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  1. Whew! that was an interesting prelims interview session. Touching on topics ranging from flatulence, diarrhea to depression and desperation, it was a day of verbal mess 🤕😂😇

    One thing judges hate hearing are sad stories about yourselves, it has no connection to empathy or winning in pageantry. It makes the panel worry that you would be a handful if you represent the organization for a year. Don’t think that being an exoert in mental health would be the key to snatching the crown. The organization wants to move forward, if possible. There are so many topics under the sun which can reflect your confidence and control over all the bad things which happened to the world jover the past two years. 💐

  2. Next to facial beauty and pysique; intelligence and grace under pressure should score up there as a criteria for the next MUP.
    The interview segment revealed the ladies who have it namely:
    Davao Del Norte
    Iloilo Province
    Misamis Oriental
    The other girls were variously endearing, sincere , eager beavers, generally good speakers. But it really takes all of these and a lot more to stand out.
    I leave it to the judges to spot the real diamonds in the rough.
    Kudos to all candidates for presenting their best during the prelims.
    Good job to Voltaire too! I was amused at the point where he can’t contain his giggles while reading the questions to one girl Roxas City I think 😁

  3. As I have said before Makati is soooo overrated. I would understand the clout…given the pedigree.
    I have nothing against her personally….but her overall prelim performance fades to the background in the light of other crown-worthy candidates….Bohol, Aklan, iIloilo province, Cebu province, Negros, Roxas, Victorias City, MisOr, Davao Del Norte….most of these girls are hardly noticed or mentioned in media releases inspite of their beauty, poise, comm skills for reasons i cant fathom. But they will get the nod of the judges on finals night…Then these pundits will raise their howls again….just like what happened in the time of Rabiya and Bea…..enough with your overhyped front runners! Let true beauty shine through.

  4. P is for PRESENCE in Pauline’s Amelincx’ prelim performances and interview.

    It seems like she has matured a lot since the first edition. Just when you thought she has faded, she was just waiting for the right time to shine.

    With Harnaaz as one of the judges, it will not not be surprising if her speaking skills and confidence catapult her to the top.

    She’s really on fire!

    • By the way, the segment wasn’t a closed-door interview but rather a QnA segment.

      So I understand why some girls, like Annabelle and Michelle, chose to use pageant patty answers.

      Julia and Pauline were very casual and thoughtful with their answers. But the latter answered with more power and personality.

      I remember Pauline to be more toned and slim last year when she was hosting the pre-pageant activities in Bohol. I hope she could don that body again if she wins.

  5. This batch is indeed full of exciting speakers! It’s not surprising at all– MUP brand development converges on holistic beauty imagery. Its template of a titlist is someone with superior communication and ideation skills. This can only come from someone with an above-average intellect that is tempered by solid work-life balance in the community. This makes us all proud that our country teems with impactfully beautiful women.

    Whoever will be selected to carry the Philippine sash at MU will certainly be a formidable candidate for the crown.

  6. Glad that Pauline is back in the game
    I’m surprised the sponsors ignored Annabelle and Chantal completely

  7. I wasn’t able to hear the substance of what Celeste Cortesi was saying due to technical problems with the microphone, so I can’t really make a fair assessment of her interview.

    I do have to give her a lot of credit for showing tremendous grace under pressure. Celeste stayed calm and collected, and despite the technical problems, she didn’t seem rattled or annoyed, but rather she showed great composure and her body language showed confidence.

    She did not disappoint.

  8. Just viewed Pauline’s prelim interview. She’s bright, bubbly and pleasant to look at and listen to.

    She reminds me of Miss USA 2018 who captivated the judges with gift of gab. Sadly, at MU week, her gab gift turned into diarrhea mouth and got her into a negative heap of controversy.

    Hope this would not be the case for Pauline should win the crown which many believe she will.

    • No worries about Pauline turning into what Miss USA 2018 did. Pauline has great integrity, work ethic and a kind heart. Can’t wait to see the MUP crown on her!

