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  1. I just read your reactions to my comment above @Casper and @Closer2Fame. @Casper, I never wrote “pure” gold, I stated “solid” gold and in jewelry appraisal system, there is a marked difference. Pure gold is 24 karats, that’s for sure, as it does not have any other metals or alloys added. And yes, “pure” gold is too soft and too malleable that’s why it is usually mixed with other metals so it could be made more wearable. What is referred to as “solid” gold in jewelry terms means the item is neither hollow nor has brass core that is simply electroplated or dipped in gold. What you might be referring to as “pure” has something to do with karatage that indicates purity, or how much of the metal in a piece of jewelry is gold which could be 24 karats (pure), 22k gold (22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of other alloys), 18k (18 parts of pure gold, and 4 parts other alloys), so on and so forth. In the Philippines and the US, solid gold jewelry can be 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, or 10k. 10k is the lowest amount of pure gold you can have before the metal becomes no longer considered gold. In the UK, 9k is the lowest amount of gold content for a jewelry to be considered gold.

    As far as my source is considered as to the materials of the crown, it was Diane Castillejo in her report in TV Patrol at the Gala Night (see it on the ABS-CBM News Youtube channel) and I quote: “…binubuo ito ng mga diamante at gintong perlas mula South Sea…” Then, she followed it up with an interview with Albert Andrada wherein he said, quote: “and what’s nice about it, they are all yellowish gold and pearls.” Whether I misconstrue those statements well, I have an inkling that Jewelmer may post a video (just like what Villarica did) on “making the crown.” I do not make up stories here.

    @Closer2Fame, when I wrote “I don’t bother so much on symbolisms,” take it at face value. Because if I am to put meanings and symbolisms into the design, I could maybe say the following: “The top element of the design is reminiscent of the rays of the sun of our flag that shines brightly towards a progressive future that we aspire; the circular rings of the base represent the chain of unity of our regions with varying languages and vernaculars and subcultures; the wavy intricate patterns that point upwards show our determination as a people to surmount the waves of challenges that come our way,” etc. No matter what the design elements actually represent, I would be as sold to them as the design per se.

    • Thanks for the clarification Beth. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but I read somewhere that Jewelmer put the estimated worth of the crown at 5 million pesos. That’s roughly only $100,000 which I think is on the low side if those are natural diamonds, not counting the other cost of the gold, pearls and craftsmanship and labor.

      Looking at the crown, the diamonds look to be mostly in the range of 0.25 carats or less, but several stones appear to be in the range of 0.5 carats. It appears that there are probably about at least 200 round-cut stones by my visual estimate. If these were natural diamonds, the cost of the diamonds alone would far exceed $100,000 (5 million pesos). Then you add the cost of the pearls, etc.

      So I’m guessing these are probably lab grown diamonds? synthetic and lower cost, yes — but technically, yes, these are still diamonds since they are identical in chemical structure to the real thing, except they are cultured and grown in a lab. What have you heard?

      It would be great if Jewelmer would post something about how the crown was made and who designed it.

      Synthetic diamonds or not, the new crown is lovely.

  2. Maganda yung crown pero pangit yung mga candidates merong dalawa kaya lang yung communication skills walay.

  3. I like this crown better than all previous ones for several reasons. First of all, it’s made of real solid gold, encrusted with real diamonds, and embellished with real (cultured) south sea pearls (our national gemstone). That fact alone quashes every rhinestone and plated crown in the past. Its golden monochromatic design makes it tasteful and will not clash with any dress that the wearer dons. Making it yellow gold rather than white gold is also a wise move to avoid it being compared with the silvery Mouawad crowns. The height is just enough to make it impactful yet not too heavy for the wearer to endure. I won’t bother so much about symbolisms or what not – anyone can put meaning to anything and that’s just plain marketing ploy.

