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  1. I think it’s between Celeste Cortesi and Ghenesis Latugat… One a bit “foreign” or or tne other who’ s very “native”… both uberly Gorgeous… I don’t reaĺy know what the judges are looking for this year.

    • Sorry, I am not impressed with Baguio’s beauty . She looks too severe and wanting in sophistication

  2. Let Pauline’s performance speak for itself.
    You can’t develop eloquence and personality in a short period of time.

    Pasay is boring.

    Michelle is forgettable.

    The crown is waiting.

    • Pasay is another halfie who couldn’t hack it back home. She’ll be back in Italy within 5 years. She also doesn’t have the abandoned by foreigner papa backstory that’s the Felepens trademark.

      Dee is another example of Pinoy poverty-artista-pedestal glorification. Her beauty is indeed forgettable abroad, not exotic. And her sexy walk will be toned down if ever she gets to MU a la Mateo and Gomez.

      Sayang the four Miss Universes in attendance will highlight how 30 of the girls are nowhere near MU level.

      • Agree. Gagawin lang pamunas ng kahirapan ni Celeste ang Pilipinas. When she’s done here, uuwi rin iyan sa Italy. Sa totoo niyang bahay at bansa.

  3. My prediction for the top three would be;
    Misamis Oriental

    Runners-up can be anybody among these beauties ;
    Makati – performance
    Baguio- face, body
    Palawan – face, body
    Pangasinan – exotic look, body
    Aklan – gorgeous face
    Cebu Province – face, intelligence, xfactor
    Cebu City – body, charm, pasarela

    There. 🙂

    All the best to all candidates!

  4. Pia was not in shape, beautiful as she was on, on her 3rd try winning MUP in 2015.
    However, she was MU worthy when crowned many months later.

    Fast forward to 2022. We anticipate that the MU 22 pageant will take in December.

    Should Pauline be crowned MUP in this edition she’ll have ample time to get in shape. Remember people “round” is a shape!

    • Pauline is in great shape and has a toned body. It’s time for MUP and MU to be real with women who has a different shape than the Barbie prototype. The people in Vigan were shocked to see how skinny she looks in person. If she wins, I hope they don’t do any surgery because she doesn’t need it. Maybe just try to get her a thinner waistline. Very minimal work necessary on Pauline. MUO is looking for a spokesperson with a great personality and wit so is quick on her feet when it comes to facing the media/interviews.

  5. there were so many special awards during the prelims… I will be amazed if there will be equally many special awards on Finals Night … the three MU emcees will be very busy !

    but if Michelle Dee wins most of them again , the work of the trio may be cut in half !

  6. In fairness, totally underwhelming edition. Candidates, production, hype. So sad that MUP got derailed by Covid.

    Agreed even MGI Thailand ran circles around them.

    Also agreed if we see (lovely) Voltaire Tayag get so much airtime in our lifetime it will be too soon.

    Agreed Amelinkcx is the perfect candidate, but just not MU material. Same with Llegado.

    Cortese and Dee are boring no matter how much you hype them. The former is superficial and has nothing to show for her life but capitalizing on her looks. The latter is contrived and has nothing to show for her life except her connections.

    Agreed expect the frontrunners to get runner up position.

    McDonnell is MUP 2022.

  7. I think it will be between Michelle or Baguio, if we go for the dark horse route.

  8. Rewatched the interview/QnA.

    Michelle’s delivery was actually a bit shaky and incoherent, so I disagree with Tito Norman for giving her the highest score.

    A lackluster interview performance like this may cost her a place in the semi-finals should she represent the PH at the MU competition.

    My problems with Pauline, on the other hand, are her height and physique.

    Why oh why did she have more toned physique last year when she was not competing?

    In the end I will still go for Pauline to win the MUPH crown.

    • I could see it.. just viewed her prelim interview
      Interesting. We’ll see.

  9. The twelve year MU placement streak has set the bar so incredibly high after each passing year.
    Eight of the twelve placed in the top 6/5 resulting in two winners, four runners-up and two finalists.

    Any rep not placing in the top 5/6 finalist circle, in my eyes now, is considered a disappointment.

    That said Michelle Dee fits the bill this year as MUP. Her natural exotic features and physique, her experience at MW, her pedigree are attributes that deem her has a top 5 frontrunner when the vying for a 5th MU title.

    However, in agreement and piggybacking to blogger Marvin1978’s comment, the 2022 rep needs a unique back story and a different overall distinct beauty. That said Michelle does not have an interesting back story and has too many MUP2021 similarities in terms of aura and presentation.

    Oh well, it’s time to witness the chips fall as they may.

