15 comments on “The Return of Karen Laurrie Mendoza

  1. Her mother is descended from an insulares soldier turned encomiendero… Maybe she should focus on becoming an entrepreneur and even train as army resserve before gunning for a national title. 🤔

  2. She’s quite beautiful. What a great batch for the Bb Pilipinas this year.

  3. She’s lovely. I really liked her last year. It was just unfortunate she had the bad luck to get such a terrible question. Honestly, I hope the pageant organizations stop giving Boy Abunda the platform to self-promote. I don’t see how he adds value, I feel like his vibe is always about trying to come across as the smartest, most intellectual, person in the room. So in the end, it’s all about him, and the women are just secondary, an afterthought. For me people like Ayn Bernos and Catriona could probably do a better job of developing the public speaking competencies & confidence of our candidates. I know KF will do a stellar job of giving Karen a signature walk. Her styling here is also cute (I felt like her evening gown in Bb Pilipinas last year could’ve been better). I hope to see Karen go far this year.

  4. There you go. We finally have the most ideal MGI candidate this year if she plays her cards right on the finals night. The Miss International contenders are too many and too crowded for just one crown. If this is how she is styled now and with her move to KF, she’s the “It” girl for MGI – tall, beautiful face with great playful facial expressions (sweet to fierce), thin and slinky, and if my recollection is right, quite a talker as well. Now I’m excited for this year’s BBP.

  5. Teka tito norms ha…d nko makahinga!!! This is “THE” BINIBINING PILIPINAS!!!

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