8 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2022: Official Numbers

  1. Napansin ko lang, nakakabahala yung cut ng swimsuit ni Herlene Budol. Halos mag hello ang keps niya.

  2. International: Karen Mendoza
    Grand International: Roberta Tamondong
    Intercontinental: Anna Lakrini
    Globe: Gabrielle Basiano

    I think Tamondong has the highest probability of getting an international title, but I don’t think she’s suited for Miss International. I can’t see a beauty in this edition that totally screams Miss International, to be honest.

  3. International: Tamondong
    Grand International: Fernandez
    Intercontinental: Laurie
    Globe: Payumo
    First runner up: Valencia
    2nd runner up: Basiano

    • Tamondong for International??? Hmmm we send a Tamondong like beauty in the past ( Lubina) bombshell. It didn’t work out. Who knows. All MI winners from the Philippines are not bombshell. Kylie became one after her pageant na.

  4. Was that number supposedly allotted for Franchesca Taruc? I read somewhere, but I am not sure about the veracity of the statement, that she was removed from the roll. She stated that there are opportunities coming her way after her exclusion therefrom. Oh, well.

    Did I hear it right that Joana Rabe would replace Taruc?

    That’s all.

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