  10. muph must be hardpressed on who to crown this year. for a sure spot in the top 10 in the MU, they must send someone with a unique story to tell, like beatrice’s bisexuality..since none has an interesting back story in this year’s batch, then the default is to send someone with mala dyosa face, or someone edgy, oriental beauty.. me? il go for the dyosa beauty of celeste, fingers crossed. afterall, MW just started to take us back to the old days of pageantry of blonde candy eye beauties.

    • Same here. I mean I tried so hard to look for reasons to consider her as the possible winner but nah. She looks better last year than this year.

    • Have just reviewed the prelims and although she aced the interview in my opinion, pero ang laki pala niya! She was definitely leaner the last time she joined MUPH.

      • I was turned off by her after the initial Swimsuit Challenge where her pic looked photoshopped (she was so much leaner sa pic compared to her in motion). I guess it’s possible that the angling made her slimmer. But I felt cheated. They wanted us to vote on an altered picture? And she finished 1st, I think. **I can only guess that it was altered.

        And reiterating justpassingby comment below about her Filipiniana sleeves: the way she stood during the interview, with her robotic hands, seemed like she was crouching. So parang nawala yung leeg nya. There are pics of her sa Instagram na mahaba yung leeg nya because it was bare and relaxed, not stiffened by the sleeves. **In fact, yung neck nya sa ibang pics are actually sobrang haba naman that I’m hoping na hindi ulit sya photoshopped.

        For now, my choice is Chantal Schmidt. My heart is rooting for Lou Piczon.

      • Chantal’s Axel Que NatCos and Jessica Rabbit-like Evening Gown presentation convinced me that she will be classy, unpredictable (in a good way), and will be a great representative.

        Anyway, good luck sa kanilang lahat!

  11. No matter how beautiful the gown of a contestant is, wearing chunky platform shoes with it will always cheapen her overall look 🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. Pageant fans are anticipating a spectacular staging of the MUP pageant, now that it is going to be held in a much bigger venue with live audience in it.

    I expect a high wall LED and fabulous lighting as well. Camera works should focus more on candidates in good angles. No top and legs level angle shots, please.

    Since it has been announced that Iris and Demi will join Pia in hosting MUP pageant, I hope that the two would instead do commentaries off the stage. I hate dead air or listening to sound accompaniment while the girls are walking on stage. I’d love to listen to some untold information and fun facts about the girls.

    I also wish to see back up dancers with amazing props, so the festive summer vibe will heat up the venue.

    To make the pageant more exciting, MUPO should only have Top 10 for the girls who made it in the first cut. The girls should do swimsuit, evening gown and casual interview. In so doing, only the deserving Final 5 (but I hope it’s gonna be Final 3 only) will be called for the Final QnA.

    My Top 10 are: Bohol, Makati, Pasay, Baguio, Pangasinan, Misamis, Taguig, Cebu City, Cebu Province, and Roxas City.

    Last wish – Please no more Voltaire Tayag on screen. Showing him once while being introduced as MUP’s Director of Communications during the pageant proper would do.

    That’s all.

    • I agree with the cuts – top 10 announcement after the individual introduction . Swimsuit and evening gown follows with a casual interview. Top 5 announcement. Q and A, Top 3 announcement, Final question.

      Top 5 for me in no order:
      Cebu Province

  13. quite dissapointed sa long gown ni Annabelle parang raincoat… sa dami ng gown yun p pinipi ng team niya… gahi kaayo siya tan awon… ok lng kung maligwak siya, ng patakataka..

  14. If SS and EG is 30% each, my Top 5 would be,

    Davao Del Norte

    Talo-talo na lang sa remaining 40% QnA

  15. Winner: Taguig
    Top 3: Makati, Bohol
    Top 5: Pasay, Misamis Oriental
    Top 10: Baguio, Iloilo City, Iloilo Province, Cebu City, Cebu Province
    Top 16: Albay, Aklan, Mandaue, Palawan, Pangasinan, Ilocos Sur
    Dark Horse: Davao del Norte, Lucena

