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  1. Twice , the MUPO did not do it right
    They chose Rabiya over Bella the first time
    Then they did Bea over Katrina Maureen or VVV the second time
    I hope they do it right this time around

    • I don’t think anyone of the above could have placed better than Beatrice.
      Beatrice was the perfect choice.
      On Rabiya, it could have been but Rabiya had simply outshined everyone during her edition’s finals.
      The good thing about MUPH is they don’t simply rely on who are considered as frontrunners but they judge the candidates fairly specially during the preliminarily and finals performances.
      Both Rabiya and Beatrice are proof to that.

  2. This is where we’re gonna see the “aurahan, pasiklaban and bakbakan” to the max! Prelims performance is very important because this will make or break the candidates’ dream to reach for the finals and ultimately win the coveted title! So let the battle begin!

  3. It will be easier to predict the winner once we know the final judges. An all-female panel will likely favor someone with a balance of substance, confidence and beauty in that order. A mixed-panel will likely pick someone with beauty-confidence and substance in that order.

    If MUP keeps its track record of sending an under-the-radar or fresh face to MU then I am going to give Chantal big chances of winning with her A&Q linkage, and ease during interviews.

    However, I feel like Michele Dee still has the edge- beauty queen pedigree and experience, cosmopolitan upbringing, classic Asian features, and a well-oiled machinery for a formidable campaign to top 5 or even winning MU.

  4. Excited about this:

    The girls who will likely top the preliminaries

    Best in interview: Amelincx, Schmidt, Saubier

    Best in swimsuit: Cortesi, Dee, Llegado

    Best in evening gown: Schmidt, Dee, Llegado

    • Interview: Orcena, Caro, McDonnell

      Swimsuit: Cortesi, Dee, Schmidt

      Evening Gown: Llegado, Piczon, Dee

  5. My top 10 in random order before prelims:

    Michelle Marquez Dee
    Katrina Llegado
    Celeste Cortesi
    Julia Saubier
    Pauline Amelinckx

    Ghenesis Latugat
    Angelika Lopez
    Annabelle Mcdonald
    Ivylou Borbon
    Lou Piczon

  6. Global pageantry is in a state of flux, triggered by IT’s impact on the market landscape and jolted by the pandemic. Attempts to reimagine the traditional business model are evident, with recent efforts toward advocacy-centric platform-based branding. MS is the most visible recent joiner to the league of branded pageants MU, MW and ME. New entrants to the global industry come in with environment-themed bravado. Obviously, the business direction for pageantry is towards alignment with the dynamics of the Millennial and Gen Z markets– now the world largest and most influential consumers who happen to patronize products with brands which are congruent with their values. This implies that whoever is chosen as the spokesperson for the brand must have the personality to effectively “sell” ideas, not products. That personality invariably is beyond the physical, but more towards the intellectual and core values.

    • Having said these, I believe the selection panel of MUP will eventually choose from among these outstanding Uniquely Beautiful ladies someone who best exudes that Impactfully Beautiful vibe.

      Joyous Easter to everyone.

  7. Whoever delivers the most convincing answer and who appeals to be the most authentic and engaging on the coronation night will win the crown.

  8. My top 8 before the preliminaries:
    Michelle Dee
    Katrina Llegado
    Celeste Cortesi
    Ghenesis Latugat
    Angelika Lopez
    Annabelle Mcdonald
    Ivylou Borbon
    Lou Piczon

    • Brave ang predictions mo! Brave, because you didn’t include fan faves Pauline and Julia, but I do agree with you! Let the thumbs down rain.

      If only 8, I will include Chantal, minus IvyLou. If top 10, I will include Chantal and Jeanne (Davao del Norte). Vanessa (such a good speaker) will be bubbling.

      • Chantal is my no. 9 for now
        Pauline is no. 10 and that is the highest placement she can get this year

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