16 comments on “Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu for menstrual equity

  1. I remember a similar advocacy was presented in BWAP by the delegate from India few years ago.

    • It was Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar’s Project Shakti – regarding menstrual hygiene awareness.

  2. @jaretwrightlover, it is very important for crossovers to have a crystal clear picture of what pageants are looking for. Then, she has to adjust her personal brand and be able to distinctly project these to the public. Especially the branded ones, each pageant has a different imagery of its titlist. Each one has varying weights given to each dimension of beauty– physical, intellectual and character. To some pageants, physical beauty is not enough– scholastic and professional achievements as well as community involvements factor in considerably. To others, especially the unbranded ones, physical beauty is paramount and communication and ideation ability take a backseat.

    That’s why we see the phenomena of placers in one pageant unsuccessfully crossing over to another, or if they get accepted as official candidate, fail to clinch the crown.

  3. I am at the edge of my computer desk seat as to who will be the Leren Mae Bautista of 2022 … Leren Mae , a top 5 -ranked candidate, cv data is full of achievements, yet did not advance to the top in 2021

    Can the top 2 remain as top 2 ? I believe neither of them is going to be the Leren, …but who,who,who?

    • Because if I’m an employer and I’ll look at leren’s CV sorry nalang talaga. She was 28 when she joined mup. Nung 18-27 sya puro pagpapageant lang ginawa nya aside sa modeling. Nagwork naba sya? Ano ba ginawa nya aside sa pag bu beaucon? 🤔

      • same thing you can say about Bea Luigi , who by the way was never in my radar until 2 or three days before the pageant night … On pageant night itself, she showed the judges that she has nerves of steel, grace under pressure …

    • she is a pretty actress with great speaking skills , but is not a Pia type lovely queen ( who is also an actress but as a lovely queen , Pia is much more superb )

      • Of course you will say that because you’re Filipino. Harnaaz is just 21 when she won, Pia 26. India has a bigger entertainment industry that transcends to Africa, South Asia the Middle East, ang Pilipinas? 🤔

  4. Believe me or not menstrual issue is really not the biggest issue here sa atin thanks God. In India grabe ang tingin nila sa menstruation so Ancient 😂 they can’t go to temples and the like. Mas grabe in Nepal once the girl is having her period pinapastay sa parang kubo na parang Ewan. Maraming namatay. Madumi daw ang may menstruation. KalokA

    • Some fundamentalist Christian sects in Africa also disallow women to join worship services during their “period” on the belief that they are “unclean”.

      • @scorg – Yeah, it’s unfortunate, even the Bible considers menstruation as unclean. Refer to Leviticus chapter 15, verses 19 through 30.

      • @Casper, what is in Leviticus depicts the cultural norms during the Old Testament days. Jesus advocated a change of most rituals, traditions and customs– including this discriminatory treatment of women. This earned him the ire of the powers-that-be that led to his crucifixion. Jesus’ resurrection freed all humanity from the bondage of inequality, injustice, and poverty. That’s what Easter celebration is all about. From a Christian viewpoint, I see in Harnaaz support to menstrual equity shortly after Easter a significant message of gender equality and empowerment.

      • @scrog – Yeah, I agree. What I’m saying is that the idea that menstruation is somehow “impure” goes back thousands of years, in various different cultures, and the book of Leviticus in the Old Testament is an example of how ancient this idea is. But it’s unfortunate that even to this day, in present-day India and Nepal for example, this idea of impurity or stigma surrounding menstruation still persists. That’s why Harnaaz is taking it up as part of her advocacy.

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