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  1. The cheapness of the execution notwithstanding, maganda naman ang result ng photos. Umangat naman ang looks ng karamihan. Shoutout to the girls who I think nailed this shoot (in no particular order):

  2. I wouldn’t count Julia Saubier out just yet. I know she’s not considered a top choice, or even a contender, among pageant fans, but I think she’ll place higher than most of us will predict. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Julia penetrates the top five.

    • I agree, Julia Saubier is the most well- rounded achiever in this competition but she does not posses the same level of Physical Beauty compared to the other frontrunners… If she penetrates the top 5 and gives the best answer… I wonder how she would be recieved by the Filipino people, given the fact that she’s also halfie(born & raised in the Ph). I believe she should be more active on social-media using tagalog as her main language to hopefully endear her to the public and gain more following.

  3. I hope to God it’s Annabelle
    Chantal or Michelle is my alternative
    Then Katrina Celeste or Pauline

    • Yes to Annabelle. To the dismay of MWP and MEP a former Miss Millennial defeats their former queens.

      And for the third consecutive year, the MUP winner hails from the south.

      But just a minor error in styling, presentation, or QnA delivery, Michelle can easily overtake Annabelle.

  4. there is only one winner who will be the Pinas representative in MU2022 …

    one more week , one more chance to inch to the top 5 … most of them will realize that we need to send our very best to MU2022 … and will start supporting one of the five out in front ! Best of Luck !

  5. This is a seriously competitive batch if you look at the holistic view of the competition. In as much as I love Lou’s overall look in this photo, I feel like she does not exude the charm that Maxine had. It’s the effortless charm that despite having a waterloo in Q&A, her beauty is just outweighed by it.

    Now, who will have the biggest momentum come finals night? My current top 5 are: Michelle, Celeste, Katrina, Ghenesis and Chantal/Annabelle.

  6. Lou Dominique exudes class and elegance. The perfect chignon, the pose, the angle and nothing jarring with the overall styling.

    She is reminds me so much of the Miss Universe we almost have,Miriam Quiambao.

      • And look at the front runners or so called faves;

        Julia, Nicole, Michelle, Celeste, and Annabelle. They all had to POSE! Katrina was just a bit better.

        Lou (and I must add IvyLou and Angelica) sat there and just nailed it, without laboring and “looking” pretentious. ‘Just raw and pure!

      • Anonymous… it’s a photoshoot… of course they need to pose. Duh.

        You thought Michelle wasn’t effortless enough?

        And FYI, all of them are sitting comfortably on the unflattering rattan chair.

  7. Pauline, Michelle, Chantal, and Annabelle smolder
    My updated prediction:
    MUP: Schmidt
    Ist Runners up: Amelincx
    2nd runner up: Dee
    3rd runner up: Cortesi
    4th runner up: Mc Donnel

    • You have an unpopular prediction… here are mine

      The most likely scenario

      MUP Annabelle
      1RU Michelle
      2RU Lou
      3RU Katrina
      4RU Celeste

      My favored scenario

      MUP Julia
      1RU Celeste
      2RU Michelle
      3RU Annabelle
      4RU Lou

      My dream scenario

      MU 2023 Roberta lol

      • I dont get the hype of Anabelle, paki explain pls?
        I dont see her winning the crown.
        Pwede yung ibang diosa pero si Anabelle? baka runner up cguro, pwede.

      • Commanding presence
        Powerful but elegant walk
        Confident posture
        Shoulders, long neck, cheekbones
        Theatrical projections
        Clear and audible voice*
        Smart and articulate
        Radiant skin

        One thing I don’t know about. Personality. Is she nice to work with? Does she have a diva attitude?

        *only thing I think Michelle lacks

      • I want to root for Annabelle kasi check naman lahat ng sinabi mo pero nakukulangan talaga ako sa face

      • Nose isn’t perfect which is good because it means she still has some Filipina/Asian facial signatures.

        Her face is very memorable. Big expressive eyes.

  8. Seriously? Rattan chair and fake sunset?

    Lou, Ivy Lou, Michelle, and Annabelle prove that they photograph well even in a poorly conceptualized photoshoot.

    Anjeanette, Angelica and Isabel’s photos are captivating!

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