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  1. Wow.

    Big time MUP this year with the presence of these queens. And yes, it is really begging to be asked: Where is Catriona in all of this? If they can afford to fly in these queens to the Philippines who are based outside the country, why can’t Catriona join them when she is just one jeepney away? Lol.

    They can even come up with some tagline something like. “Presenting, D’ CHIP Queens of Ms. Universe!!” (Demi, Catriona, Harnaaz, Iris and Pia)! Lol.

    Levity aside, we can not afford not to crown the best candidate this year. We need a complete package. My current three front runners (Katrina, Michelle, Celeste), I am afraid will not be stellar in Q&A.

    World Peace.

      • Thanks Norman.

        The question is what role? Invited to host? Invited to judge? Or just a mere guest? There is a big difference. If I were Catriona, and my presence will be that of a mere guest, with the camera maybe panning or focusing on me for five seconds, then I will be insulted and prefer not to attend. I would politely say I have another commitment. Even if that commitment is just opening an umbrella on rainy night. Lol.

        It is highly insulting to see three colleagues / Ms. U winners having their moment and limelight on stage, with the current MU crowning the MU Philippines winner, while I sit and watch the show together with the FrontRow couturier-looking gheys, Jojo Bragais, WEA dancers, Geline Eugenio and other nameless guests. Lol.

        A little grace and decency be please accorded to Catriona,

        World Peace.

      • I have no details as to the capacity by which she was invited. It could be as VIP guest like Harnaaz for now.

      • Oh now that we know she was formally invited by MUPh, let’s wait and see if it was declined or accepted.
        Ngayon magkakaalaman kung kanino talaga ang diperensya.
        By the way, Does Catriona have an on-going contract with BBP Charities?

      • I don’t know why and how the discussion deteriorated once again to Catriona vs. Pia when both of them are Miss Universe winners. Both of them are beautiful and intelligent who brought pride to the country, and most of all, both of claim that there is no quarrel between them at all.

        The simple question I posed was this “Given that Catriona was sent a formal invitation, please clarify on what capacity was she invited?” As a host? As a judge? As behind the scene interviewer? As a singer? As an interpreter? Lol.

        If she was invited as a “mere guest” among one hundred guests, that will be a big insult NOT ONLY to her but to The Title.

        The organizers may not like, but at least they should have the decency respect the title, and to a fellow Filipino. If Catriona will be made “saling-Cat” as one of the audience watching the show while the four recent Ms Universe winners are on stage enjoying / cavorting under the spotlight, it will be WISE for Catriona to decline the offer. She owes that respect to her title. It is not about personal pride anymore.

        Someone spinning the story “ na na imbitahan naman pala, pag hindi dumating, alam na natin kung sino may diprensya “ would only come from someone with a simple mind. Lol.

        If the intention is to embarrass her, then Jonas and Shamcey missed a very, very good opportunity to exhibit decency, grace & magnanimity. Sayang.

        World Peace.

      • THOMAS
        Im really sorry if I have a simple mind and I congratulate you for having a very complex one!!
        My statement is based on Catriona’s past history of being ingrate which everyone knows about, the latest of which was the issue between her and Jojo Bragais. This seems to already be a personality pattern if you open your very complex mind and without thinking of Catriona as Miss Universe.

      • Hi Norman,

        Per latest YouTube interview of Shamcey (Wednesday) , Catriona daw was offered a “segment” in the MUP program. Whatever that means. Lol.

        Shamcey did not elaborate and sounded nervous answering that question, making that “offered segment” an afterthought. In short, consuelo de-bobo.

        I hope Shamcey does not define “segment” to be any following:

        Catriona: “Don’t go away, we will be right back!”

        Catriona: “The swimsuit competition was brought to you by Birch Tree and Ebisen Crackers.”

        Catriona : “Here are your lovely, articulate, gorgeous, confidently beautiful, uniquely beautiful, exceptionally empowered, most desirable women of the world, or rather of the Universe: PIA, IRIS and DEMI!!!!!”

        World Peace.

      • I believe that a segment is more than just a spiel. It could be a throwback to her time as MU which segues to an advice to the finalists.

    • I think Catriona being there would be a liability for MUPh because for sure the winners would be compared to her… and we all know that she could easily outshine everyone when it comes to beauty and intelect.

      • Excuse me, C2f, excuse me ???
        We have Michele Anabelle and Chantal who can equal if not exceed Catriona in terms of beauty intellect and eloquence !

      • @Fabian

        Michelle, Anabelle & Chantal?!… Mehhh..
        Catriona is the total package and none of those girls you mentioned can hold a candle beside her… 🤣🤣🤣

      • @JustPassingBy

        Exactly my thoughts.. One liability is enough.. Two means no high placement for Miss Universe-Philippines this year…😅

  2. Demi-Leigh’s interest on advocacy and purpose brought to the fore the issue of “Impactfully Beautiful” as a core element of “Uniquely Beautiful”. I hope MUP will select the best advocacy project as one of the top awards, and ensure that it is implemented (and funded) as a flagship project of MUP for the year. This will be a good component to MUP’s brand-buildng program.

