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  1. Hmmm. I think that we should not further create unnecessary conflicts and diversities in this room by including politics in the discussion. There is too much negativity, loud noise, beating of the chests, and caterwauling happening in other platforms.

    Ideally, Norman’s blog (toxic sometimes as it may be), should be one of the very few venues where we won’t be bombarded who is a good presidential candidate and who is not. Who is pink, who is red. Who is green, who is blue. I will bet that 80 percent of Norman’s readers are from the rainbow coalition. Let us maintain that. It is already at the tail end of the campaign period and majority have set their candidate already.

    May 9 is just one day. Norman’s blog will last for many Singson, este Season.

    World Peace.

    • My vexing on election happenings is quite out-of-topic, but the matter is not restricted here, AFAIK. I don’t intend to invite negativity as the topic might engage some. In fact, I reverted to a pageant topic as I responded to Sjeffie.

      That’s all.

  2. Welcome to the Philippines, Queen Harnaaz! 👑

    After being distant in the first two editions of the MUP pageant, the ever amiable Chavit Singson is now ubiquitous as the annual pageant coronation nears. I thought all along that Manong Chavit has severed his ties with the MUO, including its local franchise MUP.

    Since you are near the kitchen, Tito Norms, could you clarify to us Manong Chavit’s role in MU or MUP? Is HE the silent franchise owner of MUP?

    Anyways, the election fever has taken the limelight from the pageant scene. Due to the intermittent reportage about the MUP activities, I got engaged in electoral “bardagulans” on social media. I couldn’t believe that most Filipinos have disgustingly drowned themselves from the turmoil of disinformation and misinformation. Their political leanings are mostly influenced by revisionists and apologists, in that they favor the infamous Presidentiable from a family who almost left the country bankrupt. Geez!

    That’s all.

      • Hugs, @Sjeffie.

        Notwithstanding, my hope remains extant for the better. I had joined hundreds of thousand attendees in Macapagal rally last Saturday. While the supporters of Leni-Kiko tandem came in full force, the intensity fake news brings is perilous. I just pray that the best candidate will reign after May 9.

        Back to the pageant topic. I am planning to watch the MUP finals at MOA on the 30th. I wish to meet Tito Norms, as well as some of the Blog’s resident commenters at the venue. But, how?

        That’s all.

    • @Anna, hoping we could all meet up at MOA but that’s wishful thinking of course. The last nationals I attended was MWP 2019 and that was three years ago. Flights from Bohol are fully booked especially that it’s fiesta time. By the way, Hannah Arnold and Sam Panlilio are two of national titlists who will be judging Mutya sa Tagbilaran 2022 also on April 30. This after live events took a three year hiatus in Bohol.

      • @CB, I just had this revived hope that while we come from different corners of the country (or the globe in Scorg’s case) and connect here anonymously, we can meet up. If it won’t happen on the 30th, maybe some other time. Hoping that such wish won’t spring eternal. Lol.

        I bet you are gonna watch your local pageant. I have once been in the beautiful Bohol, and I found many good-looking ladies (and gents of course) there. In fact, in this year’s edition of MUP, my ultimate bet for the crown is Miss Bohol.

        That’s all.

    • @AWL, so you’re one of those who joined the mammoth crowd last Saturday at Macapagal Avenue. I could imagine you’re a tiny speck in the over 400,000 supporters in the drone shots beamed over the internet. The way our favored presidentiable has been drawing crowds indeed belie the results of surveys. Well, being a BS Statistics degree holder, and having been a marketing research professional, I know the limitations of sample surveys that oftentimes impinge on their credibility.

      Like you, I also lament on the historical revisionism creeping the social media. So, it’s up to enlightened citizens to stand vigilantly by the truth.

  3. Beautiful. Welcome to the Philippines!

    She is a breath of fresh air in this scorching Manila summer. Her floral sleeveless attire is very apt. Sya ay naka-Sandhu. Lol.

    This early, rumor has it that the handsome son of former Crispa player, Francis Arnaiz is interested in her. If this will push through, she will be Harnaaz Arnaiz. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @THOMAS i cant see the “floral attire”… nasaan? Pa identify ko sana kay FlorTula, who is missed in this blog together with Paul ,kung anung species ng flora

      • Pasensya na…hindi nga floral, hindi rin singular. Na silaw lang ako sa colorful attire..kala ko floral.

        You are right, asan na si Flor at si Paul? Badly missed. Especially Flor’s non-sequitur replies and side comments not related to the topic. Paul went silent after Maureen Perez did not place well in Ms. World.

        I hope nag elope na lang sila at lumagay na sa tahimik. For all we know, nahulog or nag paul si Paul sa second Flor? Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Hello John! Flor and I are having our “sabbatical leave” from this blogs site. I am a bit busy campaigning for my pres. and vp candidates. But I think Flor is running for a local position somewhere in the Philippines (Metro Manila, Bohol or Ilocos). Charot! Masyado yatang nasaktan si Flor sa mga tirada sa kanya rito, that is why she is currently in hiatus. I am sure she will be back with a new screen name.

        Nandito pa rin naman ako everyday but I refrain (talaga) from commenting. I will be posting frequently after the election and in time for the Bb. Pilipinas (pasensya na at maka-Araneta ako) pageant and MWP as well. Sorry, wala akong kagana-gana sa MUP this year.

        Miss you Flor… a LOT.

        Magandang gabi sa inyong lahat.

  4. Harnaaz should visit Latin America to stare down her body-shamers who says her runner up is more deserving than her!

    Well this girl is already with an old rich guy. And so is Pia’s runner up.

    Stark contrast to Paulina Vega and Gabriela Isler who remain influential advocates.

    So MUO has been good in choosing the ladies who will become its ambassadors even after their reign.

  5. Lacks charisma … if bea talks like catriona, she could have been better in appeal..

    • Ganun?

      Well, if you had a personality like Thomas or Ana Winter-Lund & would comment with a sense of fun & creativity, maybe you’d be more appealing as well.

      • So it’s ok for you to critique candidates and not for others ????what makes you thing you are so important ???

      • Gusto mo face nd body reveal tayo, i too have an oozing appeal nd a smile like sam m.

      • @WillYam

        I’m being “meta” here, critiquing the critics. Ayaw mo pala. You want me to focus on your positives. Essentially, you want the grace & consideration you’re not willing to extend to Bea.

        Bea is already winding down her reign. She made top 5. You can’t appreciate her for that? Is it necessary to point out that she’s not a Catriona? Perhaps you have failed to note that in 70 editions of Miss Universe, there has only been one Catriona.

        @Fabian I’ve rarely thrown jabs at the delegates or camps & when I do, I have always tried to be constructive. My opinion is not more important than anyone else’s. Calm down & take your antihypertensive meds.

  6. she was really not my bet to win MU2021 among the actual top 3 , my bet was Paraguay (actually Great Britain but she did not end up in top 3) , but that was classic example of the power of the Q&A

    I hope that this guides the selection of MUP2022 , if the best in Q&A(Davao del Norte) fails to check all the other necessary & required boxes, then they must select the one who checks all the boxes (DEE!)

  7. I Singson a silent partner in MUP since they are part of flying Harnaaz to the Philippines?

  8. Thanks for sharing this scoop, its really pleasant to see Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu speaks, answering all the questions calmly but commanding, she inspires me.

    • I personally think Harnaaz’s presence inspires & challenges the women competing for the local crown to rise to global standards.

      She’s breathtaking.

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