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  1. Missy, ripen well in the summer heat of the political way! Master it & any wind will obey you.

    Have always the collective welfare of your constituents in mind; firmament will align in your favor.

    A higher office awaits.

    Your ‘partner-in-crime’ awaits… #LECO, #VIREN.

  2. @Fabian and Chezka.
    Lahat ng posts nya scream ‘Pansinin nyo ako! Reply-an nyo ako! Oh Please!’ It’s very obvious it’s needing attention. It can’t even realized that most of what it says is more suitable to it than us. Mukhang walang ibang pinagkakaabalahan. Achievement nya na talaga to. Suggestion lang, tama na. Don’t give it that satisfaction. Sayang oras. Magshopping na lang kayo ng stocks, nagsisimula nang bumagsak. Ang masama lang baka tuluyang bumagsak at after 6 years pa makabawi. #Saklap. Galingan na lang pag-analyze ng market fluctuation. Kikita pa rin yan.

    For sure magrereply yan dito. And it will say things against us that are more reflective of its character.

    • @ThisIsMe

      LOL So you want me to stay silent when you are saying bullshit about me or the politicians I support?! Are you a dictator?… It’s not my fault that I have the luxury of time and you don’t.. For sometime I actually got bored with this BLOG but recently, thanks to your personal attacks against me because you can’t give a rebuttal that’s related to the original topic- history and politics, I’m actually entertained by your condescending remarks that’s wreaking of desperation to make people think that you are well off and above me… it’s so trying hard… “pilit na ELITE”…. I suggest you try harder cause you are starting to bore me… *kiss kiss*

    • I have said my piece. Tapos na. It is not that I am giving up. What’s the point? Kulang lang talaga sa pansin. And everybody in this blog should have discerned by now na may sayad talaga. She is such a hopeless case. Nalasing na sa ilusyon na magiging spokesgay sya or mabigyan ng mataas na pwesto sa gobyerno nila. I am chilling out here at di na apektado sa nangyayari jan. Afterall, hindi naman ako bumabayad ng taxes jan. Mag ingat lang kayo jan. It will be a tumultuous 6 years, what with the likes of a 3-eyed cyclop supporting that new admin.

      • Wow Chezka… Your bitterness is intense… and again why can’t you tell me directly?… Kailangan talaga magparinig and magpasaring? Is that how people treat you back here in the Philippines kaya ayaw mo na bumalik? 🀣🀣🀣 Ok, I’m entertained again by your loser tactics… Love it! Hahaha 😘😘😘πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  3. Excuse me , C2f , I am gullible ? Your slobbering mouth is on the rear end of someone who is squandering stolen government money on drugs .. and I am the gullible one ??? Excuse me , C2f!!!

    • @Fabian

      Oh please.. where is your proof?.. All you have are mere allegations… If you think you have solid evidences then go ahead… File a case against him… What are you waiting for?

      • Have there been allegations that the other presidentiables are doing drugs ? Of course not as they are not doing drugs . Pls use your common sense! And sue BBM for what ? It’s more of a moral issue than a legal one for me.

      • @Fabian

        There are no allegations against BBM… It’s the opposition and mainstream media who interpreted President Duterte’s words in the wrong context which they have done multiple times before to put him in bad light. President Duterte was obviously reffering to someone else.. It was allegedly a combo of Leni’s Brother-in Law who’s a well known “drug lord” in Naga and Manny Paquiao who’s said to have used it as an analgesic after a fight or to make him appear smarter during an interview… But of course you have no idea about that… you are too blinded by whatever info that the mainstream media spoonfeeds your gullible mind. 😘

      • β€œMalaki tsansa manalo, di ko alam ang fascination sa kanya maliban sa pangalan ?
        Yung tatay magaling , Pero sya ano ang nagawa nya ?
        Nag ko-ccaine lang β€œ
        That’s what Duterte said
        Is there anyone else that fits the bill other than BBM ???
        Leni’s brother in law ??
        OMG ,
        You are either stupid or in denial , your choice !!!