  3. I’m hoping that they crown the right girl, considering the presence of former MUs. Unfortunately, pageant fans are still going to be divided because we all have our own bets. I know for sure that we will not, and we will never, have a consensus.

    That being said, just for the sake of “sayang naman at gumastos tayo sa mga guests”, let’s all hope for a glitzy and a glamorous show. Dun na lang, sulit na!

  4. Given the spectacle of this edition, I am going to put my stock on Celeste and Michelle Dee as the winner. I don’t think MUP would take any risks its winner being outshone by these beautiful MUs in a group photo.

    Let’s be real, Celeste and Michelle can go toe to toe with these ladies from day 1. If there’s a potential spoiler, I would put Genesis and Annabelle as the ones.

      • But… Michelle Dee is full packaged. She has the towering height and that assassin-like smize.

        I really just hope that Jonas and team do not mess it up after that very unprofessional hosting by Voltaire… The nerve for him to host the first ever in-person presscon of MUP and turn it into a medriocre standup comedy show with awkward jokes!!!!

        Kung kaya nilang magbudget for behind the scene Mercator boylets eh pwede namang maghanap ng professional host for such high-profile event like press conference.

      • I am sure that since , unlike BbPilpinas with so many worldwide titles at hand , there is only going to be ONE Miss UPhil 2022 , the candidates have mentally prepared themselves that landing in the top 5 would be a great accomplishment for them , not to mention, getting their hands on the fabulous prizes to be won … Pauline with her second attempt would be very grateful if she lands again in the top 5 without winning the crown … too bad that she has so many very very strong competition this year

      • @4M

        I agree on your comment on Voltaire’s hosting. Akala ko ako lang ang may ganung feeling/reaction. Ang cringey ng mga adlibs at side comments. Super layo sa hosting ni Stephani Kammer ng MUO if he was channeling her. Kahit siya pa ang Director of Communications, ibigay na sa pro ang hosting please.

    • The two mentioned are definitely beautiful outside, but thats only 50% that is not enough to fit on the crown’s template because there is still another, the 50% internal beauty. maaring di p nkalimutan yung attitude issue kaya tinangalan ng corona ang isa jan. The one to be chosen to represent the filipinos should posses both external and internal beauty..

  5. I hope they can get Catriona too. It would be super awkward if you can get former MUs from other countries and not be able to have your own MU to grace the occasion.

  6. I hope there will be two former MU queens among the judges … Harnaaz & … Cat ? Diaz ? Moran ?

    I also hope that Tim Tebow accompanies Demi to Pinas … Tim really really loves Pinas/Pinoys/Pnays … and hopefully also down-to-earth pageant fans

  7. Tim Tebow, Demi-Leigh’s famous American husband, was born in the Philippines of Christian missionary parents. Demi-Leigh must be excited to visit the country of her husband’s birth as well as to see her husband’s philanthropic project in Mindanao. Even if her coming to Philippines is MU-related, I hope she comes with her husband Tim.

    • “I’m excited to be able to speak to all of the finalists about the importance of purpose, and to learn more about their advocacies and philanthropic work. I can’t wait to learn more about the things they are passionate about… [and how they use that] purpose and passion… to impact their communities and country”. To Demi-Leigh, this is what beauty is all about.

  8. Seems like we again have a good chance of reaching the Top 5 this year… But I really do wonder who among the Top contenders would be it?

    I wonder what would have happened if it was Pia and Tim who hit it off?
    Their Kid would be more ideal to continue our country’s legacy in pageantry since both Tim and Pia has Filipino Citizenship.. naisip ko lang… I wonder bakit sila hindi nagkagustuhan?

      • @Dino

        I agree! It takes one to know one.. So thank you for the unsolicited information about yourself.. We must be soulmates! 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Unfortunately demi iris careers didn’t really flourish. Buti pa si Zozi may Hollywood movie.

    • So a Hollywood movie is your measure of success? We all have different paths and goals. Who are you to define them? Pls get off your high horse!

      Demi is well spoken, and I can tell she has a kind heart and passionate to help through their advocacies and foundations. Maybe she chose this life, and sa kanya, she’s already successful.
      I’m not a huge follower of Iris so I will spare her.

      There was a comment before too about Cat, belittling her achievements after her reign. Saying like “Si Sam Milby lang ang nobyo” and “sa TV5 lang nag host.” Now, pati puso nila pakikialaman din natin? And if she’s a Kapuso, we can then DECIDE that she’s successful?

      Look, I’m a diehard pageant fan, during the competitions and during their reigns (hopefully, nanalo!). I no longer follow them as closely after, since now I have to move my support to the new queens. Whatever they decide after their stint is not for me to measure. As a Pinoy, I just hope that they continue to make me proud for taking the right path.

      • eh di ba yung camp ni Cat dati mega press na kesyo super daming nakaabang na mga mega projects after ng reign nya?!

      • Let’s be real po. Wkwkwkwk so are you saying na hindi ganun ka successful si Gal Gadot dahil di sya winner? Or maybe success din yun si Georgina Rizk na nakapangasawa ng terorista?

  10. The presence of Demi, Iris, Pia, and Harnaaz will make the show more glitzy and glamorous.

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