12 comments on “Belgium wins Miss Environment International; Philippines 1st Runner-Up

  1. Oh well.

    The Philippines is suffering from the “Meryl Streep Syndrome”. Every year Meryl does exceptionally well in ANY movie, gets nominated for best actress year after year. But seldom wins. The expectations for her is set so high.

    When another mediocre actress does something above average (or wear a prosthetic nose, or gain twenty pounds) for a role, she will most likely, get noticed and win an award.

    We are a victim of our success.

    World Peace.

    • I have just seen the Q&A…
      Miss Philippines was the best….
      Grabe, hindi lang basta nilamon ang mic ..
      Minukbang pa! She desserved that win.. But it’s alright, based on her performance, she desserves a higher crown… I hope she joins MUPh or BBP soon.

  2. Congratulations to the winners most especially to our very own Michelle Arceo

  3. Im just wondering if the venue has that offensive scent that engulfs you as soon as you enter Air India or any of their airports 😂😂
    This pageant is a clear infringement of Miss Earth.
    The Philippines as a pageant powerhouse should never send candidates to these cheap, 6th tier copy cat pageants.

  4. Our girl was so polished, prepared and articulate. If this is how they select their winner on its very first edition (aghast), it’s not gonna spark a second one:)) Yeah, the MWP should at least give some respect to the home-grown 21-year-old ME pageant. It’s already cringey to send reps to Eco (even if we’ve been winning there) but this one just adds more insult to injury. Haist.

  5. Hindi kaya nagkamali ng announcement ala Steve Harvey? Kaso pinanindigan na lang.

  6. This is such a cop out ! Delhi should be deadly ashamed of copyright infringement on Miss Earth !

  7. Kaloka Tito Norms…. tanggap ko naman na hindi tayo araw araw nanalo pero ito yung example ng pageant na mali ang piniling winner. Ang layo layo ng performance ni Michelle Arceo sa Belgium tapos yun ang nanalo? Ano yun?!

      • Tito, feeling ko may mali. Hindi kaya mali ang calculation nila? Baka biglang mag announce ng new winner. Or baka sadyang nagkamali at pinanidigan nalang?

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