17 comments on “Meet your Exceptionally Empowered Filipinas of Miss World Philippines 2022

  1. Paula Ortega is a sure winner.
    Ms Worid, Reina or Supra.
    True beauty, true talent, true intelligence!
    Gooo @iampaulaortega

  2. Miss World: Maria Ingrid Sta Maria or Paula Ortega or Patricia Dizon

    Miss Supranational : Justine Felizarta or Maria Gigante

    Reina Hispanoamericano : Paula Ortega or Maria Ingrid Sta Maria

    Miss Eco International : Maria Gigante or Beatriz McLelland

    Miss Eco Teen : Beatriz McLelland or Simone Nadine Bornilla

    Miss Environment International : Patricia Dizon or Erika Kristensen

    Miss Multinational : Lady Justerinnie Santos or Carla Manuel

    Miss Tourism : Ashley Subijano Montenegro or Carla Manuel

    1st Princess : Lady Justerinnie Santos or Ashley Subijano Montenegro

    2nd Princess : Simone Nadine Bornilla or Gwendolyne Fourniol

  3. Sam Santamaria has great potential for Miss Surpranational. Sadly, I don’t see a Miss World in the making among these contestants. If only Pauline joined here, she would be that one

  4. Are there 7 titles, plus Miss Eco Teen?

    The veterans and the familiar faces stood out:

    Felizarta, Gigante, Subijano Montenegro, Ortega, Santamaria, Tiquestiques.

    I also like Dizon, Teng, and Manuel.

  5. My fearless prediction at this early stage of competetion:
    World: Montenegro
    Ecointernational: Felizarta
    Hispanoameticana: Ortiga
    Environment International: Furniol
    Tourism: Sta. Maria
    Multinational: Black
    Supranational: possibly Aberrasturri by appointment

  6. Norman, so there a total of 36 OFFICIAL DELEGATES in this years’ MWP pageant. The name MARIE LOUISE is actually MAUIE LONG.

      • Actually her full name is Marie Louise “Maui” Javier Long from Bulacan. She is the current Bb. Bulacan World.

      • Tito Norms, wala po sa listahan ang name ni Steffi Aberasturi. Dahil po ba ito sa sya na ang automatic appointee for Ms. Supranational?

    • During the announcement of candidates, social media missed the name of TSINA JADE CHU and indicated 35 delegates repeatedly at various media outlets. After checking the MWP facebook account, the name of Tsina Jade Chu was mentioned.

    • Queen’s court :

      Dizon, Patrcia
      Manuel, Carla

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