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  1. I would love Anna Valencia to win but in my opinion, BPCI should send a delegate who speaks Filipino. I find it odd when a PH delagate do not understand and do not speak our national language.

  2. I saw some of the ladies nun nag pass ng app. anna valencia is so pretty. Iza calzado like na tisay. Karen laurie improved but pls kf work on the slouch or make her gain 5 lbs. Michelle arceo nakita ko din but hindi nasama
    Chelsea fernandez looks artistahin
    Lahat Ng dyosa nasa binibini

  3. Bb. Pilipinas Intl- Karen Mendoza, ramdam na ramdam ko na inaral niyang mabuti kung paano maging MI prototype
    Bb. Pilipinas Grand Intl- Nicole Budol, laruso naman kasi sa Miss Grand, kaya ipagkatiwala natin yan kay Nicole…kering keri niya yan lalo na at anjan ang KF.
    Bb. Pilipinas Globe- Ibigay nyo yan kay Roberta…I feel the vibes of Maureen Montagne sa kanya…posible pa ang b2b.
    Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental- Gab Basiano, posible na first ru sa next edition ng MIC

    Pwede pa din yang mabago…ito naman eh kuru-kuro lang.

  4. I like hipon. Miss globe or runner up for her. Simple English is fine in an international competition. Confidence and common sense counts a lot.
    Hipon has a lot of time to catch up.✌️♥️💚

    • Yung puting South African who works for Supra demanded bpci na sila na dapat daw top crown (this was in early 2020) as revealed by Gandhi Fernando. Di pumayag bpci haleer mi over Ms? 😂

      • @ Yna- bakit ganon sis eh hindi din naman highest title sa nilipatan nito ang Miss Supra…parang may mali…naku, malakas ang vibes ko babalik ang supra sa BPCI but not anytime soon.

  5. BARDAGULAN! Wish MU and MS franchises are still with BPCI. Napakaraming crown worthy rito.

  6. Btw, Anna Valencia Lakrini is physicaly gorgeous… But I wonder about her personality…. Looks very promising though… Leme research more about her.. hmmmmm????

    • I heard good things about her, although I haven’t seen any other pics (besides her pics here). From other comments, may striking resemblance daw kay Hannah Arnold (beauty wise).

      • OooOoòohhhhh… I actually never heard of her proor to binibini… Let’s see if she has the right attitude… Hopefully she would pass the several tests of character…hehehe hmmmmmmmm???!?!?

  7. I love Roberta Tomondong… I think she could actually win the highest crown this year… One thing she could improve on when it comes to her interview skills is by not just focusing on what is superficial… She said she’ll train in the pasarela and Q&A… What she needs to do starting now is not just make it about herself than focusing on the basics pageantry which I think she already mastered… focus on why you are doing this not just because it’s your dream…focus on who and what you are fighting for? What will you use this platform for aside from increasing your own market value? If you become the winner which is basicaly a spokesperson, what will you speak about??? And please stop mentioning pageant clichés like pasarela, Q&A, etc. Whenever you are given a mike always take it as an opportunity to speak about what matters to you… what do you believe in, speak about specific things you want to happen to make this world a better place. thats all.. 😚

  8. My Top 11 for now in Random Order:

    (Herlene) Nicole Budol
    Nicole Borromeo
    Roberta Tomondong
    Gabrielle Bassiano
    Graciella Lehmann

    Chelsea Fernandez
    Franchesca Taruc-
    Karen Laurie Mendoza-
    Cyrille Payumo
    Diana Mackey

    Joana Ricci Alajar-
    Mary Justinne Punsalang- my sentimental fave who reminds me of Ariela Arida..

