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  1. @Regina shut your mouth.

    I don’t care who you support,

    But it is obvious that you are a Katrina and Celeste-hater.

  2. McDonell looks definitely more Asian minus the height and complexion. Malakas Ang asian side nya.

  3. In my opinion, if I’ll be the judge, regardless of the language they are proficient in,.. All the front runners particularly the Top 3 most popular girls are beautiful and well-qualified to represent the Philippines but the big question is who among these frontrunners can win Miss Universe? One thing I am looking for is who among them can engage people when she speaks… one who shares her struggles and can inspire millions to be the better version of themselves.. One who could potentialy unite everyone for the greater good. If one of these girls creates that charming speech that could provide everyone that epiphany, then that girl desserves to win the crown.

  4. Can’t wait to see Beatrice pass the crown to a girl who can speak (so not Celeste Cortesi)

    Other than being mentally challenged, Celeste is literally the worst beauty queen in the batch. She has been living in the PH for the past 4 years yet never bothered to learn Filipino or any other native language. Her native language and upbringing are 100% Italian. She also has no formal education behind her back. She is literally just a rich foreigner who decided to live in the PH and rest on her beauty.

    Sending her to MUPH is like sending an Italian model to wear the Philippine sash.


    • Like Pia and Catriona, Celeste’s mother is Filipina, so she’s entitled to claim Filipino citizenship based firmly on Philippine nationality law upon the principles of jus sanguinis — citizenship through right of blood.

      Celeste already represented the Philippines in an international pageant — Miss Earth — a few years back, so why would it be an issue now if she wants to compete to represent her country in Miss Universe?

      I do not know how familiar she is with the Filipino language, but it is a difficult language to master if you’re an adult and starting from zero. I do give her credit for improving her English, which she also had to learn from scratch as an adult.

      Your point about her being a rich foreigner who decided to live in the PH and rest on her beauty — there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

    • Baks, dapat ang una mong iquestion eh si Lorraine Schuck at ang Carousel. Tanong mo sa kanila bakit pinapanalo nila si Celeste base sa mga pinaglalabn mo. Nakapasok si Celeste sa MUPh kasi qualified siya base sa hinihinging requirements…pag nanalo sya dapat sina Mama J ang questionin mo. Kasalanan ba ni Celeste na maganda at mayaman siya??? Aber, sagutin mo yan baks.

    • Of the 32 delegates, THIRTEEN are HALFIES: Jona Sweett (Fil/Australian), Julia Saubier (Fil/French), Elsa Schumacher (Fil/American), Pauline Amelinckx (Fil/Belgian), Chantal Schmidt (Fil/German), Jedidah Korinihona (Fil/Solomonese), Jewel Palacat (Fil/Scottish), Sashi Chiesa (Fil/Swiss/Italian), Anjeanette Japor (Fil/Indonesian), Michelle Dee (Fil/Chinese), Anabelle McDonnell (Fil/British), Celeste Cortesi (Fil/Italian), Danielle Camcam (Fil/American).

      • Danielle Camcam is the sister of Emmanuelle Vera (Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2021) who herself pretty much looks a hafu.

      • Danielle Camcam is the sister of Emmanuelle Vera (Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2021) who herself pretty much looks a hafie….correction.

        *Hafu is half Japanese.

    • Mas NAKAKAHIYA naman sa iyo, Regina! Sa pagka magna cum laude mo!

      Listen, most of us here are normal readers/commenters who are passionate for our bets. Honestly, we go overboard sometimes because of that passion.

      But there’s no saving you, and no justification for you. You are just harsh! From this one post alone, you managed to describe Celeste as mentally challenged and Celeste/Katrina to be both brain dead. Katrina graduated cum laude. I pointed her out, too, because I felt like her thinking to talking ability is a little slow. But not to the extreme of calling her brain dead. I do not know her to describe her as brain dead.

      I will choose the above two before you, no matter how insecurely you’re promoting yourself above all of us! There’s just no education for manners and etiquette! Either you have it or you don’t, and sadly, you don’t. Be kind, try it!


