24 comments on “Century Tuna Superbods #LoveStrong2022 Finalists

  1. #13, in lavender, fits super bod definition. Looks at that super toned body with healthy definition and sun-kissed skin color. She should win

    Next to her, #31, in the red bikini is beautiful but her body needs toning. Love her golden tan.

    However, my personal favorite is #32 in the black swim wear. She is adorable and her body looks huggable. Her healthy thighs and body composition reminds me of “leche flan” with legs.


  2. Good heavens, the two candidates wearing the blue and maroon colored swimwear, please and I mean “please” hit the tanning salon.

    Skin color that “pale” reminds one of not looking healthy but sickly. It just looks horrendously odd and awkward in a swimsuit setting.


  3. Michelle Arceo, strike while the iron is hot! I am just afraid she is not resting. Does it mean she did not qualify for Bb. Pilipinas 2022? That explains why .

  4. Julian Roxas again? Give me a break.

    Is he the only candidate that was part of 2 editions Tito Norman? Was there any other finalist who has joined twice?

  5. The competition is all about Fitness regardless of your gender, race, age, height, gender expression, sexual prefferences, etc. .. So I don’t understand why some of you are shaming or making fun of whatever that makes then unique… Kudos to all the contestants for breaking the glass cieling!

  6. Iba talaga kapag matangkad ang lalaki,

    Kahit malayo kitang-kita mo na nag-i-stand out sa crowd!

  7. 5th from the right

    That’s Lourd Ramos right,

    Yung kinasal sa isang Iranian (yata?) na si Mehdi Moussaoui,

    Malayo pa lang alam mo na na bakla! Close yung feet tumayo, hindi nakabukaka! Charot!

  8. I thought Kirk Bondad was screened for Miss World Philippines? What happen?

    • Arnold Vegafria lost his Olongapo City bid to be mayor along with his funds campaigning for JB Saliba and Clau Baretto. Probably there is no Mr World competition, it will just be appontments.

      Either he already got a confirmation that he will be representing us either Mr World 2022 or Mister Supranational to rep the Philippines.

      Mister Supranational is also fast approaching, it is always after Miss Supranatioanl.

  9. CENTURY TUNA SUPERBODS IS GENDER BIASED. Women are wearing bikinis. Men are wearing board shorts. Why? Men shoud wear bikini trunks. Para makita jud ang katag kung kinsay dakug blessings.

    • Sa mga babae dami chaka.

      Sa mga lalaki dami rin chaka at bayot.

      He, he, he…

    • P’re, it’s the American mindset. Surfer dudes & ‘Spring Break’ babes. 🙂

      In Europe, of course, they are much more liberal. Why have any garment at all considering we are bathing? Besides, nakedness is a great equalizer, resulting in ambiguity & unity! Hence, Spiduz (your ‘bikini trunks’) pour homme & even bare breasts pour femme.

      (Although kung body-building concurzo, as much skin is exposed to show the muscle definition. But this is NOT a body-building contest.)

      Also, I think in our relatively still quite conservative culture, mas tanggap ang female pageantry & so the woman in her physical glory on full display is treasured. Guys are expected to cover up more, as it is not desirable that they upstage the ladies. It’s la reyna, not el rey, who owns the pageant stage. He is mere consort, just like at the Santcruzan.

      (‘Di ba nga ayaw na ayaw natin ng lalaki’ng pandak at ‘di nga naman maganda kung mas matangkad pa si gurl tuwing parada…)

      (Or, are we simply collectively guilty of perpetuating toxic masculinity?)

      With regards to the ‘g_y’ thing, this brand seems to be very open-minded, if past participants are any indication. Indeed, fitness-coupled-with-love is never gender-dependent. Sana all, fit & loved.

      • Hello kapatid! alam kong magkokoment ka. Ha, ha, ha… MISS YOU A LOT my DEAR.

        ONE very good thing with YOU is that you explain your side without being pikon and toxic. love ya and thanks so much.

  10. My favorites are:

    Female: Abella and that lady wearing yellow swimsuit
    Male: Bondad and that guy(rightmost) wearing white short pants

  11. My favorites:

    Xandria Bautista
    Lourd Ramos
    Julian Roxas
    Herson Barias(Not Sorias)

    I hope you guys win!❤💚❤💚❤💚

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