaluated one-centavo worth of thoughts:

    @AWL, depending on what “super stunning” means, please note that MWP launched this year’s search with a new tagline “Exceptionally Empowered Filipina”. In fairness to all candidates, each one joined with the belief that there is something exceptionally empowering in them– and it is not necessarily jaw-dropping body nor ravishing face.

    @Grand Port, Carol Veronilla tried to enlist in a pageant where the prime consideration is physical beauty (especially height). Her misfortune is that the shortlisting ended before MI, BPCI’s chief franchisor, announced its Beauties for Sustainable Development advocacy. As Miss Sustainable Development herself, with a sterling career in NGO work in rural communities, she should have been a good candidate for MI.

    • @ scorg If I may add to @ AWL’s ‘concerns’, at the risk of inflaming sentiments, ang gusto talaga kasi ng karamihan matuloy ‘yun’g ‘all-star’ edition with the likes of Ahtisa, Bella, Steffi, maybe even Patch… Especially in the case of ‘Cebu Province’, kasi nga she’s tying the knot by year’s end. ‘Eto’ng mga bata’ng ‘to ‘yun’g inaasahan sana na MAGANDA’NG LABANAN, so much that one of us here went as far as to say na ‘very brave’ daw si Mr. ALV to invite Chanique Eabe & Katrina Bielawska to the finale, considering this batch is ‘not pretty enough, not that caliber facially’.to them.

      As a rejoinder to what I’ve been blabbering below, let’s just keep in mind na hawak ng kampo’ng ‘yan ‘yun’g tatlo diyan at barring non-pageant life commitments they will have the final say kung kailan isasabak ulit sila. Just like how they’ve divided their ‘2022 collection’ among the three big nationals – MUP, MWP, & BBP.

      In life, maybe we won’t always get what we wish for so we will simply have to be grateful for what is provided, what is here & now. That being said, we submit to @ AWL’s expertise & track record here in the blog. And for yourself, do continue to give inspiration & encouragement to the ladies!

      • Flor ,it’s the audience turn out I’m worried abt . I think a smaller venue would be more prudent

      • Point taken. That had bigger names been fielded, then the spacious venue would be worth their expense. Ergo by extension of argument, this crop of ladies won’t be able to bring in the numbers. Though that still needs to be verified on 5 June.

        MWPO would have wisely taken that possibility into consideration. Let’s be confident~hopeful hindi sila malulugi this year/time. Kasi last year, kita naman natin na nadiskaril sila ng pandemya. Not even the World Final in Puerto Rico was spared! That being said, who wishes to help, will be much appreciated. By buying tickets to see the Show.

        It’s also important to encourage~complement their sponsors by giving more business. Kaya, mag-check-in na sa mga Megaworld hotels at resorts habang puwede pa (kasi mag sub-variant, A.4, & we should know better by now than to take things lightly as far as this virus is concerned).

        We want to see the longevity of pageant organizations. A few have come & gone. Those we care about, they will only survive with fans’ active engagement. And with the traffic we generate for this & similar virtual spaces, we contribute towards that continuity. Makikita ng wordpress ang kahangalan natin, which excites their advertisers, in turn Tito Norman can earn more from blogging, which ultimately translates to a more vibrant & financially-rewarding industry~activity.

  3. I really love Patricia Dizon. I hope she gets Supra.

    Maria Gigante giving that Priyanka Chopra vibe… send this girl to RHA!

    Sad to say that none of the girls strike me as good as Cat or Megan when they were competing for the MWP title.

  4. sorry, pero pang Miss International Queen talaga ang vibe ni subijano montenegro…

  5. I am not sure how many crowns are at stake but these must definitely get crowns:


  6. Makati looks like Cat in the pic but we all know she doesn’t look like Cat
    Manila Cebu Las Pinas and Angeles City look great .
    I am scared of how the show will turn out at MOA considering the quality of the girls . I think the owner is very brave to invite the international queens and org owners .

  7. Ibinaba ko na ang taste ko this time, pero mukha talagang thank-you ladies ang mga candidates this year. Parang Gilrhea Quinzon level lahat. Walang super stunning! Next year na lang ako aabang talaga. Sorry.

    That’s all.