  9. Where is Julia (albay) on this group picture? So Pauline looks good here and that Taguig girl is the same height as Pauline? I think michelle looks good on this and she has that height that can compete against the Latinas and other European candidates.

  10. It looked like Pauline got a number of awards. It would be interesting if she can pull off an upset!!!

    Still rooting for Ghenesis to make the tough 5!

    Norm, please post your final predictions and favorites.. bilis!!!! hihihihih

  11. It’s very important to listen and to understand the question being asked otherwise, you end up off tangent.

    Most of the girls faltered when asked how to make women more socially aware and become empowered.

    • Paulines answer on this was the best. Straight to the poibt and very sensible.

      • I like her response. Concise and clear. She mentioned about the importance of being socially aware and knowing what is happening around the world since we are all connected as a global community. Just wow

      • And of course she mentioned….READ….Reading is fundamental babeehhhh!!!!… to be aware of whats happening around us…😁

  12. I had Pauline Amelinckx as part of my top 10 only, but after watching the preliminary interviews, I have to say that Pauline might just be the one to win the title.

    Pauline looks way better in motion, very polished, she speaks with an easy confidence, charm and intelligence, and when she speaks you listen. She has conviction in what she says, she’s a very engaging speaker, and what she is saying makes sense. My opinion about her did a complete turnaround after I watched her interview.

    The other frontrunners — Michelle Dee and Annabelle McDonnell — did an excellent job as well and either one could win the crown if the stars align somehow. Julia Saubier might be able to penetrate the top five based on her speaking skills.

  13. Michelle Dee has improved her speaking delivery from plastic rehearsed replies to being a little more engaging and interesting.

    By defacto, she unfortunately exhibits a pageant-privilege aura when she speaks. Her mom and cousin are international title holders and perhaps is a built in challenge she did not ask for.

    The famous first runner-up from Colombia at the 2015 MU pageant was critiqued for coming to the finals night “not” to lose. Citing that she carried herself as if had won already. Pia came to win.

    Michelle is no Pia nor Catriona. Hopefully she just do your best and commit the rest.

    Despite my critical observations it is Michelle Dee for the win.

  14. This batch is full of exciting speakers. And to narrow these speakers to the real standouts although most of them sounded monotonous, I chose Cebu City, Lapu Lapu, Makati, Albay, Davao Del Norte, Bohol, Iloilo Province, and Misamis Oriental. But, if I were to choose the winner on this round, I would pick Bohol’s Pauline Amelinckx.

    Pauline is natural and very engaging. She is so charming when she speaks and perfectly responsive to the questions. Her train of thoughts is exemplary. Indeed, she thinks on her feet well. I can imagine if she, say, wins Miss Universe crown. She won’t definitely let the MU Organization down when she faces foreign media.

    McDonell comes next. I liked the vocabulary words she used. She gave impressive answers. However, I can sense that when she tries hard to collect impacting words, there is a tendency that she would become irresponsive to the question.

    Michele seems like doing recitation in class. The danger in that kind of gesture while talking in front of many people is the tendency to become boring. Her total aura on stage is very Beatrice Luigi Gomez. Do we need another Bea Gomez in the Miss Universe pageant after only a year?

    That’s all.

    • I forgot to mention it, but I found Pauline witty when she shared her funny experience with her friends. She recollected a very recent funny act she did — she passed a little bit of gas. Umutot si bakla. Pero hindi ako nadiri when she said it. Very classy.

      That’s all.

  15. Tried to impress ? Wasn’t that the goal of every candidate ?? How can you give a memorized answer when the questions were thrown at you like that ?
    It’s not like Annabelle did it a la Gazini who gave a memorized spiel instead of answering the question.

  16. Hays itong batch na ito konti lang ang maganda. Okay lang sana kung ang contest eh
    Extemporaneous speaking may mananalo pero guys isipin natin malaki ang points ng ganda.
    Hays wala na akong magagawa hangang dito lang tayo. Masaya na akonpag su Leni/Kiko ang manalo sampu ng mga senadors nila. Bonus nalang kung makapasok sa top 16 yung Pinas masaya na ako.