      • Bakit? Hindi ba magaling ang Tatay ni Leni?
        Who knows, maybe president Duterte knows something about Leni that we don’t know… And regardless of that.. PDu30 and BBM are Allies to begin with. It just shows that you have no idea about politics… and Regardless of your opinion, their plan worked cause they won. Get over it! 😘

      • C2f , it’s very clear from what u said you are in total denial I
        All excuses and very very weak at that
        Whenever you get confronted , you rub it in everyone’s face that you are the history and politics expert here
        Excuse me !

      • @Fabian

        Oh please! I’m not here to be besties with anyone… My goal is far different from yours… It’s you guys … yes you!… who started to act condescending about Marcos-Duterte supporters since prior to 2016.. saying he’s not a graduate and now into drugs… this and that.. BUT guess what?!.. it’s actually what made them win so thanks to all of your snobbish self-rightious hypocritical know-it all attitude…. Good Job! Keep Up the Good Work!.. My mission was easily accomplished and me rubbing it on your faces is just a tinee- tiny bonus.. 😘

    • Restrain yourself Fabbie. You are up against a three-eyed cyclop who still can’t see things because she is blinded by her “own” realities. Everything she is saying against others is just a figment of her own wild imagination while praying hosanna to her idol. It is pointless to argue with someone blinded by her own righteousness and false beliefs. Waste of time really. I guess busy ka naman with other things at nakaka ambag ka naman sa lipunan wherever you are. Let’s move forward and pray na hindi mangyari ang greatest fear natin. His father is the culprit sa Sabah issue. What else do you expect from a nitwit son? HEAVEN FORBID!!!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

      • @Chezka

        Oh please!🀣… Are you talking about me or are you talking about yourself? Regardless of all your black propaganda.. MARCOS-DUTERTE won… So just deal with it cause no amount of backfighting shit-talking shady comments from you could change that.. 😘

    • You couldn’t find #143 on your ballot??! Why didn’t you inform the Precinct Authority that you got a potentially altered form, Sir?!!

      Kaya nga pinilit tayo’ng papanoorin LAHAT nu’ng challenge videos. πŸ™‚

      Too late now. But Madame SSL et al still ‘love you’, nonetheless. And our new VP ‘will always…’.

      • @cool brew and Grandport. Partylist groups were listed at the back of the ballot. That is why many voters forgot to vote for Partylist. I almost forgot to vote for Partylist. It’s good that somebody reminded me.

  4. Who wants to be president anyways ?
    I hope BBM stays away from drugs because he has 110 million Filipinos on his shoulders

    • Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g sinabi nu’ng isa’ng former Pangulo on the eve of his own transition of power to his successor.

      It went like, “… even if a (mammal) were elected to Office, the country has enough safeguards in its laws to ensure it would continue functioning…”.

      That former Pangulo was, himself, in the Cabinet of the pater of the incoming…

      The successor? Also fits the mold of the chick boy ‘artista’, unseated in a popular revolt before he could finish his term. I remember the year & the legislative efforts to impeach him, the same year MQ (your favorite) almost became our third MU.

    • @Fabian

      I’m glad you are ok… I was worried you had a stroke or something yesterday… Anyway, dont worry about BBM… The majority has spoken and no amount of black propaganda from gullible people like you could change that.😘

  5. Unfortunately the following pageant industry personalities lost their bids.

    Arnold Vegafria – national director of Miss World Philippines – running as mayor of Olongapo City
    JB Saliba – Mister World Philippines 2019 – running as councilor of Olongapo City
    ARTE Partylist – Shamcey Supsup Lee, Jonas Gaffud, Albert Andrada, Lloyd Peter Lee, Noel Aquino

      • Well ALV can still be Manny Pacquio’s business manager since both of them lost.
        Pacquiao now needs more business from endorsements and fights , if he comes out of retirement.


  6. Congratulations Leren Mae, you need to get a real life experience other than being a beauty queen. Use that seat well.

  7. Congratulation to the 17th President of the Philippines:

    to our new Vice President:

    (I was wondering who would win… Would it be Marcos or Duterte.. It was a very close fight!)