  9. My fearless prediction at this very early stage of competetion
    International: Tamondong
    Grand International: Basiano
    Intercontinental: Laurie
    Globe: Payumo
    Runners up: Valencia

  10. Did they intentionaly place the darling of masses, (Herlene) Nicole Budol right after the classy heirress Nicole Borromeo?! This situation could become a double-edged sword… I wouldn’t be surprised if they would still be right next to each other after the official numbering is made. I wonder what is going on in the head of whoever came up with that but I see several possible effects … like could Nicole B’s classy demeanor ruboff on Herlene?..or at least, could Herlene be forced to act classy since she would be succeeding what I expect to be a class act each and every turn? or Could one of them bully the other like Nicole B could possibly have a discriminating elitist attitude towards Herlene or Herlene would develop a defense mechanism to hide her inferiority complex toward Nicole B? Would it be like Night and Day or Day and Night where in an outstanding classy performance would be suceeded by a disaster that could potentialy go viral?! Would there be conflict between the two? Would Herlene gather enough friends to rally against Nicole B or vise Versa?.. Would they be the Queen B of two cliques? Would it like a scene from Mean Girls? Would they actually become friends in this stiff competition?! Would the public pit them against each other? A&Q VS. KF?! I don’t know what’s actually going to happen.. but for sure both would be extremely talked about.. And everyone would eventually become very famillar with Nicole Borromeo for standing next to Hipon the social-media viral sensation. Whoever came up with this is a freakin pot-stirring genius! I wonder if it is SMA herself who’s the diabolical mastermind behind all this…🤔🤨🙄😒😬😅

    • I think they intentionally announced most of the anticipated aspirants in the last 5 slots, including Roberta Tamondong, Graciella Lehmann plus the two Nicoles.

      • True… I wonder why Hipon dropped her 1st name and used Nicole when she obviously has a frontrunner namesake? Was this her camp’s strategy or was this suggested by BBP?

  11. Just saw the video of the announcement. OMG, Roberta was like a VS Angel with her amazingly lean body. Diana, Anna and Gabby are giving the face. But Jasmin is bringing an A game with strong stage presence and fresh confidence!

    This will be very difficult.

  12. Payumo and Basiano are my personal favs and they should give them the lesser prestigious crowns to gain international experience , and then train and join MUP two , three years from now …

    Payumo already has experience , so a must crown for Basiano !

    I think they will give BbInternational to Tamondong (Mackey & Mendoza will also be fighting for it)

  13. No Princess Singh, Michelle Arceo, Emmanuelle Vera, Joanna Rabe? Or did they back out? Sino pa po ang expected but missed the cut?

  14. WOW. Thank you for that quick updates sa BBP.
    So far here are my TOP PICK for this batch.

    Miss International – KAREN LAURRIE MENDOZA
    Miss Grand Int’l – GRACIELLA LEHMAN
    Miss Intercontinental – DIANA MACKEY

    I also like Roberta Tamondong to win but I feel that she is still too young, she’s ONLY 19!
    She still need to polish her comm. skills.
    And regarding NICOLE BUDO, if she plans to use Tagalog in pageant, it would be very much difficult to win any of those crowns. Hindi nya kakayanin ang dami ng English media interviews sa International stage.

    @Dear pageant readers, sorry for jumping to another topic. Just a quick question regarding the communication skills. Are there any school or training that teaches strong English vocabularies/idioms/grammar/public speaking? I also feel so intimated whenever I read the high caliber of English of other pageant fanatics in Norma’s blog. I can relate to others who didn’t grow up in an environment where people speak very fluent English so I still struggle a little whenever I communicate in English. Any recommendation would be highly appreciated!

    • Ana Winter-Lund, Thomas & Scorg Academe of Speech and Personality Training po ang meron. Sila ang royal highness dito sa blog. Baka matulungan ka sa englishan ng mga bruha. Sila po idol ko dito. har jar har

  15. This crop of contestants shows how competitive this BBP edition is.

    Because some who, in previous standards, are a shoo-in to the Top 40 didn’t make it to the cut.

    Congratulations to these 40 ladies!

    • Nyca Bernardo, who failed to enter MUP 2022 Top 32 is in this Top 40,

      Quits lang 🙂

      • Duhhh MUP is voting challenges etc not just physical attributes. Makakapasok ba yung 5″1 sa bbp? Not in a million years or at least in 1994. 😂

      • @Lymaraina physical attributes ba? bakit kaya pala pasok si Hipon Girl? 🙂

      • @Lymaraina, and insulting short women haha, okay grandma let’s go to bed. Kaya wala ng edukadong tao ang sumeseyoso sa mga pageants eh dahil sa ganyang mindset haha. Anyways, continue licking Nawat’s a** nalang since match naman ng criteria nya mga konserbatib standards nyo 🙂

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