10 comments on “Fashionably Colorful becomes Uniquely Beautiful

  1. Ang taray ng pastel-color backdrop slash theme!!

    Meron lang 1 or 2 na hindi nakasunod sa theme! Baka hindi na-comprehend yung instruction ni Mama J!

    Lopez, Dee and McDonnell is my bet for this segment!

  2. Why did Nyca Bernardo not make top 30?
    She has the prettiest face in the group?

  3. Miss Colombia Universe 2022 and Miss Venezuela Universe 2022 have already been chosen and both of them are knock out latina beauty types … the only one that can stand side by side with them is Michelle Dy , a total package , … facial beauty wise , Celeste can compete with Colombia & Venezuela … I am a bit worried about Amelincx because they will tower over Pauline on stage for sure ….

    • how tall is Pauline? When she was standing next to Michelle Gumboa several years ago during their reigns, she looks 3-4inches shorter than michelle and Michelle wasn’t even wearing any high heels.

      • 5’5 or 5’6

        Michelle Dee is not the prettiest and she is not the most eloquent but she has the most presence and projection and her swimsuit body is superb , she is a total package or very close to it … (last year I was saying the same thing about KJD but this year I think it will not be the same as a KJD year for Dee)

  4. My top 6 in random order for this whole competition:

    Michele Marquez Dee
    Celeste Cortesi
    Katrina Llegado
    Julia Saubier
    Pauline Amelinckx

  5. Celeste Cortesi’s orange liquid bodice and pink pants hit the right combo. Colorful and not tacky.
    She’s been mostly consistent. Top 3 in Headshot, Swimsuit and Casting Video challenges. You can’t miss that beautiful face.

    Genesis Latugat – so fresh and divine in that blue dress
    Michelle Dee – she looks so long but her left leg looks broken
    Elise Schmidt – the puffed blouse worked with her very trim figure
    Sashi Chiesa – colorful preppy done right

    Still have my eyes on these beauties: Kat Llegado, Pauline Amelinckx, Shawntel Cruz, Annabelle MacDonnell, Francheska Dadivas, Julia Saubier … there’s something about Palawan and Pangasinan as well.

    Best of luck to the Top 32. April 30 is almost here!

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