  5. To me, any one of the 32 deserves the crown. In its pure form, a pageant is a spectacular procession or celebration, especially one involving costumed participants. In this context, I learned to look at all pageants not so much as a contest where one beautiful person is pitted against another, but a friendly sharing, a celebration if you will, of each one’s unique inner and outer beauty. In this celebration, everybody wins—including the fans, organizers and corporate sponsors. If one is chosen to carry the crown and the country’s sash in the international edition of the same, it simply signifies that in the eyes of the selection panel, she best represents the collective ideals of every equally deserving participant.

    • I noted from Google that during Gemma Cruz’ triumph at Miss International in 1964, the pageant ws called Miss International Beauty Congress. The ascription to “congress” instead of “contest” already says a lot about the intent and the content of that pageant. No wonder, our brains, beauty and values representative got the title handily.

  6. Externally, Michelle Dee is the clear favorite.

    However, in watching her speak from her videos she comes across rehearsed and insincere.
    In addition her being a former MWP may prove to be a deterant when it comes to her likeability. She cannot come across like the MUP crown is entitled to her. I mean she is definitely no Catriona Gray.

    Most important she belongs to the KF beauty camp. The four year top 5/runner up streak was broken by MJ Lastimosa’s top 10 finish in 2014. The nine year top 10 streak was shattered in 2019 by Gazini Ganados.

    The twelve year semifinal placement streak is on the line. If KF’s Dee wins MUP and does not place in the MU pageant well…let’s just say “hell has no fury like the scorn of the legions of Filipino pageant fans.”

    I’m rooting for Michelle. But there is insurmountable pressure for her and KF’s R.Flores to place or else his rep as not winning the big one will continue.

    Thank you and good tidings to all the MUP hopefuls.

  7. For me Michelle Dee is Philippines’ best chance for MU2022. Cortesi is so beautiful but there’s something in her that suggests she’s not it. Maybe this is not Cortesi’s year.

  8. Again, Bohol is Miss Universe Philippines 2022! Wag na muna mag experiment, don na muna tayo sa complete package…wag na ulitin yung kay Rabiya…OMG…di na ko na kilala di Rabiya pag nakita sa tv vs nung nanalo siya sa MUPh. Bilang tayo ng mga 25-30 yrs sasabihin niyan na she regrets being a MUPh…charizzz

    • There is no way that Ms Bohol will win this time.
      She already lost her spark halfway through the finals.
      I don’t have anything against Pauline but based on the BTS of their pictorials, she seems to already have lost her drive and spirit. That face and smile of someone who knows she’s not gonna win. Highest placement would be top 10.

  9. Basta kahit effort niyo mga tao kahit pabonggahan pa kayo ng National pageants it can’t be denied that MU is losing its glam. Second rate performers and not so good live show anymore. It seems that mas bongga pa nga ang MUT kesa sa MU mismo. Please NBC/Universal buy MUO. nakakaloka

    • Sadly, pageants are deemed to be ‘the thing of the past” kung mga outsiders ang tatanungin, kaya I doubt new management will bring things up

      • Yes ang mga Pinoy/Thais/Indos lang ang hayok na hayok sa pageants and third world countries in Latin America. Dios MiO Marimar sino bang desenteng negosyante bibili nyan.

  10. my sentimental favorite is still isabel luche. i was hoping she can level up her game and be the face of the midget-sized delegates, past, present, and future…if only she has a well-proportioned body and excellent comm skills, she could have been the Miss Australia 2020 Maria Thattil of this edition. .

  11. It’s mind-boggling to me how people can still hope that brain-dead beauties like Celeste Cortesi and Katrina Llegado have a good shot at the crown.

    Hello, Alaiza Malinao and Steffi Aberasturi? Di pa kayo natuto na ayaw ng MUPH Org ng mga ganyan? Takot silang mapahiya obviously ng mga magaganda pero wala naman palang laman utak.