    The moniker for this particular crown simply means “The Sea in all its Majesty” (an ode to our archipelago). We see what we see and it’s either we like it or not. This one I definitely like. If there’s one small suggestion that I would throw in is reshaping the straight base into an inverted V like that of the Mikimoto Phoenix crown. It’s actually not just a design element (complimenting the face of the wearer) but Japanese technology had adopted some science to it. The inverted V base of the front and the diagonal back of said crown provide the right balance when worn by women of various head shapes and sizes without the need for pins to stabilize it (one of the reasons why the Mikimoto is a fave). Catriona, Natalie, and Zuleyka mentioned this in their past TV guesting. Otherwise, I’m sold with this one.

    • Solid gold? Real diamonds? Where did you read that? Most gold used in jewelry is between 12 and 18 karats only, because pure gold is so soft that it can deform under its own weight so it has to be mixed with other metals to give it hardness. So obviously this crown, as you claim, studded with so many “real diamonds” is not made of “real solid gold”.

    • @Beth


      “I won’t bother so much about symbolisms or what not – anyone can put meaning to anything and that’s just plain marketing ploy.” – @Beth

      Welll to me its an opportunity to educate our fellow Filipinos while showcasing our culture to the world… Anyway, to each his own. 🙄

  4. I like this than the previous one. How I wish they add some more of our national symbols.

  5. Beautiful crown, elegantly designed and crafted. Way better than last year’s. To all the candidates, good luck in your quest for this crown and title which are wanted by many but won by so few.

    • They should rather not, @miss tissa. I see smaller crowns on runners-up’s heads as consolation only, and do not add highlight on their placements.

      They should instead be given more monetary rewards and perks as runners-up, considering their effort and expenses spent for the pageant.

      That’s all.

  6. Annabelle vs Michelle vs Chantal
    Any of these 3 can rightfully rep our country to MU

      • Well … si Cindy puro ngipin rin… pero puro utak naman katulad ni annabelle… kaya coronahan n c annabelle😁🤣

      • Pano mo nasabing hyped eh bashed nga palagi… ako lng ang yata ang mg push n pwede cyang coronahan kc ang pagpili ko based sa utak hindi sa face value..

    • Ikaw pang apat na tough shundidate. Ikaw ang plate natatapakan ng mga tough 10 sa stej. Tsupi! AMBAHO MOOOOOO!!!!!

  7. This surely looks better than the first crown. This looks Filipino without using the blue and red colors (and the disproportionately huge pearls). They should keep this one for a long time, like what they do in Miss World or Miss Earth. Let’s make this crown iconic.

    ALTHOUGH, sana hindi ganun yung pangalan nung crown. Very trying hard pakinggan. Nakaka-cheap tuloy. It would have been better if it were named after a deep Tagalog word (like Marilag crown, which means beautiful) or a word from another Filipino dialect, para on brand pa rin.

    • I wouldn’t even mind if they called it Dyesebel or something haha loljk

      Ang odd lang talaga ng language of choice

    • Maybe because one of the founders of Jewelmer was French. His son, Jacques Christophe Branellec (in the blue suit, 2nd pic) is now CEO of Jewelmer.

      Note the “mer” in Jewel”mer,” the French word for sea (ngayon ko lang nagamit ang high school French ko lol). I guess the company wanted to highlight the Filipino & French roots of the brand. Their current brand ambassador is also French Pinay, Solenn Heussaff.

      Hindi ako matalino, ha, I only know this information because the Jewelmer farms are in my province, Palawan.

      P.S. I feel like this would have been information Flor would’ve shared with us in that uniquely meandering but poetic voice of hers. Flor has been missing for a while now, I pray she is ok, wherever she might be.

      • Oh okay. Thanks for the info.

        I still don’t feel like it’s reflective of a “Miss Universe Philippines” or whatever the pageant stands for.

        But that’s just me 🙂


    • @Closer2Fame… as the culture and history expert what would you have called the crown instead of the french name? Thanks

      • I don’t think I have the right to name it since I did not create it.. but if I really have to, I’d name it after one of our pre-colonial kingdoms or something connected to our ancient mythologies to make people research about our history and culture…. To be honest, I find the name a tad bit inapropriate since I know that French is the language of European nobility. It’s like we’re saying that Caucasians are our main target market which is true though for Jewelmer…. “La Mer en Majesté” which translates to “The Sea in Majesty” doesn’t give me the feeling of patriotism that I would be looking for in something that needs to be iconic for Filipinos.

