15 comments on “A sampling of the MUPH2022 Tourism Videos

  1. I love how Julia she showcased the history of her hometown, their values and how she is descended from strong women… I wish she mixed in a bit more Tagalog and Bicolano in her monologue but overall, I think she should win this round.

  2. We should be celebrating the preparedness and efforts of these candidates, their teams and hometowns for creating these videos. Sadly our very own vloggers are the first ones to comment on the “deficiencies” of each candidate and her work. While vloggers from other countries are astounded at the beauty of each video, of each presentation, our very own pageant vloggers are the first ones to tear these candidates into smithereens. I don’t understand what pageant qualifications they possess, but I’m sure no one can miss out on the beautiful efforts of all the candidates behind each campaign. 💐👑🕊️

    • Well, Paquita X, I have to agree with you. It is as if they produced these tourism videos.

  3. Just when you thought how hard it would find another Catriona , these girls just kept on coming :
    Iloilo Province
    Lapu Lapu
    These girls are sure top 3 at MU

  4. For me misamis oriental is a total package, hoping she’ll be crowned..

  5. Misamis Oriental’s video is excellent — her presentation is so friendly, welcoming and positive — she doesn’t try and dominate the video. Instead, she compliments it with her beautiful and calming presence.

  6. Cebu City nailed this round. Kakaiba ang concept. Simple out of the box video pero tagos sa puso. Plus ang ganda nya dito…looks expensive but relatable.. Well done to you and your creative team.

  7. I wish there was a clip of Davao del Norte , eager to see if she really is a very good speaker …

    • Julia is growing on me. Tall, articulate with excellent credentials, I can see her clinching the MUP title.

    • Not a surprise since this concept is derived from MEs eco video presentations.

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