9 comments on “Aces & Queens for Miss World Philippines 2022

  1. The initial impression created by this list appears to be that A&Q is fielding its new brains-and-beauty recruits for MWP. As an opening salvo for MWP’s search for “Exceptionally Empowered Woman”, is A&Q trying to draw the “battle lines” for this pageant’s newly-minted tagline?

    • Note that MWP is a franchisee of two leading Europe-based branded pageants, MW and MS. The messaging A&Q seems to send is the formulaic strategy of matching the branding template of these international pageants with the personal brands of its fielded aspirants.

      • Scorg miss supranational though with it’s new tagline is still looking for the traditional Supermodel type woman with gorgeous face and beautiful body. Sana we send a tall sexy and of course smart woman. Being smart and being 5″5 is not enough.

      • @Yna, since MS brand building is still in its infancy stage, I believe its “Aspirational. Inspirational” tagline is still evolving. The evolution naturally starts with the traditional physical dimension of beauty. But I am positive MS brand will soon evolve into the more holistic concept of beauty as it looks for an inspirational spokesperson who can sell ideas effectively. Who knows if that evolution can be fast-tracked by a brains-beauty-values “Exceptionally Empowered Filipina”.

      • Scorggg MS is based in Poland. They have their beauty types there. It’s not a woke country too.

  2. will steffi aberesturi become MWP Supranational 2022 ala dindi pajares ? good choice

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