  16. After exhausting all my patience in watching a horrible preliminaries, I’d stick with the following:
    1.) Michelle Dee – strong stage presence, very unique pasarela which I haven’t before. She has this subdued power that draws attention.
    2.) Cortesi – she was strong in both SS and EG. Very pretty but lacks power and bravura.
    3.) Ghenesis Latugat – from being a dark horse, she rose to being a frontrunner after the prelims
    4.) Katirina Llegado – strong in both segments. Halatang pageant veteran but yeah I agree to commenters that she the Leren Mae Bautista ot this batch. I hope she will redeem herself in the finals.
    5.) Annabelle McDonald – She did well too but I am not a fan of her facial structure plus she appeared stiff in both segments. Maybe she should relax and enjoy a bit.
    6.) Palawan – she totally shined
    7.) Amelinxc – not sure about her. I tried my best to spot the things that most of the commenters here found in her but to no avail. She looks dull and bulky to me specially in the SS rounds. During the interview, she seemed to have totally lost her neck. I think she should avoid wearing those super high Filipiniana sleeves.
    8. Bulacan – was a surprise for me during the prelims and the interview.
    9.) Ivylou Borbon – she is out of my top 10 after the prelims.
    10.) Iloilo City – I like her too
    11.) Aklan – may steal a spot
    There a lot of not well-know girls who rose to the top after the prelims.
    MUPh should at least spend on the stage design and lighting kasi sayang ang mga gowns di masyadong maappreciate dahil sa ilaw. At sino mga singers na yun. Nakakahiya kay Harnaaz baka kala nya sila na ang best performers na Pinas baka pagbalik nya sa India andaming Hanaz ni Harnaaz.

    • Just noticed, I’ve totally missed out on some conjunction/words in my above comment

    • I’ve said this before re: Pauline’s Filipiniana sleeves. The sleeves stiffen her, in my opinion. I just want to tell her, “ok, we got it. You want to show nationalism by wearing them but enough already!” How many times ba? Besides the neck issue, parang nawawala yung versatility nya by wearing the same style. I have seen it 3 or 4 times already, na parang expected ko na. Be a chameleon! Surprise us! And I don’t really find it high fashion.

      • Exactly. I was uncomfortable watching her during the interview. The way she stood seemed to be robotic specially the hands. I mean Chantal Schmidt wore an ensemble with Filipiniana sleeves but she looked good on it since her neckline is phenominal while Pauline looked constipated and restricted while her neck was totally swallowed by the gigantic sleeves.
        She had all the time to plan for her return. She will definitely look good with a slimmer and trimmed figure.

  17. Though I really want Michelle Dee to win, may mga issues pa ako sa kanya na puwede namang maremedyuhan.

    That pose in the picture above, para siyang mag-a-audition sa role ng Kampanerang kuba. AIKONGA!

    Her tone during the interview comes across as monotone and lacking conviction. Sabi nga ng iba dito, parang class recitation lang. Saka konting smile naman, no?

    Her runway skills are for modelling stints, not for pageants. Parang hindi matatawag na pasarela, kulang sa landi. Paturo ka ineng kay Madir… baklang baklang rumamfa!

    Truth pala na waterloo ni Taguig ang Q & A. Patunay lang na hindi lahat ng Lasalista, kesehodang cum laude graduate ka pa, eh konyo konyo mag-English spokening. Pang-rampahan lang talaga ang lolabels ninyo. Pers raner-ap nya si Pangasinan.

    Pauline of Bohol nailed the interview. She’s a joy to watch.

    Davao del Norte, Iloilo City, Bulacan, San Juan and of course, Albay aced the interview too!

    Okey din sana si Baguio, kaso mahahalata mo ang mga isinisingit na mga memorised spiels.

    Naguluhan ako kay Misamis Oriental, sa kagustuhang gumamit ng high fallutin words, nawindang ang merlat at nagkawatak watak ang baon na prepared extemporaneous speech.

    Pasay was a sight to behold in that white gown. Parang diyosang bumaba sa LRT Baclaran, para sumakay ng bus papuntang Indang, Cavite.

    Cebu City, Baguio, Cebu Province, Pangasinan, Palawan, Taguig, Pasay – ang gagaling sa rampahan!

    And last but certainly last na ito…. pababain sa stage yang mga boylet na sing along at tuturuan ko silang abutin ang higher do. Juicemio! Parang humahalinghing lang ang mga playthings ni Mamah Jonas!



  19. Jusme anung sabi ni Shammy pinakmalaki at Maganda get pageant>…..juice colored napaka pangit nga show…….hays…..

  20. @Frankie- There is one point that I don’t agree BTW.

    I can see Pauline winning the crown.

    She is the overall package. Her body and her pasarela skills can still be improved before MU.

    Other than that, she has “it”.

  21. Ang problema sa ganitong mahalagang okasyon ay ang technical team. Kulang sila sa planning at preparation.
    Lalo na sa camera department na lumang style lagi ginagamit.
    * Ceiling shots – from toes to ceiling shots para magmukhang matangkad. Lumang style na ito. Hindi nito naeemphasize yung hubog ng katawan at suot ng kandidata.
    *Crane shots. – nag mala political rally ang shot na halos umiikot na yung camera na nawawala na sa tamang frame.
    * Rail shots – wala. Kulang sa budget.

