12 comments on “Shawntel Cruz becomes the Kumuniverse Official Delegate for Miss Universe Philippines 2022!

  1. Congrats, Miss Shawntel. Sitting pretty ka na habang nagpapakahirap pa yung singkwentang merlies para magkaroon sila ng chance makarampa sa MOA.

    • She didn’t do any of challenge requirements as the other candidates.

      • Exactly! What an easy way to make it to the top 30! I feel bad for the Top 50 who could have taken her place and who worked hard.

  2. A revenue-generating , that hopefully will turn into a profit-generating interlude … Kumu benefits , but will the pageant , or more importantly the candidates and pageant fans benefit ? … we’ll find out …

  3. Sino namang international slapsoil ang naka-isip ng pangalan nya?🙄

  4. Somebody please explain bakit may ganito. Akala ko may Top 50 na. So it means some of the Top 50 ladies who did all the challenges will be passed over by these Kumu candidates in the Top 30? That doesn’t seem fair…

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