    • ang normannorman.com ay website na hindi pampulitika. #respeto

      • Nangimpanya si Bakla. Kapos na kasi sa oras. Di na kakayanin kahit nag house to house, store to store at mag dive sa putikan.

    • @Ivan- excuse me at sinong nagsabing BBM/DDS ako? Dahil sa hindi kita sinang-ayunan…naku, naku, ano bang klaseng mentalidad yan. Pagpalain ka.

  17. I rate the girls based on how their overall presentation
    1. Amelincx- had funny, cute, and serious moments. Gave profound answers as expected. Becomes more gorgeous when she speaks.
    2. Mc Donnel- also gave profound answers.
    3. Schmidt- so cute. I love the way she smiles during the interview
    4. Dee- she answered the questions well, very strong stage presence
    5. Saubier – also answered the questions well.
    Sadly, I cannot rate Cortesi due to technical problem but I believe she also did well

    After the interview, this is their ranking
    MUP- Amelincx. She will be an outstanding spokesperson for MUP and MU.
    1st runner up- Mc Donnel
    2nd runner up- Schmidt
    3rd runner up- Dee
    4th runner up- Cortesi

  18. Speak to express, not to impress.

    Annabelle tried so hard to impress that she gave memorized lines/phrases instead of answering directly the questions in a way that is relatable and authentic.

    Michelle, on the other hand, gave “pwede na” answers. Not impressive. But I see her progress.

    Baguio can come back stronger.
    Improve her train of thoughts/ comm skills.
    She’s almost there.

    Taguig should try Supra or BBP.

    Davao del Norte and Iloilo City did great!
    Spontaneous. Deep. Authentic.

  19. My top girls based on confidence, sincerity, fluency, overall demeanor, thought process among others;
    Davao Del Norte
    Misamis Oriental
    Iloilo City
    Roxas City
    Victoria City
    These girls know how to listen, can organize their thoughts, engage the audience, convey their message effectively while managing to look good at the same time.
    I wont be surprised to see them all in the top 16.

  20. Most overlook Pauline because of new strong faces like Kat and Celeste. But after watching the prelim interview, I really believe that she still has it.

    (Still not a fan of her pasarela though)

  21. Prelims din ng miss grand thailand now, ganda ng stage walang binatbat mup 🤣

  22. Pinagtatawanan mup prelim stage kumpara ngayon sa prelim stage/prod ng miss grand thailand, ang ganda ng stage nila, sa mup prelim nmn andilim, 🤣

  23. For this part of competition, I think Albay aced it. She may not be equally as beautiful as Bohol, but her speaking skills pulled her away from the pack towards the finish line. Hope she gets good scores from the judges in SS and EG tonight. Undeniably, Bohol is gorgeous but it seems she’s so “pabebe” when she talks.

  24. Michelle Dee nailed this segment with ease. Where are all the ugly gays who doubted this girl’s interview skills? If Michelle does well in the Prelims and Finals, she could be MUP2022.
    Katrina L. reminds me of another favorite of mine Leren Mae Bautista. I thought all La Sallians are very good in English. Is she really like that or just because she was tensed and nervous?
    Pasay did a good job as well while Julia Saubier whose comm skills everyone is raving about dis just fair nothing extraordinary or to rave about.

  25. FINALLY, the segment I have been anticipating. The chance to see the girls express themselves, the clarity of their thought process, articulateness (be in it English or whatever language), and to really scrutinize how they look like in various motions and facial expression / gestures.

    1) Congratulations to MUP. This is is indeed a good, decent batch. Walang nag-kalat. Almost all are articulate, confident and charming. A stammer here and there is to be expected but overall, good job girls!

    2) My main beef with this coverage is that 50% of the time, the camera focuses on these beautiful, stunning 30 girls, and the OTHER 50% focuses on………oh well…VOLTAIRE. Lol.

