10 comments on “My Favorite National Costumes of Miss Universe Philippines 2022

  1. Really?!!! No Ms. Mandaue?!!!

    Ms. Ilo-ilo’s costume may be Aestheticaly apealing but the meaning and what it represents is the Worst!!!!!

    1st of all it represents how the Spaniards tried to trick the Filipino Natives by burning our precolonial temples and living behind the statue of the Santo Niño as a “miracle” for us to venerate which is completely Heretic and Hypocritcal!!! Why does the Catholic Church allow this when it is in the 10 commandments that ” though shall not worship idols?!… That Statue of the Santo Niño is a lifeless Idol that the Spaniards used to manipulate and control our natives so that they could steal our wealth and resources!!! it’s the epitome of Evil colonialism and imperialism that we Filipinos suffer from upto this day!!! The Catholic church is the biggest oldest most succesful business in the world! They gain wealth by sowing anxiety among the masses and they use that budget to invest and control theextreme capitalist enterprises of nations! You are all too brainwashed by the Catholic Church by their “charitable works” but in truth, it’s their businesses like minning, banking, etc. that support extreme capitalism that is the root source of poverty, igonorance and environment distruction!!!!


    I hope you think about that in your sleep Dorothy!😘

  2. Clear winner for me is Davao Del Norte. The color combination is just stunning.

    But if forced to decide on Top Three :
    Davao Del Norte,
    Cebu Province,

    I am happy that the aesthetics in general have improved over the years. At the very least, there is no garish, school-project national costume I can see from the photos above.

    World Peace.

      • She’s very beautiful sir Norman, I think the most gorgeous in this batch face wise. Celeste I know her from the past had her lips done. Aklan no surgical enhancements.

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