  9. The first two MUPH titlists also clinched the Best in Swimsuit awards. Will it happen again this year?

    Even with all the overhauling and the seeming emphasis on personality and achievements, at the end of the day, it is still a beauty pageant.

    Oops, competition rather because MUO has quietly dropped sans fanfare the word pageant which is synonymous with old school glamour and ostentatious display of inanities and frivolity.

    May the most beautiful, self- assured lady wins it all.

    • Hindi parin ako naka get over with Rabiya winning the swimsuit award. With her that body that time??

  10. The crown is much better than last year’s. I just hope it is adjustable to fit any size of heads. The crown is unique and I like the color and design.

  11. Congratulations to MUP. Fabulous preliminary events just like this Fashion Gala show that the organization is not leaving any stone unturned. Bonga! It’s as if bumabawi from the past two restricted years in staging MUP. Even vloggers from other countries are covering us now.

    The crown is gorgeous. Not garish nor gaudy. Simple but it looks expensive and timeless. I hope that as part of their branding, this crown will not going to be changed again next years.

    Michelle seems to be sealing this competition. She is one of my top three candidates. I just hope she will really improve in the speaking department, be more vibrant in her tone instead of adopting the pa – chill, nasal sounding demeanor. But yes, she is leading the pack at this point. The rest may want to call for a media conference this Sunday at Razon’s (halo-halo. Way better than Manila Pen’s) and ask Michelle to withdraw. Lol.

    Good to see that newbies like Baguio and Iloilo Province are also getting noticed.

    No need for Rabiya and Bea to be ceremoniously crowned with this new crown. This is not their time anymore. Let the spotlight shine on the new queen.

    Again, congratulations MUP.

    World Peace.

    • True, I’m not a really a fan ng papalit-palit ng korona every year, mas maganda kasi tignan yung same crown design sa multiple winners like Miss World, napepreserve yung brand at meaning nung korona kapag nakikitang pinapassdown from generation to generation

      • Oh wag kayo magalit mga Thailand bootlickers haha, hindi naman masama magpalit every year, kung gusto i-flex and budget sige lang. There’s just something cool kapag same ang crown ng mga titleholders sa isang pageant. Miss World crown nga oh, ilang generations na yung dinaanan nung current crown nila kaya ang ganda tignan ng most of MW titleholders wearing the same crown

      • Ditto.. I don’t know but I have this notion that Prestige is attached to the same crown that has passed on to all the winners for such a long period of time i.e. Miss World and Miss International. Similar to an antique jewelry that is passed on from generation to generation.

    • True, I’m not a really a fan ng papalit-palit ng korona every year, mas maganda kasi tignan yung same crown design sa multiple winners like Miss World, napepreserve yung brand at meaning nung korona kapag nakikitang pinapassdown from generation to generation

      • Lol. Push that intergenerational crown sentiment. How nice it is to see a Baby Boomer crown passed on to a Gen Z???

  12. From the organization that boldly kept pageantry pulsating with life on this side of the universe, even during the darkest days of this deadly pandemic, the unveiling of the La Mer En Majeste crown shortly after Easter carries a significant meaning for the Covid-weary Filipinos who are known to celebrate beauty year-round. Yes, the sea surrounding this archipelago “gifts us with something phenomenal, something uniquely beautiful…” that keeps on rekindling the tenacious spirit of Filipinos that will not yield to any pandemic, natural or political. The country eagerly looks forward to that Big Crowning Event by month-end to savor the comeback of the live pageantry that the we used to know and to show to the world that the Philippines is indeed the epicenter of global pageantry development.

  13. the crown’s diameter needs to be slightly expanded for it to curve outward. I hope this can be adjusted so it could fit any head shape.

