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  1. Justin Felizarta standing beside Dindi Pajares and the grand-daughter of Martial Law killer-general Fabian Ver, Emmanuelle Vera or Emmanuelle Camcam, shows that she is a standout. I like her styling now. I rally don’t like this straight long hair on Dindi and Emmanuelle’s hair has no volume, looks flat. I like the styling of Tracy Maureen Perez and the 1st Princess Agatha.

    Because they have standrad costumes to wear on this event, the clothes picked for Ashley Subijano suits her and her styling with the forced super long straight hair and the choice of OOTD clothes for the past few days were not the best. Her style team is inconsistent. I hope mom is not meddling. I just wish her hair is styled like this all the time, no hair buns please because her cheeks are prominent and if you have hair in a bun your other buns (the cheek bone) will make your face not proportioned and fat.

    Candidate Number 1, please next time assert yourself not to be photoed beside a palm frond. The disrespect!

    Sam Santamaria, Justine Felizarta are consistent, I love how they are styled and I love they are captured in one photo, just the two of them.

    Patricia Dizon and Gigante are front-runners.

    Paulo Ortega’s face looks different in video and in photos (in a good way), both pleasant to look so she is doing great. I love the idea of a candidate from the Philippines in Reina Hispanoamericana speaking in Spanish, not the rehearsed one ok, however if she plays her cards right she can be the next MWP and if it is still in Puerto Rico (rumours says the next MW will stay in PR), her ability to speak Spanish will be an edge.

  2. At this stage of the competetion: Here are my choices:

    World: Subijano
    Eco international: Furnioul
    Teen Eco: Bonilla
    Tourism: Sta. Maria
    Supranational: Felizarta
    Environment International: Pacis
    RHA: Ortiga
    First runner up: Gigante
    2nd runner up: Chan

  3. Just a footnote though,

    Sinunod na ng MWP last year yung format ng Miss World like integrating Sports Challenge, Head to Head Challenge, etc. pero wala pa ring nangyari!

    At the end of the day, talagang kung sino lang bet ni Julia manalo, yung ang mananaig!

    Kaya come finals night, kung sino na lang talaga ang lulutang na pinaka-gorgeous sa kanilang lahat, siya na lang!

    It’s just a battle between the “beautiful” Ashley Subijano or the “lovely” Ingrid Santamaria,

    I just hope Ingrid’s Team will not repeat the same mistake last year, where they experimented with her look especially the gown! Abot kamay na yung corona but after the Evening Gown, nasayang tuloy!

  4. MWP likes to follow the trend .
    Last yr , it was the Cebuanas , hence Tracy over the more deserving ones . .. though she proved to be a great rep
    This yr , it will be THE TEAM, so Ingrid Sta Maria will likely win MWP . I hope they soften her look a little bit . She often times looks severe

  5. My choice still the same for now,

    Miss World Philippines ——-> Ashley Subijano

    Alternate ———> Ingrid Santamaria

    Miss RHA ——–> Paula Ortega

    Alternate ——–> Ingrid Santamaria

  6. Sam Santamaria stood out, she will be Miss World! Ashley Subijano is just white.

    Felizarta, Gigante, Tiques-tiques and Patricia Dizon are strong. Paulo Ortega must make noise.

    • I do like Ingrid Sam. I’ve loved her since MUPh last year. She was raw, fresh, and looked unassuming. With one extra year under her belt, I can now say she’s a “veteran.” That being said, I’m just not sure that she’s Miss World-class, yet! ***I will choose Felizarta before her.

  7. These are my choices and mya basis are their photos and videos, old and new plus their social media. I ranked my choices with 1 as the top choice and 2 and 3 are 2nd and 3rd options

    Miss World:
    1. Maria Ingrid Sta Maria
    2. Paula Ortega
    3. Patricia Dizon

    Miss Supranational
    1. Justine Felizarta
    2. Maria Gigante
    3. Kim Tiquestiques

    Reina Hispanoamericano
    1. Paula Ortega
    2. Maria Ingrid Sta Maria
    3. Justine Felizarta

    Miss Eco International
    1. Maria Gigante
    2. Beatriz McLelland
    3. Patricia Dizom

    Miss Eco Teen
    1. Beatriz McLelland
    2. Simone Nadine Bornilla

    Miss Environment International
    1. Patricia Dizon
    2. Erika Kristensen

    Miss Multinational
    1. Lady Justerinnie Santos
    2. Carla Manuel

    Miss Tourism
    1. Ashley Subijano Montenegro
    2. Carla Manuel

    1st Princess :
    1. Lady Justerinnie Santos
    2. Ashley Subijano Montenegro

    2nd Princess
    1.Simone Nadine Bornilla
    2. Gwendolyne Fourniol

  8. I think Ashley Subijano could win this…

    But I see now why her beauty is polarizing… Her eyes are a bit small and beady pointing downwards while her eyebrows are naturaly perpendicular… She needs drag make-up to make her eyes look big, fierce but sweet like Linda Evangelista..

    • And sometimes she pushes the envelope when it comes to her styling. If the purpose is to stand out, I would advise “less is more.” She tends to be drag-gy (or queen-ish). Drag queen, for short. She is already a good speaker, from what I’ve seen and heard.

      • I dont mind the high fashion styling.. As long as its well proportioned.. as in the tiny waist, butt and boobs should always be well shaped even if its not the main focus of the ensemble.

    • There was a previous comment, from a previous post (from River), where he noted that Ashley’s styling looked hideous, mala-Cher. I’m now wondering if he meant the real Cher or a drag queen Cher. But either way, I don’t think it was a good peg. I’m reiterating this because I think she can win, with her goods and pedigree.

      • @anonymous

        I agree, I guess wearing high fashion clothes is part of her branding as a top model which I dont mind… IMO, her stylists should also focus on beautiful clothes that accentuate her boobs, waist and butt.. and again the make up should focus on how to make her Eye and brows look bigger and prettier than the rest of her face…and mayb do something to fix or hide her small forehead…. I love her interviews.. she seems very nice and pleasant to work with. I hope she wins.

  9. Justine Felizarta ! !

    Also, Miss Bhutan in Miss Universe 2022 ? Yes , they will debut !
    I hope others will debut too like Miss Moldova , Miss UAE , Miss Qatar , … in South America , there is no possible debuts anymore … some can return after a long absence like Suriname , Fr. Guiean

    • I wish East Timor or Timor Leste will debut and challenge Indonesia, their neighbor who annexed them and gave them hell on Earth.

    • MU news # 2: Miss Paraguay 2021 Nadia is now engaged to Marc Anthony , ex- of Dayanara …

      So, Marc Anthony has been with Nadia , Dayanara …. and J Lo and he is becoming an elderly

  10. Nakakatuwa naman. Di pa yata ready sumalang lahat ng candidates, pinarampa na. Yung later candidates ay nag aayos pa lang, making sure na may cleavage sila 🙂

    • Someone slipped something under her bra or was that a wardrobe malfunction?

    • Yes, I like her here. Her beauty is polarizing,though. Still, sya ang bet ko for the main title.

    • Gusto ko si Alison Black. Maganda tapos into fitness training and ballet.

      Nkaka turn off pa din yong pag break ng isang candidate nang simple COVID rules noon.

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