    And to Town Councilor: Leren Mae Magnaye Bautista:
    I see a big future for you in Politics… it’s in your blood… You great ancestors would surely guide you!❀❀❀❀

    I’m so excited for the Philippines to host
    Miss Universe really soon!

    • Goodness. As a neutral spectator Marcos Jr had 30 over 30 million plus votes while Robredo only managed 14.3 million votes? Marcos had more than doubled his rivals count?!

      Sad to say that wasn’t just a landslide victory for Marcos Jr but more than an absolute humiliating loss for Robredo and her supporters.

      No choice but we all accept the results and move on.

      • @ Really

        Yes I know, it was indeed a Landslide Victory…… I’m just being sarcastic cause some of these guys have been bashing me and calling me names. . Calling me a “Troll with an alternative reality”..and Implying that I’m delusional for thinking that I could win against their millions of folowers/supporters…. Truth is their the ones who are delusional.. and upto now, some of these peeps who they claim that they outnumber me in this blog could not handle the results because they are too brainwashed by the mind-conditioning created by mainstream media, the Catholic church and possibly their schools.

    • Congratulations to Marcos but no thanks! Unfortunately for the Philippines, it picked the wrong leaders.

      Why would I respect loyalists who can easily be duped and manipulated like the one above? This is the Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump race of the Philippines, so embarassing. Look at the senators theyve chosen, Robin Padilla is number 1! It’s like watching the Twilight Zone, its as if we are in another dimension.

      I would never vote for Marcos or anyone from his family. People really does not know the history of the Filpino and its just even recent. If this was Romania, the previous dicator and his wife , should not even be exiled they will be killed by firing squad. They should have not been allowed to return. The Filipino are much too forgiving, super gullible and in a national election relies only on name recall, personality and the ability to sing and dance. Let them win today, but the same people who voted for you now will be the same people who would be protesting once they get hungry, more destitute and needed as now.

      Also COMELEC, you have lots of explaining to do with all these technical failures, imagine NEW machines malfunctioned, how were this bought-off? how did they pass? Ypu also did a rehearsal two weeks before the election, what happened, you just kept quiet?

      I already left the Philippines 2 years after Erap came to power and now would be the right time for you, leave the sinking ship before you drown, swimming with sharks and a family of alligators is not a good place to be. Do not let your taxes be used to provide dole-outs to the same people who voted for a dictator’s son, do not let the enablers and the people connected with the Marcoses live with opulence while the others due of poverty. make the Marcoses, Dutertes and other political dynaties accountable for all their mistakes, do not be afraid even if they are in power.

      This is just the beginning of a new OPPOSITION.

      • @River Robles

        I could discuss with you history beyond 1986, beyond Martial Law, beyond1896, beyond the arrival of Western Colonizers… But what you want is to incite a rebellion… Now who’s the real evil now… tsk tsk

      • Good decision River. Leaving the Philippines was the best decision I made EVER. Otherwise naging blind fanatic din ako ng trapos jan who continue to reign in their turfs. Hello Garcia… Boracay Mansion, etc. Selective memory best characterize a person who is nuts. Lahat na lang may comment sya. She is picking a fight on everyone here. KULANG LANG SA PANSIN AT ARUGA YAN. Kawawa talaga. Dito lang sya nagkaroon ng venue to ventilate her distorted ideas of realities. Why should we dignify her shenanigans? Eh alam naman natin may sayad sya. She is one of a kind. Her character brings to mind ang isang mental case in the US na ang pinay nurse sinaktan nya at almost namatay kasi sinaktan ng schizophrenic patient. She can do much worse. Dapat i euthanasia na sya para hindi na maka harm ng iba.

      • Just out of curiosity,

        If you already left the Philippines then why are you still interested/entangled with Philippines politics?

      • @Chezka

        Tuwang-tuwa ka nanaman dahil nakahanap ka ng kakampi… Wahaha 🀣🀣🀣 Ako daw yung comment ng comment eh ikaw tong mahilig magbring up the topic with other people at magparinig… You are such a sour loser! Now I understand why FEM had to do what he had to do… May mga tao talagang kagaya mo na likas na ingitero at hindi kayang tumangap ng pagkatalo kaya walang ginawa kundi mang-gulo!