    • @Lala, they should have ditched the crane shots if only to hide the fact that there were a lot of empty seats at the venue.

  22. Haven’t we learned from the last two years that MUPH doesn’t pick the one you expect it to pick?? Guided by that and the fact that I never seem to have time to look at the girls closely, I’ve allowed myself the luxury of just letting Jonas et al surprise me, knowing full well that as one of the most competitve and closely watched franchises in the world, they’re not going to pick someone who is, well, going to lose.

    But from what I have seen so far I have enough to form some opinions (and questions).

    1. Will the winner emerge from the (front-running) recyclables of Pauline, Michelle, Celeste and Katrina?
    2. Michelle doesn’t shine in her rehearsed videos, but was pretty strong and engaging in the interviews. But I’m concerned that her current styling hews too closely with last year’s- was that a Libiran gown she wore that was similar to what Bea wore?
    3. Pauline just doesn’t come across as pageant to me at all.
    4. I’m on the fence with Celeste- glamorous for sure, but needs a bit more gravitas
    5. Katrina has certainly levelled up, but it somehow still falls short of the standard we’re looking for in Miss Universe. She’s the Leren of this batch; beautiful but light-weight
    6. My pick from the recyclables is MICHELLE
    7. I like Julia Saubier BUT- and i feel horrible for saying this- she should have done some facial enhancements. A few subtle tweaks would’ve made a huge difference. There’s this pageant trend where girls trumpet all sorts of achievements, but if your face is NOT unequivocally perfect, it’s kind of pointless. Look at Miss Paraguay- she almost won even if her English was half-incomprehensible and had a horrible finals gown.
    8. Will the winner emerge from the newbies? Ghenesis, Chantal, Isabel, Annabelle and Ivylou??
    9. My pick from this group is Annabelle- she can speak well enough and presents the kind of flexible look that MUPH loves to calibrate.

    • FD,

      Great analysis. My kind of feedback : quick and painful. Lol.

      World Peace.

      • This is where we get our moments of epiphany Thomas; that quick and painful episode inside a small cubicle is a reminder that we should have followed our gut instinct and gone home instead to watch Netflix..

    • Wow exactly what I wanted to say except for Julia . I think was facially impressive tonight

      • To be honest Fabian, I am rooting for Julia. I want a well-spoken, accomplished woman to win even if her face is not a 10. But reality crowned the beautiful but dull Karolina whatever-her-name-is as Miss World and the beautiful but unexciting Miss Paraguay as 1st runner-up, so go figure…

    • I agree on all points, particularly on the following:

      4. I’m on the fence with Celeste- glamorous for sure, but needs a bit more gravitas

      5. Katrina has certainly levelled up, but it somehow still falls short of the standard we’re looking for in Miss Universe. She’s the Leren of this batch; beautiful but light-weight

      ” I’ve allowed myself the luxury of just letting Jonas et al surprise me… they’re not going to pick someone who is, well, going to lose.”

      Great analysis Frankie!

  23. Impressed with Julia’s facial beauty tonight . I think she will make the first cut at least
    Pauline also finally found the right hair and make up . She looked gorgeous she is still the biggest candidate next to Camcam
    I am still hoping for McDonnell to win though i am ok with either Michelle or Chantal too

  24. Raabiya and Gomez clinched the Best in Swimsuit awards during their respective years. Will it happen again this year? It is still a beauty pageant after all.

  25. So who will be Jane Umali and the Leren Bautista among the frontrunners?

    Beauty and eloquence aren’t enough to become the next MUPH. It’s also a matter of destiny, timing and luck according to the glorious Ms. Diaz.

  26. Michelle and Celeste , at this point the unbreakable top two , has been moving cool , relaxed and confident. On Finals Night , whoever speaks with the heart and mental conviction to show to the judges that she was born to be MUP 2022 will win the crown !!!

    Pauline will try to claw her way up to the top 2 but she was born to be a host , before the night is over, she could have emceed MUP2022 pageant by herself even …

    Katrina is really for Bb Pilipinas , not MUP … and Annabelle very tight , not relaxed , appeared stiff

  27. If all is fair in love and war
    Last two standing are the undeniably beautiful
    Pauline vs Celeste

    Little birdies are chirping that it will be a Visayas win but but but the North powerful wants a Pasay win

  28. My frontrunner (as of this time) remains to be the same, 3M: Michelle of Makati is MUP.

    The girls expected to deliver, delivered. And there are a few surprises.