  8. Negros Occidental, Davao del Norte, Baliwag, Bulacan, and Quezon Province are standouts

  9. Angeles City is not really competing in the right pageant . She must join MUP & she will do really well !
    ( Patricia Dizon ! )

    • Totally agree! She is fit for MUP but maybe that is her gameplan. If she joined this year’s MUP edition she probably will not win since the buzz and attention is locked already in 5 pageant veterans but lets see her in 2-3 years when she competes in MUP. I bet she will win big in MWP and will also win in the international stage.

  10. Guys, may ‘Natazha Vea Bautista’ right now in a national pageant, ‘di ko lang sure kung BBP or here, MWP.

    Siya ba ‘yun’g Runner-up kay Annabelle McDonnell sa Miss Kuyamis 2021?

    • Kaya ko lamg naman natanong kasi ayon noon sa Blogger, that organization would field their Top 5 to major national contests. Annabelle went to MUP…

      May ‘Misamis Oriental’ kasi dito.

      Kasi nga, ‘di ba hindi pumasa for whatever reason sa BBP si Caroline Veronilla (MUP-MisOr 2020). So, naalala ko ‘to’ng Natazha Vea, the name sounds familiar… Anyway, good Sunday AM to all!

    • Yes, Vea was 4th Runner Up to Annabelle in Miss Kuyamis 2022. She also happens to be the baby sister of former Miss Philippines Fire Nellza Bautista.

      • Mr. Blogger, I recall nu’ng una’ng salang ni Paola Madarieta Ortega sa Nationals (MUP 2020), she was with A&Q. Now, if we recall correctly when you revealed that camp’s bets for MWP 2022, she WASN’T included. There were the likes of Black, Teng, & Joaquin (first names beginning with ‘A’ so just for me it was easier to remember the surnames); you even said na kung hahabol si Chella, she would be the tenth. So, siyam (9) ang manok nila ngayon.

        INDEPENDENT NA SI ORTEGA, po? Or, did she transfer to another camp?

        Ang bilis naman ng turnover sa A&Q. Kahit si Bb.32 (Batangas Province?), na nu’ng nagsimula sa MWP ay A&Q ngayon ay TCI.

        So, tulad nito’ng panawagan nu’ng dalawa’ng reader sa taas na mag-MUP si #14 (Angeles City), DOES THAT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN BY THEN HINDI NA RIN SIYA A&Q? TALAGA’NG ANNUALLY NA LANG ANG MENTORSHIP NINA MR. DIAZ? After that, sayonara na? Why, po?

        Kasi, compare natin sa KF na parang pamilya ang samahan. Is this because of demand, meaning marami ang gusto magpa-train sa A&Q kaya thay have little choice but to hasten turnover?

      • Oh, I am mistaken in Paula’s case. My apologies.

        Pero, tulad niyan. Apparently, ang na-retain thus far in the last few years are Paula, Hannah, & Pauline (Amelinckx). My gosh, even Michelle Dee & Karen Laurrie left…

        So, it would appear that based on what has been featured here in your blog, a handful of key wards are retained. And the rest are pretty much free to leave~transfer after ‘basic training’… Well, they must have a set of criteria. In any case, how lucky the select few who can stay on! Thank you, po.

    • And she retained her sash from MUP – Marinduque.

      I’m not sure kung teenager pa rin siya. As she has already competed at a teen pageant on the international stage, I say she now go for the Senior level race. We know she can talk. Maybe Dr. Rezk will like her? She’d make a stellar successor to Paton!

      But returning to this Challenge, as a whole it’s dynamite. KUMU should take this as a revenue-generating opportunity. Subscribers can buy a calendar where they have a choice of any 12, as really it feels a lot like that impromptu swim wear showdown in MUP two years ago. Scorching!

      • ‘Ay, hindi ko pala gusto ‘yun’g hair extensions… Panira! 😦

        Anyway, Swim naman, OK na kahit slicked back.

        5 June sila, no? Two weeks na lang. No intent to be a killjoy or to preempt, but it may be wise to ‘lock in’ soon. Although the pandemic seems well behind us now, may nabalita’ng increase in case numbers recently & memories of the last-minute postponement of the Finale last year remain fresh. All it would take is a swab taste, then ‘close the borders’.

        Salamat, Blogger! Kailan ba ang ‘traje tipico’ concurzo? Sa Venice ang venue, no? So excited! 🙂

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