  12. Sana between kila Celeste at Michelle lang, Katrina is stunning too but her weakness in Q&A is too visible for her to be crowned, pero I still can see her making it Top 5 regardless. May mga others na strong sa Q&A kaso so-so sa physical beauty at pasarela to compete with someone like Colombia for upcoming MU

    • May mga newbie din naman strong like Baguio and Palawan, kaso nakakatrauma na yung Rabiya experience. I hope they don’t go to this route kasi medyo amateurish at naive vibes pa yang mga newbies na yan despite their beauty, baka di kayanin pangbabash at criticisms ng mga bakmog. Okay lang mag breakdown ha, basta wag na sana i-live jusko

  13. Galing lang ng PR ni Annabelle!

    I just think her Q&A is OA and would always say hey listen to me I’m super smart. The contents are there but the manner of delivering is not. For sure it can be fixed. Looking forward.

    Agree that she was prettier from the Ms Millenial contest. Must be the teeth.

  14. I have yet to find a winning aura for Annabelle . But with her exemplary comm skills and great walk. I won’t mind if she goes to MU
    I love Katrina , too. She is super cute and classy , face of MUP 2022.! She is MU ready !
    And Michelle . Her great stage presence will be great to see on MU stage

    Chantal has great potential and so does Pauline .
    Would be nice to see Celeste up there too
    Oh , I can’t wait to see a different Julia ! She needs to find the right hair and make up !

  15. Feel ko surprise na namn ang mananalo this year. Gusto ko ipush si Michelle but everytime makita ko videos nya pra kulang sa charisma, matatabunan cya ng iba. Si Chantal nmn parang si Bea before nanotice mo na parang makakabahan ka. Just my opinion.

  16. I love the top 3 – Dee, Cortesi and Llegado. Anyone of these will do good at Miss Universe but based on the BTS of their pictorials, Dee has that winning aura.
    But then again, I don’t mind if anyone of my favorite exotic girls would win- Angelika Lopez, Ghenesis Latugat or Ivylou Borbon
    I believe Ivylou comes from the well-off Borbon Family in Pangasinan
    Annabelle is a good choice too
    No comment about Saubier. I’ve said too much already😂

  17. I’m sorry Pauline isn’t cutting it for me. Top 10 finish is enough.

    My top 5: Deerfield, Cortese, Chantal, Katrina, and Ghenesis.

    Sorry I’m done with Julia. Her photos just proves that she isn’t beauty queen material.

  18. Just finished watching All-Acces videos and the candidate who really caught my attention was Lou Piczon of Cebu Prov. She’s so relaxed during the interview, no nerves and she’s so beautiful. She’s camera friendly with very Filipina beauty. Another Cebuana to watch out for.

    • I so agree with you, Adrienne! And when she flashes that smile….

      I also think that she’s styled well enough. Yung hindi tayo mapapahiya! I wish her the best!

  19. As long as Michelle or Celeste stay cool calm and collected , and not get visibly nervous like what happened with KJD last year , then Michelle will walk away with the crown very easily ( or Celeste )

    Also, it seems to me that both Michelle and Celeste have great pleasant relationship with the MUPorg

  20. Misamis Oriental will win, unless walang Q&A… albay kung sa SEA games sumali baka manalo , i’ll go for ilocos sur (6 footer) than her.

  21. I’m hoping for Davao del Norte to sneak in. Maski sino, from top 9 – top 12 ang maalis. Talagang attractive ang brainy, and such a great speaker.

    • Isama nyo n c davao del sur sa top 10 kahit prediction lng, para di n sasali next year 😁😇

  22. We have the same Top Three so far, Norman. My ranking though is : Katrina, Michelle, Celeste.

    I am just not confident of their speaking abilities though. I have heard more fluent, more natural, more articulate girls from this batch.

    I noticed that you regularly like doing “ Top things”…..=) Does being top also comes with the territory? Lol.

    Have a Good Friday, everyone.

    World Peace.

  23. Annabelle McDonnell will win. Calling this the same way I, and few others, called Beatrice to win last year. Annabelle has the perfect amount of hype from both fans and the Org to breeze through the competition.

    MUPH favors underdogs with good communication skills and not pageant veterans. Michelle is also in the wrong beauty camp, while Celeste is too “foreign” and has horrible communication skills like Katrina Llegado.

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