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  1. No matter what, they still have to crown the winners, maski na walang mukhang crown worthy. Inuto pa tayo sa numbering. All the winners will be coming from candidates 13 thru 21. Title/placement na lang ang paglalabanan!

  2. MWP used to be grand and wow nung nasa kamay ni Cory Quirino. May dedicated advocacy pa. Madam Julia naman kasi. You screwed it nung MW 2016. Stained credibility (lutuan and connexions) and strained relationship with Filipino fans, 2021 karma, all for what? Inunesya’s money and Wilnelia? Hahahahahaha.

  3. Unfortunately, this tenebrist style of lighting is unflattering to many of the candidates — for example, Ashley especially starts to look like she might be a he.

  4. Miss Universe Philippines Org has taken a lot of bashings for using Kumu but come to think of it, they are definitely a trendsetter. Pati Shein na inaaway ng mga loyalist, naging sponson ng BBP.

    • Trendsetter or need lang ng MONEY pambayad utang kaya kung anik2x na lang?

  5. Dear Tito Norman,

    Pakisabi po sa MWP organizers na kung PWEDE ulitin nila ang pagsagawa ng MWP candidates’ headshots dahil ang pangit po.

    Pasensya na at maraming salamat.



      • Maraming salamat Tito Norman.

        Please also advise the candidates and their respective teams to watch the make up tutorials of Wappa Moda on YT so that they can transform candidates’ faces into fabulous ones.

        Ang PANGIT at boring ng make up, ng hairstyle at ng photography. Lord!

        Naubos ba pera sa kampanya? He, he, he…

    • Ang level ng quality ng MWP headshots ay pang 3rd class na municipality sa isang 3rd class na province. Not of national standard. Please lang po.

  6. Mga friendship Paul and Grand Port (Flor Tula) namimiss ko na kayo…paramdam naman kayo mga sis. ❤

      • Ok naman sis. I am happy na nagreply ka. Kumusta ka na sis. Sana ay mabuti ang lahat sayo jan. Ingat palagi and God bless!!! ❤

  7. I have nothing against Ashley pero needed ba talaga na iemphasize na Subijano siya para lang may recall. Hindi ba pwedeng Ashley Montenegro lang kagaya ng iba…

  8. Sabi na nga ni @Paul… Huwag nang iPost kung pangit,nakaka sira sa candidates. Agree

    • The three apostles have spoken. John, Paul and Thomas. Lol.

      Speaking of apostles, here is a trivia question for you:
      Bakit wala si Mama Mary sa Last Supper?

      Answer : Sya kasi kumuha ng picture”.). Lol.

      World Peace.

  9. Ang sama ko talaga. Nakatulog ako halfway browsing their headshots. Anyway good luck to all these girls.

  10. I am sorry to say that I agree with most of the comments here. If these headshots already represent the best angle, best shots, best lighting and best photoshopping and filter, then Houston, we have a problem.

    I can only see two to three pretty faces. The rest are mga manas ang fezlak, over made up [as if hiding something], project-galore. I have seen better looking sales ladies of SM Megamall (no offense to the sale ladies. Lol).

    Let us see how things progress. Baka naman pangit lang ang photos.

    World Peace.

  11. Headshots are meant to bring out the facial beauty of people, not hide them. Unfortunately, I think these are pretty badly executed. The faces have silhouette and with dark background and lighting.

  12. Ingrid Santamaria
    Patricia Dizon
    Justine Felizarta
    Paula Ortega
    Maria Gigante

  13. To be honest, I don’t see any standouts on facial beauty… at least with these photos. I think these girls are more beautiful in person. But with these photos, sorry marami ang di kagandahan.

  14. Ashley reminds me of Yvette and not in a good way
    Lots of pretty girls though
    Ingrid has the classiest walk But I think she needs to get a little lighter
    To soften her look

  15. Here are my latest choices :

    World: Montenegro
    Eco International: Furniol
    Eco teen: Bonilla
    RHA: Ortiga
    Supranational: Felizarta
    Tourism: Sta. Maria
    Environment International: Pacis
    First runner up: Bautista
    2nd runner up: Gigante

    • Tiongzon can be Gigante’s, Bautista’s, Pacis’s, or Sta. Maria’s alternate

    • Felizarta? Nung nkita ko presentation nila her facial feature dont scream a crown… her aura projects negative vibe hindi inspiring..

  16. I know it’s just me because many commenters here hype and root for ashley subijano, but everytime I look at her, I seem to see a transwoman. She’s prettier when she was younger.

    • It’s her small forehead in proportion to her nose and mouth… But that can easily be fixed by her stylists so that her face would follow the rule of thirds… I wonder what’s preventing them from doing it?… hmmmm

  17. Very very Slim pickings but my personal choices: #s 13, 18, 20 & 21.

  18. Hmmm parang ang MWP yata ang naging biktima ng pagkakaroon ng napakaraming beauty pageant sa Pilipinas based sa mga candidates nila.
    Isa lang ang maganda dito si Sta. Maria
    Mas marami pang magaganda sa Binibining Pilipinas at MPE.
    Iappoint na lang si Katrina Llegado sa Supranational kasi sayang kesa sa mga ito. Gosh!

  19. Suggestion;

    1) Give MWP back to BbP,

    2) or give it back to Cory Quirino.

    3) the most urgent task is for Julia Morley to give up MWO to someone else.

    It will make MWP so much more sincere to follow.

  20. If it were to be based on headshot alone, only 3 made it to what I consider a winnable Ms. World face: No. 14, No. 20 and No. 34.

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