31 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines X Disney Princesses X BJ Pascual

  1. Look at the pageant hags here not being able to absorb a creative concept wkwkwkwk

  2. Ang daming ek-ek ng mga kabaklaan dito.
    Wala naman ambag sa gumawa ng mga photos.
    Magaling sa pagpintas, pero sila mismo, mga mukhang arinolang butas.
    Hay naku. Mawawala pagka virgin ko sa inyo!

  3. The diversity of Filipina beauty is in full display here. Great concept of a shoot.

    • CONTRABIDA ang Peg!
      Dagdagan mo pa tattoos sa crotch nya…yuck!
      Pokpok ang dating!
      NEVER liked her either.

  4. Celeste is a very beautiful woman.
    Makeup team made her look like an old socialite artista who enjoys cockfighting in the photo 😞

  5. Hindi ako fan ni Bea pero super ganda niya rito. Lutang na lutang ang kagandahang full-blooded Pinay! Check out the other photos sa IG ni BJ. Super ganda ni Bea!

  6. Rabiya still lacks sophistication. .
    Celeste looks gaunt
    Bea is super !

  7. Rabiya wins in both the group and solos.
    She looks like a sexy goddess in a dreamy fairy tale in her solo pic.
    Bea is beautiful in her solo as well.
    The concept does not fit Celeste’s beauty.

  8. Here I am again offering a different opinion. I find the concept / photos cheap looking, gaudy and contrived. Baklang-bakla ang concept, ang posing, ang attire. Sabagay, with a photographer named BJ, what can you expect. Lol.

    But if I have to choose who among the three looks beautiful and “natural” (since the photos are obviously photoshopped to death, and they are wearing make up so thick you can slice a knife through it), hands down, it woould be Bea.

    I really never got warm with Rabiya’s beauty from day one. Sorry. She looks like a chipmunk with botched veneers and the botched boob job. She will remain to be just a girl wearing a crown, turned vlogger, turned GMA starlet. Yes, I am such a bad person. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Grabe ang likes and dislikes ko…lol. 12 and 24.. exactly one hundred percent more. Parang Robredo – Marcos ang score. Lol.

      World Peace.

  9. Celeste’s solo pic is like an old painting! Small but beautiful face!

    Bea is gorgeous!!!

  10. The overall presentation of Celeste is so so. With her delicate and ethereal beauty, I expected more. Not her fault… The hair and make up… A big injustice was just committed….

    • Only in Celestes individual photo did a good lighting work. Rabiya’s and Bea’s got the poor one.

      Celeste has more time to prepare for the pageant, so I hope Celeste would wow us of her great transformation.

      That’s all.

      • @Ana. If you notice in the group photo, the light is centered on Celeste. I think it was done intentionally. It signifies changing of the guard. Bea and Rabiya had their shares of fame and glory during their reigns. Now is Celeste’s time to shine on international stage.

    • Miss Universe 2022 – how true that it will be held in Paris, France?

  11. Rabiya ‘ s face is gorgeous , as usual …. I do not like the look of Celeste in the top most pic… but the other photos look good

    • Without the nose threadlifts, Rabiyas beauty will be ordinary. She has a low nose bridge before and a big alar.

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