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  1. Pixie cut is definitely an “in” thing now among Hollywood A-listers. It may be short but it can be very versatile.

    This largely suits Jewel’s fun personality (a self-professed tomboy in one of her casual interviews) and her checkbones. I feel that sporting long tresses like she did in her tourism and casting videos didn’t make her stand out (no recall). She can sport it to look feminine and edgy at the same time.

    I suggest though that Jewel varies that style from the usual slick that Billie Hakenson did in 2020 (which by the way boosted the latter’s confidence then). She can experiment between the elegant pixie of Charlize Theron at the 2020 Oscars, the full volume pixie of Jennifer Lopez in Allure Magazine or the chic pixie of Kate Hudson in Sia’s “Music” film at the upcoming MUP prelims and finals.

    For casual daily takes, she could go for Cardi B.’s hip pixie (with a little washable temporary color here and there), Demi Lovato’s super cheeky pixie with bangs (does not need to be pink), or Blake Lively’s dark stringy pixie for fun. I do agree though with some commenters that that dress is a little dated (she can don bright colors with light fabrics with that tall frame and short hair of hers).

  2. Wow tall, well-proportioned w/ a feminine face.. Too bad her beauty is wasted with this not so ideal styling… She needs a fiercer make-up.. liftthose droopy eyes.. sharpen that nose… contour the upper half of her triangular face to make it look like a diamond/oval… She needs thick long hair like a cross between Farah Faucett and Irene Esser… or something straight and long like Pocahontas… for the gown.. she needs somthing feminine long and modern… I see something like a serpentina version of Lady Gaga’s gown when she sang the songs of Julie Andrews but with a huge slit on the side.. or something super tight like Mortisha adams but in a shimery iridescent light pastel color and geometric patterns that emphasize her hourglass figure… I see potential in her… If she can talk then she could be a front runner in these upcomming years.

  3. not quite there ang dating nya. she looks short in the pics. Long pony tail might suit her. The “gown” also has a problem – parang bitin na di mawari.

  4. My lola said that when she joined Miss Republic of the Philippines there was a candidate who stood at 6 feet and 4 inches. I dudn’t believe her. And then we have this lady. Meron pala talagang ganyan katangkad na, maganda pa.

      • Wow. How do you know such things Norman, when in 1976 you were just a twinkle in your father’s eye? =)

        I think there is such a thing as statuesque, and there is such a thing as freaky. If ever I’ll see a 6’4” delegate wearing a 5 inch Bragais shoes, I will run away. Lol.

        Height will only get you so far in a beauty contest. Facial beauty, proportioned body, bearing, wisdom, being articulate and a genuine goodness of the heart are equally or even more important.

        As to Jewel Palacat above, I agree with some comments here saying may kulang. She looks so…..so.. boring. Pretty but boring. Her styling is so dated, It reminds me of 80s stars: Anna Marie Gutierrez of Scorpio Nights. Is that hair gel she is donning for some wet-look, slick effect? Lol.

        And that purple, velvety gown …reminds me so much to visit Quiapo Church. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Hmmm. Small trivias. Do you like em “small” Norman? And do you like them to “come” to your territory? Lol.

        World Peace.

      • @Norman, don’t worry about talking “small sizes” on Maundy Thursday. You symbolically simply does the traditional Christian ritual on this day— washing the feet of a namesake of the biblical Thomas, the Doubter, who did not believe on Jesus’ resurrection until he saw His Crucifixion wounds.