    3) Voltaire is so funny without intending to. You can see changes in his facial expression (especially his brows and eyes) when something unexpected happened or mentioned. Watch Voltaire’s stressed face when the mic is not working, or upon seeing the bra attire of San Juan, and when girls mention things like….:

    4) Flatulence and Diarrhea. Lol. Girls, girls, girls. Being “natural” is admirable but there is also such a thing as good taste and TMI. I am not sure if the judges were eating lunch or merienda during the interview but mentioning that you passed gas awhile ago or you had diarrhea as a kid or you bought sanitary napkins via lazada during the pandemic will add points to you. Lol.

    5) My initial thought bubble was “What is Katrina Velarde doing in the panel of judges and why is she wearing torn tissue papers?” Well it turned out it was…. RS Francisco. Lol. Also, please explain to me why Jonas loves wearing those Farrah Faucet sunglasses. Please, one Michael Cinco is enough. Lol

    6) The format of the questions can be reduced to these three:

    > Getting to know you (light, very relaxed questions that Steve Harvey would ask upon selecting the finalists ): funny childhood experience, what makes your laugh.

    This is supposed to be a light banter. Opportunity to show one’s charm “Hi Steve, are you happy to see me?”. So it was a turn off when girls like Annabelle McDonell plunged immediately with her Miss Universe standard replies bordering on “love and world peace” type. Chill muna for the first two questions.

    > “Serious” questions: This is the opportunity to use all your rehearsed spiel about peace, prosperity and love for all mankind.

    > “Lazada” question: Question to see how you can be a good spokesperson for a major sponsor, or by extending it further , for MUP organization.

    7) These girls are indeed prettier in motion (than in photos). Most of the girls are more charming when speaking. Faces that were not stand outs for me for the past weeks like Albay and San Juan became prettier when speaking.

    But having said that, these are the facially stunning girls during the interview : Baguio, Palawan, Makati, Pasay, Taguig.

    Overall though (presence, facial beauty, Q&A), my number one spot is with 3M: Michelle of Makati as MUP.

    World Peace.

  26. 10 best interviews :

    Davao del Norte
    Misamis Oriental (tied with Lucena)
    Bohol ( she is really a host , a good hosting job for her but not MUP )
    Cebu Province ( well done )
    Albay ( can have a shot if this batch is weak ; but this year’s batch is very strong )
    Taguig ( not a MU material , will be good for BbPilipinas )

    I feel sorry for Palawan and Pangasinan ( try next year , clearly have potential ) ; Aklan being the first was at a disadvantage , lost focus ; Baguio really worked hard but maybe not enough

    A couple of pretty faces and projection I noticed just now , a few days from final night … Iloilo City and Quezon Province

    • not Iloilo City , it is Laguna and Quezon Province … pretty faces and projection done quite fine

  27. What happened Taguig? So much stammering…..and loss of thought. She let her nerves get to her.

  28. Davao del norte and Iloilo City are smooth and calm speakers. The fluidity of their answers are just admirable! No buckling and stammering at all. Bohol and lapu lapu nailed it too!

  29. Pasay without a doubt is the most beautiful … but her microphone has problems …. but very natural … she really sounds more like a Miss Italy (who actually has a good shot at the MU crown) … dono about that mike, might be a sabotage … hehehe

  30. Misamis Oriental and Makati are both good , but Makati is way more relaxed , Misamis Or. sounds rehearsed … and facial beauty-wise , Makati wins !

  31. Lapu Lapu is a very good interviewee , answers question on point …

  32. Hanggang nandyan si MJ Lastimosa , palaging taga south ang mananalo
    .. though I donot mind Chantal Annabelle or Pauline winning it all.
    But it’s unfair to those from Luzon like Michelle Celeste Katrina and Julia
    Pls do not let MJ near the judging panel or we will continue failing at MU .
    Rabiya instead of Bella???
    Bea instead of Katrina VVV or Maureen????

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