      • @Cyclopseta, pls tama na yang pakikipagtuos mo jan. They way you conduct yourself in a public blog such as this, so divisive ang stance mo sa mga issues. 100% sure ako na hindi ka kukunin na spokesgay. Mapapa away ka lagi ineng. Daming magba bash sa sayo. Baka batuhin ka pa ng bugok na itlog. Punta ka na detey. You will be my guest. Who knows may papatol sau na blue-eyed Ozzie dito. Mapapadali ang citizenship mo. Tara na. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

      • @Chezka

        Oh please.. I’m here in the Philippines because I love my life here and I got financial freedom here…ayan nanaman yang “feeling angat” delusion mo… kung masaya ka talaga dyan… Bakit sobrang bitter mo? Kunwari nanniwala ako sa ilusyon mong nasa ibang bansa ka.. sa inaasal mo mukhang mahirap buhay mo dyan.. Umuwi ka nalang dito… 2nd-3rd class citizen ka lang dyan… Tigilan mo na pagpapa-alila sa mga banyaga.. Maawa ka sa sarili mo… 🀣🀣🀣πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

      • Bakit ako uuwi jan. I enjoy my life here. Daming… you know, south pacific islanders and kiwi who migrated here. I enjoy their company. At dito hindi masyadong pinapansin ang politicians. Jan lang naman sikat ang trapos. Mga walang K naman. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Tapos ang ibang pinoy kinakarer ang election. Lalaban ng sabunutan. Ok lang sana kung ang pinaglalaban graduate ng Cambridge, Harvard, MIT. Dyosmio
        Duh πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. Oh sya. Quite late here na. A friendly reminder, wag kalimutan ang maintenance. Mag double dose na at mukhang lumalala na. Goodnight dahlin’

      • @Chezka

        LOL 🀣 Luh, yung sakit mo sa utak ang hilig mo talaga ipasa sa iba 🀣… Anyway, thank you for all the unsolicited advice from a “Feeling Angat”like you. Well, At least sa sarili mong mundo e masaya ka sa buhay alila mo dyan.. Good for you!… Ang tanong, Type ka din ba nila??? Wag ka masyadong umasa kahit akala mo na panalo ka na… Baka mamaya sa huli e ikaw nanaman ang iiyak… Ingats ingats din at baka madeport ka nalang bigla for sexual harrasment.. Goodnight! 🀣🀣🀣πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

  8. Congratulations to one of my favorite beauty queens! The most beautiful councilor in the Philippines.

  9. Congrats to Konsehala Leren. Very proud fan.

    Norman- I hope you address the political decorum amongst your pageant followers. πŸ™‚

    • I agree Tita N. Hardcore talaga ang bruha. Nakaka umay na. Before you know it pag aari na nya ang blog na to and others will lose interest in opening this blog. She is so consumed!!! Hahaha. Sincerely. Chezka

      • Chezka

        LOL.. You are the one who keeps on bringing it up…Ang nakaka-umay ay ikaw na mahilig mag rally ng kakampi/supporters, magparinig at manira pero lagi namang talunan when discussing facts with me. 😘

    • Ayaw kasi i-divert du’n sa sibling wordpress blog, ‘eh. Sila nga du’n, sinamantala ang pagkakataon at nag-conduct ng sarili nila’ng Poll & made ad revenue in the process. Go see the results, po! πŸ™‚

      Tito Norman did similar things before, naman. You’re an old-timer here so I’m sure you’ve seen those…

      Madame, congrats din po sa ‘yo. Happy trails!