      • 1976 – Miss Republic of the Philippines (World) = Josephine “Joy” Salazar Conde
        1st runner-up (Miss Luzon) = Caroline Villaverde
        2nd runner-up (Miss Visayas) = Maria Blesilda “Bessie” Badilla
        3rd runner-up (Miss Mindanao) = Jennifer Mendoza (6’4.5″ tall beauty)
        4th runner-up (Miss Manila) = Maripaz Medel

        01. Sophia Hoffman
        02. Emma Rose Dy
        03. Helen Sunga
        04. Soraya Pilar de Guzman
        05. Milagros Agustin
        06. Tita Vente
        07. Maria Cristina Paras
        08. Salud Ver Reyes
        09. Lorna Molina
        10. Flordeliza de Leon
        11. Josephine Salazr Conde
        12. Caroline Villaverde
        13. Maria Blesilda Badilla
        14. Jennifer Mendoza
        15. Maripaz Medel

        01. Amelia Venida
        02. Bernadette Olalia
        03. Caroline Villaverde
        04. Delia Gonzales
        05. Edna Dalaiodao
        06. Elizabeth Ripol
        07. Emma Rose Dy
        08. Evelyn Madla
        09. Flordeliza de Leon
        10. Helen Sunga
        11. Hiyasmin Dacanay Untong
        12. Ilma Gallardo
        13. Jennifer Mendoza
        14. Josephine “Joy” Salazar Conde
        15. Lorna Molina
        16. Maria Antonette Cruz
        17. Maria Blesilda “Bessie” Badilla
        18. Maria Cristina Paras
        19. Maria Luz Garcia
        20. Maripaz Medel
        21. Milagros Agustin
        22. Nelly Castillion
        23. Rosa Maria Merin
        24. Maria Rosario Aspillera Diaz
        25. Rosemarie Ortiz
        26. Salud Ver Reyes
        27. Saraya Pilar de Guzman
        28. Sophia Hoffman
        29. Thelma Nicolas
        30. Tita Vente

      • Dear Scorg,

        Since you mentioned my name, implying that like my namesake, apostle Thomas The Doubter whose feet need washing this Holy Week, let me remind you that your name is even worse this Holy Week : SCORG as in Scorging at the Pillar. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • @Thomas, you obviously do not understand the washing of the feet ritual during Maundy Thursday. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an act of SERVANT LEADERSHIP. It is in fact an honor that the Disciples were accorded the selfless act of their Master by washing their feet. During those times, when shoes are nonexistent and sandals are a luxury, the cleaning of the feet is done by the lowliest of servants to their honored guests.

        What I thought was an honor ascribed to you in the context of Maundy Thursday, was differently interpreted by you.

        I don’t want this to be an issue. In the spirit of this Lenten Season, let this be the last word on this. To borrow your usual close: Peace on Eart!

      • Tito Norman..i was able to correspond with a 3rd degree cousin of Ms.Jennifer Mendoza,the Tallest Pinay Contesera in Philippine Pageant History.He said that Ms.Jennifer is already staying in the USA since the early 80’s pa.She is still alive but sadly wasn’t able to pass on her Tall genes as she remained Single and unmarried.He also narrated that Jennifer was once offered by Salem Bed to be their TV Model where she was asked to lay on the Salem bed..pero yung pa-a nya, Lumampas sa kama!! But the supposed TV deal did not push through dahil she was asked daw to pose in a very Sexy underwear which her parents at that time did not approve…those are just some of the Vintage tidbits i was able to get about Ms.Jennifer Mendoza,Ms.Mindanao 1976.

  5. konitng develop pa sa oomph factor, hunger too maybe? she is already beautiful, dapat ma feel na she wants it,

  6. This is really unusual for the Philippines. Sa latin America that’s just any other candidate. Miss Venezuela doesn’t accept girls that are 5″6 ( Osmel’s Time). Strict 5″7 sila. They have a candidate in the early 2000s who stand at 187 cm. Sobrang tangkad na.

  7. Matangkad talaga to, saw her when she joined a barangay pageant in Ilocos, 5’10” and she was only 18 then, at maayos naman ang comms. Hope she places well.

  8. Hmmm. I have to hear her speak to see if she sounds sincere and natural or if she’s one of those pageant patties with rehearsed, echosera spiels. If she is, then she is just an Echoserang Palacat. Lol.

    World Peace.

  9. not bad … I hope her projection and pasarela are great , and comm skills are strong enough

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