    I hope that Rabiya and Bea get to wear it once and have a photoshoot with it. Rabiya especially. She deserves a princess like treatment after the pandemic quashed all of that.

    • I completely agree! Rabiya needs some retro-queen treatment.

      Which led me to ask, why is LAZADA nowhere to be found in current edition?

      • Sponsors come and go but good point. Maybe they did not get and ROI from sponsoring last time. Or it could have been just a one-time thing. Who knows.

  14. It’s beautiful.

    I just wish they didn’t try so hard in terms of naming it. I mean… we’re not exactly a Francophone nation. Ang pretentious tuloy ng arrive 🙃

  15. After the Gala, I think Michelle just sealed her win. Anlakas ng stage presence
    Then Celeste (very pretty), Annabelle, Pauline. and that lady who came out 5th in the 1st batch; the one who donned a sequined top and red bottom (can somebody tell me who she is as she can be the Beatrice this year)
    Be aware of Pangasinan as well.
    I almost didn’t recognize Katrina, something was weird in her gaze.
    Albay’s face is kinda scary. Seriously though!!!!

  16. this crown looks lovely especially on a short-haired queen with killer legs , Michelle Dee for MU 2022 !

    Or Celeste

    Completing my top 10 are these 8 lovelies !
    Misamis Oriental
    Davao del Norte
    Cebu City

  17. Anyway, I have watched the gala tonight courtesy of a Pageant FB Page.

    Indeed, the MUPO is seriously working their butt off to give pageant fans a refreshing and posh vibe we ever deserved. The event was pulled off with a lot of class. It deserves commendation from the international spectators.

    I am sure the preparation for the Big Event is well-ironed. I am now excited for the most anticipated and (ibigay na natin, tutal naman pinakainaabangan ang MUP because sa pageant na ito pinipili ang rep natin sa pinakapaborito nating Miss Universe pageant) most prestigious pageant in the Philippines. Bravissima!

    That’s all.

    P.S. Grabe, ang sarap gurlitan ni Shamcey. Ang ganda pa rin n’ya, mas maganda pa s’ya sa mga kandidata. Hindi talaga s’ya nagpakabog.

      • O, ‘di Miss Earth Philippines is the most prestigious for having done virtual pageant for two in a row? Happy na? Lol.

        That’s all.

  18. Beautiful!

    But for some reasons, I like the previous not as prettier crown, “Filipina”.

    Except for the pearls, not so much Filipino symbolisms in this one although it looks really expensive.

    Fittingly, this year’s MUPH edition looks more expensive compared to the previous editions.

    Hoping for an extravagant finals night!

      • Well, I’m impressed by the number of sponsorships they gathered!

        I’m sure MUO is very pleased.

        Pageantry is still a booming industry in the Philippines. Let’s see if there will be a good turnout in MOA Arena. I think that’s the biggest share revenue before the new queen gets to do her endorsement duties.

      • #MUPhBeLike

        If you don’t like me & still watch everything I do … b-tch, you’re a fan.


      • Naimpress ka rin no? haha kaya gawa ka nalang ng reason para mainvalidate yung pagiging impressed mo

      • The crown’s embellishments are a lot more harmonious than last year’s. But the shape of the crown still looks unpleasant to me. If the crown designer copies the top section holding a centered pearl and puts four of them in each side, then the crown would look elegant and regal. Good thing, the crown is not bigger than the head of a would-be wearer.

        Whoever wears this crown must know the essence of the title and the sash she is representing. Is she Celeste, Michele, Katrina or Pauline?

        For now, Celeste is the most favorite candidate for the crown, and it is hers to lose if she can’t keep the fire burning. Pauline seems doing the know-when-to-peak formula, and is ready to surprise us all a week from now.

        Anyway, here’s a joke running…

        Pauline, Katrina, and Chantal had a meeting, asking Michele to withdraw from the contest, so that each of them could have a better chance of beating Celeste from the race. Would Michele heed their call? 😝

        That’s all.

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