13 comments on “The Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Preliminaries

  1. Annabelle > Michelle > Chantal
    Katrina Celeste Pauline
    Cebu Province
    I hope the winners will come from above
    I love Pauline’s presentation . Her walk on stage Liz simply classy
    Not a fan of Pangasinan Baguio or Palawan. The first 2 look too severe while the last one lis short . And Davao del Norte is just a plain Jane

  2. Rooting for Chantal, Pauline and Julia…. One of the best communicators in the batch.

  3. My top 10 for now.
    This may change after the preliminaries.
    1.) Michelle Dee
    2.) Celeste Cortesi
    3.) Katrina Llegado
    4.) Annabelle McDonald
    5.) Ghenesis Latugat
    6.) Pauline Amelinx
    7.) Ivy Borbon
    8.) Jonna Sweett
    9.) Angelika Lopez
    10.) Lou Piczon

  4. It would be unthinkable that Harnaz will be a judge for the preliminaries … but is it possible ? is it thinkable at this point , since 3 former MUs will be hosts during finals night …

  5. Who are the members of selection committee for this year’s MUP prelims and finals? Hoping for credible mixed-gender panel of judges for fair selection.

  6. Sorry OT:

    Former MUP candidates Caroline Veronilla and Princess Singh were in the top 40 of BPP?

    J. Rabe too.

  7. For sure may makakasagot ng tanong ko here, since uso ang tax topic ngayon, how is MUPh taxed? Parang normal business din ba? Sorry I have no idea about it perhaps blog readers would care to elaborate

  8. in fairness madami magaganda, so far sa mga bet ko sa past MUP nanalo or nkaplace naman.
    Good luck kay Chantal, Michelle, Celeste, Dorothy and Ghenesis 👸

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