  10. Hello Friendships. Kaway kaway sa inyo jan while I’m out here chilling in the temperate zone. I enjoyed my trip immensely… Mwaah 😘😘😘

    • OMG guys natuluyan ni si Chezka… Sounds like early onset of Dementia which is irreversable… Now that explains her pointless babling… Get well soon! Pagaling ka! Marcos-Du30 loves you! 😘

      • Punta ka dito para maiba perspective mo sa buhay. Hindi lang puro beaucon at pulitika (which sucks). Your life seems to be so limited kaya ganyan outlook mo sa buhay. Sayang ang tatlo mong mata ineng. In the twilight of your life you have to see the world for the excitement and glamour it offers. Marami namang promo ngayon. Just pm me. U can sleep in my pantry para tipid ka. Overlooking naman ang Darling Harbour. Tara na. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

      • @Chezka

        Hahaha OMG you are delusional…. Yan na ipagmamayabang mo? I have travelled the world way more than you do but I don’t bring it up just for people to think na ako ay ” Feeling Angat” like you. And what does it have to do with the main topic?.. Just accept the fact that you lost. 😘

  11. Hay salamat, mananahimik na rin sa hukay ang narito ang ARTE!
    Sobrang ambisyosa naman ang girl na yan,

    • @PAQUITA X.


      • Well ang masasabi ko lang wala siyang delicadeza ,she should not use her pageant for her political ambition ! Just putting all those ADS in all segments of MUP is a sign of desperation to seat in a public office

    • @Paquita X

      Anong masama yung maupo si Shamcey a kongreso?! She is very inteligent and very capable… Mas ok naman advocacy ng ARTE kumpara dun sa walong partylist na legal front ng NPA na walang ginawa kundi magrecuit ng mga rebelde at waldasin ang pera ng taong bayan para magrally at mangulo to create political instability in our country. πŸ€¨πŸ™„πŸ˜˜πŸ€ͺ

  12. First, Congratulations!

    Second, she affiliated herself to the right “party” who ferried her to the right track!

    I hope she wouldn’t be stuck up as being Konsehala but rather climb the political ladder! Although hindi lahat pinapalad na makaakyat just like Elsa Payumo?

    Nevertheless, let it be a lession for “Beauty Queens” not to dip their finger on the boiling scene of politics! Hindi porque maraming followers eh akala na nila they can persuade the madlang people to be on their side! It is just normal for private citizen to voice out their political opinion or affiliation but if they are using their platform as well as their celebrity status to endorse a certain political candidate in the hope that their statement will brainwash the confused public in their selection, well, BIG MISTAKE!

    Sasali-sali pa sa mga political rally eh! Kunsumisyon! Eh alam naman ng madla na mga dual citizenship kayo! Aber, sigue nga! Kung si Angela Merkel ba or si Troy Barbagallo eh tatakbong Presidente, will you make the same move? Tigilan ang pagiging Echosera!

    Bashers in 3-2-1!

    Ok lang yang para lalong tumaas ‘tong post ko sa Google Search engine!

    • @Claire

      I agree… Paano na sa next paghost natin ng Miss Universe?… Paano kaya igreet ni Catriona si President BBM and VP Sarah?… “Hello Mr President and VP, Do you remember me? I’m Catriona, the one who endorsed your opponent and gave shady comments against you!”… AWKWAAAARDDDDD 🀣🀣🀣🀣


      • @Serge

        If Leni won… I wouldn’t say that to Toni G…
        I would still be proud of Toni because she did not allow herself to be utilized by her home network to perpetuate their ilegalities. I would continue to fight to correct history’s mistakes.😁


        Thank you for that wonderful question,

        (Crowd jeering and I smize)

        No, I’m not going to tell that to Toni G because Toni’s platform in YT is already known for interviewing celebrities and politicians alike,

        Catriona and Pia’s platform in Instagram is known for endorsing certain products only by which they have collaboration and paid to do it.

        Thank you!

      • @Serge

        I think Madame Claire gave the better answer..

        Simple, informative and with a subtle punch…

        WINNER!!!! β€πŸ’šβ€πŸ’šβ€πŸ’š

  13. Congratulations! A classic example of windows being opened when a door has been closed.

    Had she won a national beauty title, the opportunity to explore other options (ex. Politics) may not have happened. her work though has just begun. She has to prove that she is more than a pretty face and that she will really make a difference in Los Banos.

    Meanwhile, Shamcey’s ARTE party list is laging, I mean lagging behind. Speaking of Shamcey, it would have been nice if Jeremy Jauncey pursued her when she was still single. She will be known then as SHAMCEY JAUNCEY. Lol.

    World Peace.

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