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  1. My top 5 would be:

    Miss Ukraine
    Miss Ecuador
    Miss Philippines
    Miss France
    Miss Dominican Republic

  2. Sir Norman, with this pivot to sustainable development advocacy by MI, is there any indication for BPCI to move in the direction of advocacy-centric branding? Among all the national pageant organizations, BPCI has the bragging rights to be advocacy-driven owing to its nonprofit charitable business modality. If its main franchisor has partnered with UN’s sustainable development goals, will national franchisees be compelled to adopt parallel programs?

      • Thanks, Sir Norman. The prospect of being a national partner institution in the implementation of a UN initiative is an exciting unprecedented development worth watching out for.

  3. Most SDG projects and activities will require at least a coordination with local government units. The easiest route of being involved is to attach with established orgs (ex habitat for humanity, unicef, world wide fund, and many others). it will be most impactful however to conduct and initiate projects like organizing communities to wirk together for a common goal ( water system for rural communities, solar or other renewable energy installation in isolated areas, greening or environmental initiatives

    there are a lot of things to do actually but the bottomline here is making a dent insofar as stats for local SDG targets are concerned. Hindi puede sa SDG ang pure lip service, dapat action on the ground talaga

    • @envi planner: Exactly! MI’s pronouncements state: “Prior to the arrival of all the delegates, we will make sure that each one has been taking part in various activities that promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals”. What does this demand of Hannah between now and December? Active involvement in advocacies on poverty alleviation, environmental protection, peacemaking, and sustainable development. Huge shoes to fill! It appears like a complete transformation of her personal brand from demure conservative soft-spoken optics to impactful mass communicator. I hope BPCI is able to navigate Hannah’s transformation to the new MI template in this new environment.

  4. If Ma. Katrina Llegado joins BbPilipinas 2023 and is selected to represent Pinas in Miss International 2024, then I predict without hesitation that she will garner the beautiful Miss International crown , hands-down !

  5. Miss International’s support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a giant leap for the organization! This signals that at long last MI is on the road to serious brand building! Now that it expects that each arriving country rep has been taking part in various activities that promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, it encourages each country MI titlist to realign her advocacy towards some socio-economic and environmental programs.

    SDGs were adopted by the United Nations in 2015 as a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that by 2030 all people enjoy peace and prosperity. The 17 SDGs listed in the UN program are integrated, meaning action in one area will affect outcomes in others.

    It is a welcome development that MI is finally joining the elite club of globally branded pageants!

    • “Beauties for SDGs” is a very powerful slogan. All at once it projects beauty in action alongside the most influential intergovernmental organization in the world. It would be a branding coup if its winner can be named UN Ambassador of some causes, just like Angelina Jolie who is named a UN Ambassador for Refugees.

    • Come to think of it– if this platform has been in place a few year’s back, Patch Magtanong would have been a perfect spokesperson for this advocacy.

  6. The 2030 goals are perfect for Miss International. 👑 Kudos to the organization for aligning itself with these UN global initiatives to reshape our future. 💐

  7. I saw her during the Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2022 tilt where she was one of the judges. Tall, pretty and dainty. She reminded me of a delicate Dresden doll figurine.

    • And she looks like a nice person all around, with a good heart. Madalas syang mag comment sa Instagram of other beauty queens, candidates, etc., always positively. Very transparently beautiful, inside and out.

  8. This is welcome news. Succeeding Bb Pilipinas- International winners will now have ample time to prepare for the competition and a year to implement her SDG initiative

  9. I have the same gut feel for Hannah that she will win. Same gut feel when I saw Cindy Obenita and Maureen Montagne.

  10. If Hannah will join MI this year, is she crowning her successor this BBP 2022 finals? And if ever, will the new BBP-Int’l. winner wait for next year (2023) for her assignment?

  11. Wow! This is a welcome development. Hannah has a very good chance of winning.

  12. She’s ready physically as well. She’s looks so slim and pretty. And I think the delay gave her an extended time to prepare and integrate herself more with the Filipino culture and her local communities.

  13. so the BbInternational winner 2022 will be sent to the Miss International 2023… the question is when will the Miss International 2023 be ? … will BbP ever be able to catch up with the Miss International pageant year-wise ?

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