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  1. Rabiya (2020) and Beatrice (2021) were not frontrunners. They emerged from under the radar to win MUP in their respective years.

    If this pattern continues Michelle Dee is likely not going to win. There is something about her, as beautiful as she is, that comes across as fake and not genuine.


    • Fake and not genuine? Sa akin naman, para syang “pa-tweetums!” Annoying, because like you said, she’s a total package (as beautiful as she is),

  2. Let’s be real. The MUPh Org will never crown a bad speaker no matter how utterly gorgeous they are, so Cortesi and Llegado are automatically out.

    Next, I think it’s fair to assume that only A&Q girls will win again, so Michelle Dee from The Crown Initiative is also out.

    Pauline Amelinckx is the only logical choice then for the crown. Vanessa Caro and Annabelle McDonnell are the possible spoilers.

    • I happen to think that Celeste Cortesi is a great speaker. Yes, English is clearly her second language, but she has a lovely Italian accent, and when she speaks, she speaks confidently and draws you in and engages you. Her personality shines through.

      Now, if the foremost qualification for winning the crown were based solely on speaking skills, Julia Saubier would definitely top the list.

    • Looking at Jonas’ record, hindi madalas nag-aalaga yan ng bad speakers kahit nung A & Q pa sila, usually pa mga galing sa big universities ang ini-scout, except Maxine I guess. Pero honestly, hindi naman bad ang speaking skills ni Celeste, maybe her accent is just too foreign for a Filipina pero may substance naman sya sumagot, just like Beatrice who also lacked in delivery during MU

  3. Only Michelle and Celeste are the only women I can see slaying at Miss Universe, it must only be between those two. Celeste, wala nang dapat i-explain, nakikita naman nang lahat ang pagiging dyosa ang authetic nyan. Yung mga kulang ni Michelle, trainable lang and I can see her improving in those areas with the amount of time she will be given to prepare.

    Medyo scary lang ang pagiging front-runner ni Celeste, para kasing allergic sa front-runner tong org na to haha, I hope they prove me wrong

    • Erase the first “Only” in the first sentence, baka may mga grammar nazi dito

    • Erase the first “Only” word in the first sentence, baka may mga mga grammar nazi dito

  4. I’m afraid Pauline will not even be in the Top 5 or 10 this time around. Her time in 2020 was too easy as only Rabiya and Alaiza (who unfortunately lacks in speaking skills) are the only Miss Universe contenders at that time, but this time, there’s a lot of contenders and even newbies like Baguio who are performing better than her.

  5. My Top 5

    1. Cortesi- Did not expect that she is almost the total package… she’s got height, body, facial beauty, speaking skills… Only thing missing is relatability which can be easily fixed if she speaks more Filipino and showcase her Filipino culture.

    2. Marquez- She is almost the total package… Only thing missing is that she needs to be more inspirational when she speaks… I think relatability is easier to fix and she is not the most talented dancer.

    3. Llegado- She’s almost the total package… Gorgeous… She excells in all the pageant and modeling skills…But the only thing missing is confidence when she speaks.. Too awkward.. might take 2 or more years to improve.

    4. Saubier- She has all the ingridients of a pageant winner… her comskills and background is the best… But when it comes to facial beauty, she pales in comparison to the other front runners..

    5. Amelinckx- She’s got all the skills & personality.. She’s cute.

    • @Closer2Fame — I agree with your point on Julia Saubier. When she speaks, she starts to tilt the scales in her favor. I predict she’ll do very well.

    • Really hoping for a Celeste win, I mean ang hirap maging against sa decision na yan if ever, the girl is close to a whole package, and so far consistent sya sa competition. This is an opportunity for the org to crown someone deserving not from A & Q, and maybe maging signal na rin yan para huwag matakot ang ibang girls from other camp na sumali haha

      I’m sure kung hindi man manalo yan, she will place high and that’s what’s important. Jobless rin naman maging Miss Universe nowadays, kaya big opportunity na rin na makaplace high at baka may mga groups from big entertainment and modelling industry ang makapansin sa kanya

  6. If it is an all-female judging panel, as it typically is in Miss Universe, who among the frontrunners, rivals or challengers are most likely to win them over? It would probably boil down to personality. I can reasonably predict that women judges will take a strong dislike to a candidate who is stand-offish, distant, self-entitled, self-absorbed, unapproachable biat*ch no matter how beautiful or intelligent or articulate she may appear.

  7. For this edition,we should send a gorgeous face. Stop this backstory brouhaha. None of the other girls can match Cortesi in the beauty, maybe expect Baguio but she’s still raw (let’s not make her Rabiya 2.0). Maybe Katrina Llegado but I find her awkward when speaking. Cortesi seems to be more spontaneous and confident in this edition. So, I am hedging my bet on Cortesi.

    Hers is the face that could launch the entire Universe…hihihihi

    • I agree. Llegado looks great in photos, but when she starts to speak the illusion starts to erode. Dee, the same problem. Cortesi at least is very engaging when she talks even with her pronounced accent. As for Pauline — she’s too pageant patty, and she’s like 5’6. She also exudes a stuck-up aura for some reason.

      The candidates categorized as “rivals” seem to have more possibilities like McDonnel, Schmidt or even Julia.

      • Eh, I don’t get the Pauline hype even back in 2020 *runs and hides* I always thought she’s just the contestant who’s good in speaking and nothing else, she looks awfully awkward on stage and looks a bit unflattering when she smiles

    • I want to see Baguio in a runner-up position if she performs well so she can gather connections if she decides to compete again, she has loads of potential. I can also see her becoming Rabiya 2.0 if the org decides to crown her this year, which I hope not, there’s a lot of veterans to choose from. Bigyan muna sana ng recognition yung mga newbies na may potential then it’s up to them if they decide to compete again.

  8. In this round, my favorites are:
    1.) Michelle Dee
    2.) Katrina Llegado
    3.) Cortesi
    4.) Chiesa
    5.) Saubier

  9. I agree with Norman’s choices. Any of the 4 frontrunners could be the next MUPH.

  10. If it will be an all female judge cortesi is not a front runner. All male judge cortesi will win

  11. Front-runners of the1st & 2nd editions of MUP were left behind in the race & ended up losers. The ones who succeeded and won the crowns (Rabiya & Bea) surprised the judges during prelims and finals. So, it’s too early to tell. This year, history might repeat itself. The best performer from less popular candidates might outshine again the front-runners.

  12. I really like the top 4 , and I hope they are the top 4 on Finals night !

    I wonder if Rene Salud will design Michelle’s gown for MU 2022 ? …

  13. Any of the front-runners can be crowned MUP!
    My choices in this order:
    1. Cortesi
    2. Marquez
    3. Llegado
    4. Amelinckx

    • The first 2 MUPs under Jonas did not make top 3 because they chose the wrong winners They need to choose among the following:
      Cortes I

      Mchelle clearly won this round followed by Cortesi and Julia

  14. I loved how you classify all the 32 ladies at this juncture. Let the game begin>>> thanks Norman

    • were there any surprises among the 18 who did not make the cut ? or are they expected more or less

  15. Of the perceived frontrunners, only pauline has the gift of gab to survive. Of the rivals, mcdonell would ease to stand all the way with her edgy beauty, personality, communication skills and unique back story.

    • Tama ka, pero nasa mga hindi frontrunners ang best speakers. At kung silay makapasok sa semi-finals, baka maungusan si Pauline, who tends to be pageant-patty sa kanyang mga sagot.

    • Julia is very eloquent as well and has depth when she speaks – anything under the sun.

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