    But I want to focus more on the quality of the production. One word. MEDIOCRE. It feels like a mall show. Lol. The stage was so small. The lighting, HORRIBLE. The Grand Inihaw type of lighting (patay-sindi) made some of the gowns look cheap and palara-ish. And the performers…. Don’t get me started on this one : are those talents of Mercator that badly need exposure and they just performed for free? Sino ba yan mga yan? It doesn’t help any when this event was held on the same night Thailand’s fabulous MGI-Thailand was also held.

    The only consolation is that at least this year, a prettier Gumabao graced the event. Lol.

    I hope that with all the bongga preliminary activities done in the past, the culmination and the grandest will be the coronation night.

    World Peace.

  29. To sum up the scores of the candidates in the preliminaries, I think Pauline, Celeste and Michele have battled it out so close to the top. For me, it looks like Michele is the reincarnation of Bea Gomez, while Pauline is Harnaaz’s and Celeste is a li’l Nadia Ferreira. So, choose your fighter.

    Of the two naturally beautiful and untouched stunning frontrunners Pauline and Michele, plus the arresting beauty of Celeste, my gut feel says Pauline will emerge victorious. She is THE total package.

    Pauline is facially beautiful. Her classy beauty chooses no angle. She knows how to project on camera, smizes like a pro, and is a real chameleon at that. What makes me stunned is her innocent yet seductress look. She can be pitted against Celeste in the facial beauty department, not Michele. However, Celeste gives an awkward smile because of her lip filler.

    Pasarela wise, Pauline has improved. She doesn’t look stiff and awkward anymore. But she has to give more sexiness and flavor when she ramps on stage. More smize on camera will work on her. Meanwhile, Michele’s pasarela is too stretched, such that she lacks genuineness. She has to look natural. Her suplada smize doesn’t give her justice. I’d give pasarela high score to Celeste.

    Body wise, Pauline is a little behind from the two. But her toned up body cannot let her down on the coronation night. Once she wins the crown, I am sure MUPO will work double time to make her look leaner.

    For the interview round, if Pauline does the same demeanor on the final’s night, then she’ll walk away with the new MUP’s
    La Mer En Majesté crown. So…

    Miss Universe Philippines – Pauline Amelinckx
    1st Runner-up – Michele Dee
    2nd Runner-up – Celeste Cortesi

    That’s all.

    • Oh my I hope you are wrong hihihihi… I guess I don’t mind Pauline but I just don’t see being our rep. But whatever, we will support who wins.

    • kahit sino sa tatlo deserving po sa crown wlaang tapon.
      Pero pansin ko lang sobrang mapapansin talga si Celeste.

  30. After the preliminaries, this is my final assessment:

    MUP- Schmidt- She reminds me of Louie Drerennstam and Pauline Huzinga. She is a complete package. Beautiful face, gorgeous figure, very good speaker, cute, charming, and engaging.
    1sr runner up- Amelincx- she may not be the best in swimsuit and evening gown, but her gift of gab cannot be ignored. She is at par with Sushmita Sen as far as communication skills is concerned. I do not mind if she wins MUP. When she speaks, everybody listens and everybody learns precious lessons and this is the most important quality of being MUP.
    2nd runner up- Cortesi- her physical asset makes her stand out from the rest
    3rd runner up- Mc Donnel- she is my sentimental favorite
    4th runner up- Dee- she is very polished and has very strong stage presence.

    My top 5 are in fact worthy of MUP crown but there should only be one winner who can best represent our country in the world stage. That right belongs to Chantal Schmidt

    • Another outstanding quality of Chantal is her being graceful. Give her a long runway and she will glide gracefully.

    • Correction:
      The most important Qualify of MUP
      who has the right to best represent our country

  31. Top 5 of preliminaries for me (in no particular order)
    Cebu City

    Rounding up the Top 10:
    Cebu Province
    Iloilo Province

    The evening gown portion of Misamis was underwhelming. The gown itself was not great, but she also failed to sell it in her presentation. But I think she’ll still make the semifinals cut based on her pre-prelims and interview performances.

  32. Palawan and Pangasinan had their revenge in the swim and gown after not so good interviews…

      • I already have my top 10 in the interview. I feel that they all deserve to be in the semifinals.
        So, I just have to add 6 more to complete my top 16:

        >Cebu City
        >Quezon Province

        As a refresher, my top 10 in interviews were:

        Makati , Pasay, Lapulapu, Davao del Norte, Lucena, Misamis Oriental,
        Bohol, Cebu Province, Albay, Taguig

        (you always keep a couple on reserve … Aklan and Iloilo City)

      • Can I insert Baguio ? … but I do not know who to remove above… maybe remove … who ?

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